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I sat dejected, too old to do the only thing I knew how to do! Trained in the army, I’d honed my skills in the little mini-wars of the world – the kind that you read about on page two of your local newspaper and promptly forget. As a Soldier of Fortune, I fought for who ever paid me best. . . I’d felt no remorse for killing people in war. . .it was kill or be killed. Morality was not an issue.

But now, I’d just been told that I was too old to make war and I sat alone in this rather scuzzy bar and restaurant in a country that was quickly rebuilding after a civil war that I’d helped end, alone, without friends and only a few acquaintances. . . most of whom I did not trust or care to know better.

The beer here was abominable and the food worse; yet, it was a place I felt comfortable. Any social skills I might have had were long gone and I had no place in polite society.

It had been in the rebel camps, in the midst of civil strife and war that I had been at home and now that part of my life was over.

Meanwhile, 10,000 miles away, in a distant city, Chandra Belnik stood facing a judge in a court room charged with prostitution for the third time. It really didn’t matter to Chandra though as she was past the age when there was big money is selling your body and even though she’d save a sizeable fortune, it had been stolen in a securities fraud scheme and she was simply working for food, shelter and clothing. . .taking the losers of the world at the price where an old woman could complete.

Going to jail meant a warm cell, clean clothes and good food and life wasn’t so bad in jail. Prostitution hadn’t left her with any friends. . .lots of acquaintances but none that she could rely on. “With a little luck, she could get a couple of years in the slammer,” she thought as she waited her turn with the judge.

Then, it was her turn. She stood before the judge with the same court-appointed lawyer that had represented the first three women in front of her. As she stepped up to the bench, the City’s attorney read the charge of prostitution and closed with, “Third offence your Honor.”

“How do you plead?”

“Guilty, your honor!”

Then, the judge hesitated and began to study the records. Chandra, puzzled, thought, “This was not right. He should have passed judgement and he hasn’t” She worried, surely he wasn’t going to send her out in the cold for the winter. . ..

“I see here that you’re not a citizen of the United States. Is that true?”

Chandra brightened as she thought, “I might get an even longer sentence for that.” she thought. “No. I’m not!” she said.

“Bailiff, Chandra Belnik is remanded to the Federal courts for hearings towards deportation to her native country as an undesirable. See to it she is held without bail, etc. . . .”

So it was that Chandra was walking the street in her native country, broke, with no permanent residence and hungry a month later. It was as she was about to pass the scvuzzy looking bar and restaurant that she felt her hunger and decided that, with her limited resources, it offered her best chance to alleviate her hunger. She entered.

As she noticed the odor of cabbage cooking and stale grease, it seemed strangely appetizing and her spirits lifted; she decided to splurge and order a drink. As she moved to the bar, she considered – perhaps a vodka on the rocks! The thought pleased her!
As she sat on the bar stool and ordered her libation, she looked about. . .

I’d seen her enter, start for the food and alter her course to the bar where she had ordered a rather stiff drink. ! wondered if she handles her booze well! Noting her there I observed a woman about my age, obviously been around a bit, well dressed like a foreigner, gray/blond hair, blue eyes, tall, lean, and small breasts. I wondered what a woman of her means was doing in a joint like we were in..

I found her strangely attractive.

Of course, she was a distraction from the usual mundane life in the bar and I continued to watch her. When she spoke it was with an accent and I was sure she was not a local woman. . . probably American or English!

Perhaps she might want to talk, I reasoned as I approached her and addressed her in English. “Hi! I’m Jerry. I was wondering if you might speak English!” I said

She turned and spoke, “California, United States, recently moved here.”

“Glad to know you. It’s nice to speak to a fellow American.”

“So, what the hell is a man like you doing in a dump like this”

It was the beginning of a conversation and in less than five minutes we were explaining our lives to each other. Sheb omitted nothing, nor did she apparently leave any of the details out. She had been born here, married an American soldier when she was eighteen, went to the United states, was abandoned by her husband and became an escort to earn her living. Busted for prostitution, she’d been deported back to her native country where she no longer seemed to fit in.

At dinner, we ate and talked and returned to the bar for another libation. “Where are you staying? I inquired of Chan.

