The seminar

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After a long 4 hours drive, I’ve finally arrived to the hotel where the business seminar is held. I parked my car and head to the receptionist to check-in. luckily; I arrived a day earlier prior to the business seminar that starts 3 days straight starting Friday. There goes my weekend of relaxation. Instead, I am stuck attending the seminar that is important to my business.

After checking into my room, I head out to explore the hotel. Finding where the seminar will be held the following day, I head to the ballrooms and noticed that the hotel is already running a training seminar across the ballroom which my seminar will be held soon. I was about to peek into the ballroom when the door swing open and there she stood before me. Both of us we’re surprised and startled at the same time. Almost immediately we apologize to each other for bumping to each other. She asked me if I was an attendee and were late for the seminar. I just said that I am here attending the next seminar and was just being curious about the seminar that she was in. To avoid further awkwardness, I quickly extended my hand and introduce myself as Mr. N. She smiled and introduced herself as Ms. V. You excused yourself, as you’re actually heading to the ladies. I apologize again for the interruption.

When you came out of the ladies, you noticed that I was still around the area reading some materials at the table. You noticed that I accidentally dropped my money clip when I was taking my handkerchief out. You quickly picked it up and said “Excuse me Mr. N, you dropped your money clip”. I turned around and saw you again. I smiled and thank you “Oh, thanks Ms. V. What a klutz, I am”.

Both our hands touched when I took the money-clip from you. My body instantly felt an electric shock and my cock twitched with heart beat suddenly accelerated. You didn’t seem to mind my hands touching yours. You can feel my warmth hands and is smitten with a broader smile on your face at the same time felt a warmth channeling thru your body.

We’re both standing there in the corridor of the ballroom, seems like minutes passed and not a twitch from both of us moving away from the passing of the money-clip. Then another participant from the room opens the door. And both of us came back to reality and shrugged off each other from the grip. Both of us chuckled but with glittering eyes staring at each other and smiling. You told me that you have to get back to the seminar, seems like the minutes passed and didn’t want to miss other parts of the seminar.

You were about to turn around and walked back to the door when I lean forward and stopped you by your arm. “Sorry, Ms. V. I was thinking if we could meet up later maybe when your seminar is over.”

You turned around, smiling and biting your lips. “Umm… my seminar finishes at 6pm.”

I quickly suggested you have dinner with me. “How about dinner with me at the hotel’s buffet restaurant? I’ll meet you at the lobby at 8pm?”

“Ok, I’ll see you then at 8pm”. You replied. Then you walked back to your seminar.

[Later that evening]

At the lobby, I looked at my watch. Its showing 7.55pm. Everyone in the lobby was occupied with their work when suddenly everyone stopped what they were doing and was staring. I looked at everyone’s reaction and wondered why everyone stopped what they were doing. I turned around towards everyone’s stared direction and found myself with my mouth a little wide open. Wow! What a beautiful woman. Ms. V just came out of the elevators. You are very beautifully dressed in an elegant black dress with bared shoulders. You were smiling from afar already when you came out of the elevators. I cleared my throat and broaden my smile toward you as well.

“Hello Ms. V, you look absolutely stunningly beautiful”. I greeted her when she stood before me. Being a gentleman that I am, I quickly extended my arms to chauffer her “Shall we proceed for dinner?” You placed your arms over mine and both of us walked to the Buffet restaurant.

Instead of the usual buffet set, not wanting to overeat ourselves, I ordered the dishes straight from the menu. I also ordered a bottle of red wine; Australian wine; Merlot. We both enjoyed ourselves talking from humor and jokes of seminar incidence to embarrassing moments and to getting to know each other better.

After the delightful dinner, we head on to the hotel lounge where there was a live band playing. We sat by the corner with its ambience of dim lights and cozy sofas, we drank further, this time over vodka lime and long island tea. It was then the live band began to play a more slow melody such as “wonderful tonight (original singer by Eric Clapton)”. I asked you for a dance. You reluctant at first, telling me that you’re a terrible dancer. And I insisted, saying that it was a slow dance, we don’t really need to move our hips too much. You finally agree and I led you to the dance floor by holding your hand.

