The Secluded Lake, Under the Falls Part One

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She was on vacation for the 1st time in years and had been hiking for most of the morning. Around 11:00 she came to a small clearing in the branches and trees that exposed a small mountain lake complete with a picturesque waterfall. She looks the scene over carefully, and spying noone around, slips out of her hot sticky clothes and into the cool welcoming water.
She swims gracefully over to edge where the rocks meet the waters edge and leans back into the cascading waters, feeling the cold water hit her breasts, making the nipples stand up defiantly against the downpouring of the waterfall. A colorfull object among the rocks catches her attention and she reaches past the sheet of falling water to retrieve a small bottle of shampoo that has been placed there.
looking around and still seeing noone she snaps opens the lid and pours a small amount into her hand, inhaling deeply the flowery scent of jasmine and gardinia. she lathers up her long auburn hair in the late morning sun, luxuriating in its warmth on her naked skin. as she arches her neck back into the water to rinse the soap from her hair a small flash of movement catches her eyes and makes her jump slightly. pausing in her work she looks around, suddenly feeling rather shy about her state of undress. seing noone around she goes back to rinsing her hair in the cascading water of the falls.
“is that shampoo rinsing out alright for you?”
she lets out a squeal of surprise whipping around to see the source of the deep sexy male voice.
he is tall, around 6’2″, with tanned skin drawn tight over a well muscled chest and abdomen. dark blonde hair kissed by the sun and shot thru with lighter blonde streaks laid wettly against his forehead , from under which dark grey piercing eyes gazed at her with equall measures of curiosity and arousal.
“I um….i uh..” she stammers, flushing bright red,”i didnt realize there was anyone here besides me… the shampoo yours?”
he chuckles low and deep in his throat, a sexy sound that sends shivers thru her body,”do you want me to wash your back for you?”
she pauses for a moment then, in a moment of uncharacteristic boldness, turns her back to him and looks back over her shoulder, her breath light and airy in anticipation.he reaches around and takes hold of the shampoo bottle still gripped in her hand, then opening the top, pours a small amount into his large hands, rubbing them together to make a thick flower scented lather.
her breath catches in her throat as his hands connect with the warm skin of her back. he moves his hands with measured slowness, carressing every inch of her back, then lifting her long hair and putting it over her shoulder continues to her neck. she rolls her head to one side, sighing at the firm carress.
his hands continue thier work, moving from her neck to the small of her back to her hips, grabbing both firmly and pulling her into his hard body. a small gasp escapes her lips as his hard swollen erection grinds hotly into her. she moves her hips against him, grinding in a rythem of silent invitation. his hands move up gliding smoothly over her flat stomach up to her firm breasts, soaping and washing on thier journey up. he cups the firmness of her breasts in each hand firmly, then rotates in small circles, changing his hold slightly to pull and tug the nipples into painfull tautness.
heade thrown back into his shoulder, she moves her hands back to run her nails up the insides of his muscled thighs, raking her nails over the tender skin on her way up towards the center of his body. once she reaches the apex of his thighs, she grips his shaft tightly, listening with satifaction as a groan escapes his throat. with one hand on his shaft, the other cupping the sack beneath, she begins moving against him, slowly and hesitantly at first, picking up the pace as his breathing intensifies.
his hands travel back down her smooth belly, lingering for a moment to trace her belly button ring before moving past her shaved mound to the center of her arousal. he slips first one finger then another into her wet pussy moving in a circular motion, stretching her in preparation for the penetration to follow, making her moan and strain against him reaching for her own release. then, withdrawing his fingers,he moves up to focus on her clit, using two fingers to pull back the wet lips to expose her to his wiggling fingers.
she bucks under his practiced touch, breathing fast and shallow, close to the breaking point. she releases, giving in to the pleasures of her body, expelling a ragged scream that echoes off of the rocky cliff surrounding their secluded lake.he continues his assault of her of her clit but moves other hand back down to penitrate her moist pussy again, wanting her to experiance the full fruits of his labor before he relents. she shudders violently in his arms moaning as wave after wave crashes over her, slowing then finally ending.
exausted from the encounter, she goes slack in his arms as her shakey legs give out from under her. he cradles her gently for a moment, letting her linger in the afterglow of her climax before scooping her up into his arms and carrying her complacent body to the shore………LOOK FOR PART 2, ON THE BEACH:D(if ya like my work, post a comment and let me know…..i wanna know what ya think)

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The Secluded Lake, Under the Falls Part One, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. wet_at_the_touch

    that was a good story, it made me so wet and i could just image the strong man with his cock so hard. wow. i wanna meet that man.

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  2. Maveric

    I like this story. Could I be your Jake?

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