“I’ve got a room at the Chez Paree, it’s not much but it’s cheap.”

I brightened as I realized that she was staying in the same hotel that I was and smiled as I suggested we walk home together. As she heard the suggestion, she seemed to hesitate as her mind coped with indecision. “We’re sleeping alone tonight.” she said with finality as we walked out of the bar together.

I smiled. She had indeed been around.

As we walked, we continued to talk and spoke of our futures or rather the lack of any future plans. I began to realize that she was as much an outcast from society as I was. It was then that I began to want her. . .a friend! She’d be my only friend!

By the time we’d arrived at the hotel, I wanted even more from her. . . I wanted to possess her!

So, we went to our rooms. . . me to my second floor room 131 and hers in room 234 on the third floor. I accompanied her to her room, bade her ‘goodnight’ and walked a few steps the stairs down to the second floor where I went to my room.

It was perhaps two hours later, after I had retired and slept soundly, that I heard a knock on my door and awakened from a sound sleep to answer it dressed only in my boxers. It was Chan and she asked, “May I come in? I don’t want to sleep alone tonight.”

I begged her, “Come in!” as my mind grasped the meaning of what she had just told me. On closer inspection, I found that she had prepared for coming here as her body smelled of freshness and her hair was carefully brushed and in a long pont tail. Her robe had fallen open to reveal her short nightie and long, well shaped legs. . . she was hot!

We moved closer as if by some common consent and, as our eyes met, it was apparent that we were going to kiss. When our lips touched, I felt my body become fully alert . When our lips parted and our tongues met, she tasted of fresh toothpaste. For the first time since I’d last been in combat, I felt fully alive.

After a time, standing and making out became awkward and I turned to pull back the bed covers and expose the sheets as Chan moved to the other side and helped me adjust the bed; then, we both climbed on to the sheets, drew the covers over us, and moved to embrace each other. She felt alive and available and I wanted her.

Then, Chan said a strange thing, “Please go easy with me. Even though sex has been my profession, I haven’t made love in a very long time and I’m afraid that I’m not very experienced at it.”

“We’ll just have to learn together then,”

“Sounds like fun,” she said.

“Let’s make it so.”

So it began. We started over there in the bed with the kissing and were quickly familiar with it as my hands had already begun to roam under her sortie gown and on to her nice, small, well shaped breasts.

It all felt so casual and friendly and comfortable as I played to her reactions – unlike any sexual encounter I’d ever known! We worked together for our mutual pleasure and I felt passions rising faster than I’d ever known. At the same time, I felt the intimacy between Chan and I grow in both quantity and intensity.

When we had divested ourselves of the last of our clothing, I moved to kiss and fondle as I suckled her nice big nipples. Her reaction was quick and positive. My hands had moved off to explore her nether regions

Sometime, about that time, my mouth went dry and my mind filled with concern. . . Once before as I had waited in hiding to ambush a much larger force knowing there was a high probability of getting killed or wounded had I felt that way!

Then, as my thumbs parted her labia and I felt my tongue against the tender inner flesh of her vestibule, I felt the exaltation of actually entering combat and my body became the tool by which I would achieve my ends. Now, my body was fully into the action as the sensations heightened and the adrenalin pushed me forward. My excitement was at a fevered pitch. . .

It was when my mouth formed over her clit and I suckled it that she cried out, “Oh my god!”

Then, as I continued, she turned under me and rolled me over so that we were in a perfect 69 and my excitement had continued to grow. I had received fellatio before but never like I was receiving it now!

Now, my mind had narrowed to the action before me and my only intent was to give maximum pleasure to Chan as I performed my first cunnilingus on her. So intent on pleasing her was I that I neglected to notice the taste or smell or sensations I received and only later after the first flush of sensations did I notice the scent of woman and the mild taste of her sex.

It was as I was about to ejaculate that Chan stopped, reversed her position on my body and kissed me; then, raised her groin area and lowered herself on to my cock. Our eyes met and I saw the passion I’d never seen before. The sensations from my cock were so intense that I could only receive her ministrations as I had no power to initiate my own.