You placed both your hands around my neck while both my hands on your waist. Listening to the song, both our bodies moved closer and closely embraced; moving in a rhythmic melody. I slowly moved my hand above your waist. Even though your dress is bared shoulders, it has an exposing slit. My hand reached and touched your soft skin. You let out a soft moan of comfort when my warm hands touched your back. I lean forward towards your ears and whispered “You look really beautiful Ms. V. I’m so happy to bump into you.” You tilt your head back with your glowing and glittering eyes staring back at me, you smiled “Me too.”

After the song ended, we went back to our table to finish up the drinks. And I offered to escort you back to your room. You stayed at the 9th floor while mine is on the 11th floor. I pressed the elevator button. Both of us were already feeling a little high due to the drinks. When the elevator stops at your floor, you were already feeling very high and almost tipped over the elevator doors. I quickly grab hold of you and have your body leaned towards me while I helped you to your room. “Which number is your room?” I asked. You told me the number was 934. I half carried you as I was walking a little drunk myself. The floor seems to be moving on its own.

Reaching to your room door, you used the access card and open the door. I carried you and lay you on the bed. I was about to leave when you grab hold of my arm and pulled me down. I almost crashed on top of you. Luckily I was able to maneuver to land on top of you, with my hands on the bed. Both of our faces close to each other, we finally kissed. It was a very passionate kiss and almost instantly both our tongues licking each other inside our kisses. Breaking the kiss to grasp for air, I continue kiss your neck, nibbling your ear lobe and putting my tongue into your ear. You moan and grasp feeling the warmth that gushes into your body. I hold your body by the back and turn you over. So that you are now on top of me and I can support your body much better than having my weight on top of you. We kissed again. Even with the cooling air-conditioned room, both our body embraces producing heat and warmth. I slowly removed your dress starting from the shoulders pulling it down and revealing your beautiful breast and displaying your perky nipples. I heave myself forward into a sitting position, still hugging you and kissing you. You bend your body to the back, exposing your perky hard pointed nipples. I start kissing and grinding my teeth on your neck, shoulders, and slowly toward your hard nipples. I touch and hold your soft skinned breast and sunk my mouth onto your left nipples, sucking and nibbling it. And continue doing the same motion to your right nipples as well.

You gasp and moan with pleasure. You feel an adrenaline rush of horny feeling inside your body. Your hands were all over my shoulders and neck and head. Pressing my head closer against your breast, I almost out of breath being pinned down, making my saliva flow out of my mouth and onto your breast.

Once we both broke free, I made you lie on the bed again, this time I pull your dress up revealing your black panties. You spread your legs wide as you’re feeling so overwhelmed with horniness and your pussy is feeling so warm and hot. I placed my hand on your panties and instantly know that your pantie is wet and moistly warm. I use my thumb and rub against your clit; you moan louder gasping and moving your waist as if I’ve triggered the motion mechanism. I pull your panty aside, revealing your moist wet pussy. I use my fingers to rub in a circular motion against the lips of your clit. You loved it because it’s so arousing and your heart beat is pounding faster and faster. The adrenaline rush is kicking in. I push your legs apart and wide, your legs bend and I place my mouth near to your wet warm pussy. I licked the side of your pussy lips. You moan more feeling my wet tongue (slightly rough surface) on your clit. With my tongue wetting your pussy, I slowly poke in with my fingers. You feel my fingers inside you and moan and pant feeling the intense excitement.

After a while, I have both my 3rd and 4th finger inside your wet moist juicy pussy wriggling and inserting deeply inside you. You grab the edge of the bed and bed sheet as you feel so hot and heart beat pounding, enjoying the exciting feeling. At the same time, my face and body is already lying beside you and turning your head to face me, and both of us kissed again. Both your lips and your pussy are enjoying the excitement as my hands fingering your pussy and our lips kissing passionately.