Then, gradually, I began to receive her downward thrusts with upwards ones of my own. My actions were all simply involuntary as I lay reveling in those sensations that I’d never known before.

It was only a few minutes later that I felt the sperm rise up and spew forth from my cock and into her waiting pussy. The moment would remain embedded in my memory forever.

Above me, Chan lay prone over me, resting.

For Chan, it had been an evening hat had started to unfold as she had retired for the night and felt the terrible loneliness that she’d just escaped for the evening overtook her. It was a terrible feeling. . . better off dead! She could not sleep!

An hour later, she got out of bed, showered, primped and brushed her hair just as she had hundreds of times before she went to a man. This time would be different. . .

She was no longer a whore. She sought only his friendship and the intimacy she’d felt earlier in the day as they talked. If she had to fuck him to get and keep that intimacy, so be it. . . Somehow, this would give her the strength to start her life over.

Then, in her flimsiest nightie, covered by along robe for modesty, she set out for room 231. As she moved from her third floor to his room 231, she was glad that the stairs were close and the path free from prying eyes. . .Then, with only a moments hesitation, she’d knocked.

When I’d answered the door in my boxers and grumpy from having been jolted from a sound sleep, she felt a moment of concern. Perhaps he’d take offense – but I hadn’t and she soon felt welcome.

Chan was soon comfortable and, with just a bit of apprehension, she’d allowed her robe to fall open and expose her nighty clad body to him. When we drew closer and started to kiss, she had wondered if I’d had indeed seen her from her parted robe.

Of course, it hadn’t mattered as she’d felt their lips together and the lust rise up and heighten the sensations she was receiving. She’d decided with that first kiss to fuck me and from then on there was never any doubt. As they went to the bed together, she actually felt excitement that she’d never felt before. . .

Then, as I’d begun to play with her, the sensations she’d felt previously from similar caresses or fondles or sucking seemed more intense than she’d ever known. she’d begun to crave his attention in a manner she never had before and her excitement rose.

It was when she’d rose over him and impaled herself on my cock that she became totally involved in the sensations and her moves had been totally involuntary. . .driven only with a desire to please me. The sensations had been more intense than she’d ever known. . . . Her passions had risen to previously unsurpassed levels. She could no longer reason; only react and respond!

When she’d felt my ejaculation imminent, she’d responded with her own drive for an orgasm and with a final effort had peaked with me. . . only to lay fatigued on top of me with our spent body’s still connected by my now flaccid cock.

Then, as she’d lain there, she felt the incredible intimacy of the afterglow and reveled in it. The act had been a first both in it’s duration and intensity.

That early morning liaison was the beginning. After sleeping a restful eight hours in bed together, hey arose and showered together before preparing for the day. By nightfall, they had decided to move in together for companionship and as a cost savings.

Then for the same price I had been paying for my hotel room, we found a very nice house in an upscale area of the city and furnished it. Chan was as excited as a kid in a candy store as we got the house and made it a home. It was as I stood looking at our new home that I thought, “I’d known Chandra Belnik less than a week and here we were together, with a home of our own and a future together.

It was the second month after we had established our home that Chan had begun to feel poorly and she had gone to the doctor for relief. On her return, she was clearly distraut as she reported that she had AIDS . . . something from her past! The particular strain of the disease was quite virulent and generally fatal!

The next month was a period of chaos as she started her treatment and I was tested. There could be no more sex between us. . . Then, she needed special medications and care that could only be delivered in a hospital.

It was about the same time that I became aware of Chan’s friend, Anya, who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. Anya’s husband had been in the hospital at the same time as Chan and was dying of some rare disease. They had met during her husband’s visits and offered support to each other.

When Chan had left the hospital and returned home, she had invited Anya to come and live in our guest room where they might be close. It seemed appropriate and this recently widowed woman seemed such a comfort to her.

A month passed as Chan’s health deteriorated and she realized death was imminent. It was then that she called me to her bedside one evening along with Anya. She spoke, “You know I’m dying and before I go, I want to set the record straight. Jerry, when we met, I was at the lowest point in my life and from that moment I found myself at the high point in my life. I love you. I owe you more than I can ever repay. . . .

“You owe me nothing.” I interrupted.

“Never the less, I’ll be gone soon and you’d be alone so I’ve worked out a plan. I’ve talked this over with Anya and she has agreed to it. As a man you need and deserve love and sex is part of that. Anya and I have agreed that she’ll attempt to take my place if you’ll allow it. It would. . . .

“Wait just a minute, I interrupted again, “Don’t I have any say in this?”

“No, not until you’ve tried the plan.”

“What if I don’t agree?

“We’ll see.”

With that I felt Anya’s arms around my waist as she kissed my neck and under my ear. I started to resist; then, feeling her hand drop to my groin area and seeing the approval on Chan’s face, I relented. She turned me to the side, facing her and drew me into an embrace and I suggested we move for privacy.

Chan spoke again, “Please, I want to be a part of what you are doing even as I can’t be there myself. Don’t go.”

It had all happened so fast. My mind was in chaos as I tried to digest all that had happened and I looked at Anya as a prospective sex partner for the first time. .

Slightly built, black hair, blue eyes, creamy complection and small breasts; she was about my age. She exuded class, an elegant lady, chic and stylish and imbued with a certain refinement; totally scary for one so unrefined as myself. .. She still had what it took to turn men’s heads!

I wondered how I could perform with a woman while a woman I now had real feelings for watched. . .just plain crazy!

“Go to him Anya and kiss him. Jerry, take her and make her feel like you can make me feel.”

“I don’t know Chan, I. . .”

“I want you to!”, Chandra interrupted, “I don’t have time for games so let’s get on with it.”

Then, I found myself looking into Anya’s eyes. Filled with uncertainty, they seemed to show a certain determination to proceed with the plan. I bent to kiss her.

It was a start as Anya and I made extra effort to develop a special affection for each other over the next weeks. It was not difficult as Chan kept quietly urging us on. It was some time during this period that I actually felt the affection and the healthy lust growing in me – even as another side of me fought to remain loyal to Chan!

I was as I was returning from the study, near midnight, when I met Anya coming towards me in her night gown and bound for the kitchen. The backlight in the hall had highlighted her body silhouette and I got a very erotic image. . .My cock rose quickly as we approached and our eyes met. . . I embraced her and she responded by turning her lips to mine and in a moment we were into a deep soul kiss. As we kissed, I felt her pushing me against the wall and her body close, touching mine, and my cock trapped between our bellies. We stayed like that for a minute, maybe two or three, as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. “Let’s go to Chandra’s room,” she said and we moved in that direction.

Then, on the other bed in Chan’s room, we lay down and began to make out like two teenagers in heat. . . We fondled and kissed and caressed and suckled and made noise.

It was as we played that Anya told me I would be only the second man to have her so she hoped that she could learn to measure up. She also said it’d been years – frustrating years – since her husband had serviced her. The marriage had been celibate for several years before his illness. then, as I fondled and suckled her breasts, she began to cry out her passion in soft murmurs as she urged me on.

As our passions built and we grew familiar, I hoped that Chan was awake and getting her thrills as she watched. As I stood to remove the last of my clothing, I saw the red nightgown on the floor. . . We brought our naked bodies together on the bed. Our eyes met. I felt my lust building! It was good. . .

Beside me, Anya lay exposed to my adoring eyes; her small breasts still perfectly formed and beautiful; her face pink with passion! You’re very beautiful,” I say,”I want to make love to you.”

“Slow down! It’s not time yet!”

“When the time is right, will you let me?”

“When the time is right, I’ll make you do me.”

With that, I began suckling her extended nipples and gently caressing her breasts again as she responded saying, “Ummm! I like that. It feels soooo gooood!”

Meanwhile, I saw Chan move on the other bed. . .she was awake.

Then, as my hands moved to her hairy labia, I heard Anya moan and encourage me and I explored, tentatively, until I’d found her slit where I toyed until my finger slipped easily between her labia and into her soft inner vestibule; There, with the lubrication flowing from her, I began to caress her labia and slit to spread the slick fluid and inserted a finger, then two and finally three fingers into her hot pussy.