You took the initiative now, you unbutton my shirt and unbuckle my belt and unzipped my pants. I lie down on the bed, while you bend on your fours to grab hold of my hard on solid steel cock. I maneuver your body to have your pussy facing me while your face faces my hard cock. 69 position. I continue to finger your pussy, in a fucking motion while you now lick and suck on my hard cock, slowly pulling the skin down and revealing my mushroom shaped cock.

After much foreplay, you lie on the bed, while I hold and guide my cock slowly into your long awaited pussy eagerly waiting to be filled. I placed the tip of my head (cock) stroking and touching your pussy lips. You moan with anxiety waiting for my cock to penetrate you. I slowly push my cock into your wet moist pussy. You moan loud when I did that, I pull it out half way and then pushed my cock in again. Slowly and faster each time. I hold your legs up high and press and close your legs together; I can feel my cock pushing in tighter, as I place both your legs at a cross and against my left shoulders. Thrusting my cock inside your pussy deeper and harder each fuck, I grunted at each thrust and you moan at each penetration.

We switched position. You sat on top of me; you guide my cock into your pussy and slowly ride me as if trotting on a horse. Slow trot increased into a fast paced riding, I enjoyed myself seeing you riding on me as I can view your beautiful breast bouncing up and down in a circular fashion and with your long hair wildly waving around. I extend my hands on top of you and ran my fingers and hands holding your bouncing breast and pinch on your perky hard pointed nipples. I grab and slowly pierce my nails on your soft skinned breast, eventually making scratch marks. You seem to enjoy it and bend your body back; still riding me. You have both your hands on my knees as a support to lift your pelvic up and push my cock deeper into your pussy hole.

After much intense fucking for nearly an hour, both our bodies exhausted lying on the bed. But still not over with each other; resting. I lie on the bed while you back against my chest. I have my still hard on cock inside your pussy in a Spooning position. My body slows in motion in and out thrusting my cock inside you. And your body slow in motion moving front and back feeling my cock inside you. Your head lay at rest on my right shoulders and arms while my left hand touching your breast whiles both your hands hugging my hand. You turn your head left towards where my head turns right towards you kissing on your cheek while you still moan softly.

Before we both dozed off, we got ready to for another fucking session. This time we both wanted our fluids to cum together. With my cock already inside her, I increase the pace of my thrusting and insertion to a faster and deeper motion. You bend your knees more to get a deeper penetration from my cock. I motion you to be on your fours while I doggy you from behind. You bend on all fours and spread your ass wide. I hold on to your waist and thrust my hard cock deeper and faster into your pussy. You begin to pant and moan louder again. You grab the bed sheet and pillow to hold your position on the bed. I fucked harder and deeper at each thrust making grunting sounds in the process. I reach to grab hold of your left shoulder while my other still holding your waist, I can feel that my cock is getting hotter and hotter, all my veins are gushing with intense blood flow. I can feel my cock going to shoot its load out. I gasped “I’m going to cum. I’m going to shoot my load out”

You moan and moan feeling your body filled with the adrenaline rush, heart beat pumping faster and warmth feeling all over your body. You felt like you’re Cumming too. You panted “I’m cumming too… lets cum together, I want to feel your cum inside me!”

Just after you finished your sentence, I couldn’t hold on any further and shot my load of cum inside you. You felt a hot juice filling your pussy it’s so hot! I too felt a hot tingling sensation surrounding my cock. I stopped pounding your pussy but my cock still inside and haven’t pull it out yet. My cock’s load kept on shooting almost non-stop with overloaded excessive cum gushing out of your pussy and drips on to the bed as well as flow out to your thigh. Your body still filled with the tingling sensation, your heart beat throbbing loudly and your body movement jerking slowly.

I almost collapse on top of you; instead I hugged you and pull you to lie on top of my chest on the bed. Both of us can hear our heart beat throbbing fast.

We cuddled nakedly and slept till 5.00am in the morning before I return to my room to get ready for my 1st day of seminar.

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