Anya’s excitement was growing rapidly to fever pitch as my fingers brought sensations of pleasure to her. She seemed fully engrossed in the act as I placed my thumb on her now exposed clit and began a light caressing. “Yehhhhhhh!” she responded to my thumb on her clit.

From the other bed I hears a whispered, “Yehhhhhh.” from Chan as she joined us. . .

Suddenly, Anya moved and said, “Enough. It’s time for you to do me.”

From the other bed, Chan called out, “Do her good Jerry. . . just like you did me.”

As I moved over her Anya seemed a bit nervous and I looked into her eyes for some idea of what was holding her back. What was the problem? Our eyes met and I saw real concern, perhaps fear, and stopped what I was doing.

Are you OK with what we’re doing?” I asked, “I can stop any time.”

“I guess I’m a little afraid of having sex as another person watches and this is the first time with a man other than my husband. Just go easy and I’ll try real hard.”

“Remember, I’ll stop any time you say.”

So if was that I moved over her and between her widely spread knees to position myself for my entry. This would not be the most passion filled sex that I’d e ver known but I would try to please her and make her relaxed and comfortable. Perhaps we could build on it with future fucks.

As I settled over her and into position, I bent to kiss her on the lips and reassure her that she had no reason for concern. Then, as she smiled a faint smile to hide her concern, I caressed her nipples again and said, You’re beautiful woman and I want you.”

“I want you to take me.”

“In time,” I said and bent to suckle her nipples. Then, from my position between her legs I moved down so that my face was mere inches from her pussy, spread her labia and blew gently into her open vestibule. Her reaction was instantaneous and violent as I felt her stiffen; then tremors ofust passed through her.

“Nobody ever did that to me before.” she said, “I never. . . .”

It was as I applied my mouth to the soft inner flesh of her vestibule that she quit talking and lay in anticipation. I moved slowly, tentatively, lest I do something to upset Anya’s pleasure. As I worked, I moved carefully to her clit and gently suckled it before returning to he lips of her vagina and finally with my tongue. It was having an effect as I felt Anya’s excitement surge.

She cried out, “Quick, Do it to me now!”

I continued my oral ministrations and I felt the pleasure of her impassiond response. She was ready!

I moved over her and looked into her eyes as I asked, “ready now?” The fear in her eyes was gone and there was no sign of concern – just lusty excitement!

“Oh my god, yes!”

With a single move, I returned to the position for my entry as her hands grasped my cock and directing it into her love channel. “Now push.” she said.

I pushed slowly into her velvety smooth, warm, vagina, savoring each sensation as I progressed. As the sensations began to have their effect on me, I realized that I’d been wrong. This had every prospect of being a really great fuck and Anya was hot.

We moved slowly at first, getting comfortable with each other, and finding what it took to please our partner. As we toyed, she said, “Jerry, you’re very good at this.”

I replied simply, You make me that way.”

Then we began the slow, rhythmic movements of coitus and in seconds we had perfect cooperation as our hearts, minds, souls and bodies sought to make our act a success. It was as though we’d had months of experience together and our excitement was peaking.

I looked at her eyes and found them clamped shut in passion as I heard her cry of, “I’m doing it!” Her body stiffened and the muscles in her neck grew taut as she cried out in some sort of guttural, animal cry. Her legs were raised and her ankles locked behind my back as he thighs sought to grip me tighter to her.

It was then that I felt my own semen rise and spew forth into her belly in a series of spurts that matched her own spasms in intensity.

In seconds I was drained and lay, fatigued, on top of her, too drained to move further! I felt her heavy breathing as she lay, equally drained, beneath me.

From he next bed, Chan asked, “Was it good!”

So it was for the next few weeks as Anya and I grew closer and ,I grew more intimate and Chan’s condition weakened. Though we still included Chan in our love making, it was now more for our sake than hers.

Then, her health deteriorated and she was forced t go to a hospital for her critical care and Anya and I were alone to make love without her. We visited her in the hospital every day and her first questions always was, “How are you guys getting along?” and we answered truthfully.

It was December when she died. . . Chan had been filled with pain and misery for months and she welcomed the end. Her last words to me were, “Take care of Anya and love her like you did me. ”

I do9.

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