The Shower

It is a rare morning where we have the house to ourselves. The kids are gone to camp and we are allowed to sleep in. You awake first and head to the bathroom to get cleaned up for the day. You come back into the bedroom to stand over me and say, “Would you like to come into the shower with me?” I jump out of the bed, since this is an unusual request for you, and head for the bathroom. While I brush my teeth, you begin to warm up the shower and remove your robe, showing off your nude body. You step into the shower and I remove my shorts to join you. I slide into the shower stall with you and feel you press your naked body against mine.

You hand me a bar of soap and a washcloth and turn around so the water is flowing down your chest. I take the soap and lather up my hands and begin to soap up the back of your neck. I work the lather into your skin, massaging the tight neck muscle until they start to loosen. I work my thumbs up the vertebrate of your neck, moving them with gentle pressure. I move down to the top of your shoulders and continue to work the lather into your skin; you give out a soft sigh of pleasure as your muscles relax. I move down your left arm, soaping up the triceps, and working down to your elbow. I continue down your forearm to your wrist and take your hand into mine. I wash each finger individually, stroking them until they are covered with lather. I next turn over your hand to wash your palm and begin to move up the inside of your arm until your entire arm has been washed. I move back across your shoulders and complete the same procedure on your right arm as well.

I then take the washcloth and cover it with soap, and begin to wash the top of your back. I wash in tight circle, pressing hard enough to work the lather into your skin and into the pores that are now opening. I work farther down your back continuing to work the soap into your skin. I reach your lower back and begin to massage the soap with my hands into the muscle in your back, pressing my fingers deep into the skin. I work my hands up your spine to the top of your back and then back to the small of your back. I sit on the bench of the shower and begin to soap up the cheeks of your butt, from the top to the bottom, and from the outside of your hips to the inner crevasse between your cheeks; you let a low groan and press back against my hands. I work father down, soaping up the back of your left thigh and down to the muscles in your calf. I lift your foot to clean the bottom and then begin to work up the outside of your leg, back to the top of your hip. I move over to your right leg and move down it until it is clean as well.

Once I have completed your legs and have returned to your hips, I turn you around so that your back rinses off in the hot water. Your eyes are closed and you are breathing gently through your slightly opened mouth. I stand and soap up my hands to begin to wash your face, working from your forehead to your chin. I wash under your chin and gently down your throat to your collarbone. I then re-soap the washcloth and begin to wash down the center of your chest to the cleavage between your breasts. I work my way around, under, and to the outside of your left breast back to the top of your chest. I repeat the motion, this time circling your right breast back to the top. I begin to wash your left breast in an ever tightening circle until I reach your hardening nipple; you suck in your breath as I move the cloth across your nipple. I move over to the top of your right breast and start washing it until I reach your nipple; this time you let escape a low moan of arousal. I lather up my hands and begin to work them over your breasts; caressing them and moving the nipples between my fingers as they continue to stiffen.

I sit back down, pick up the washcloth, and begin to wash down your abdomen to the top of your thighs. I wash your left thigh, working the soap into your skin, and move my way down to your knee. I wash down your shin to your foot, then down to your toes. I start to wash back up the inside of your leg, up to your knee, and continue up the inside of your thigh. When I reach the top of your inner thigh, you part your legs to allow me access. I move over to your right leg and begin to work my way down your leg to your foot and back up the right leg’s inner thigh. This time you spread your legs even wider for me to continue up to the y of your legs; you are quivering with anticipation. I move the cloth around to your lower abdomen and wash the hair on your mound until it is clean. I then move the cloth down between your legs and begin to wash your womanhood. I gently work the cloth back and forth across your womanhood and between your labia; I feel your clitoris start to engorge as the cloth moves against it.

Now I drop the cloth and begin to use my hand and fingers to continue washing between your legs; your breathing is starting to become faster and more ragged as I continue to stroke between your lower lips. I take my middle finger, move to your opening, and begin to slide it up into you. You squeeze tightly against my finger and let out a breathless, “Yes” in response. I press the heel of my hand against your engorged clitoris and begin to stroke my finger in and out of your womanhood. You scream out, “Oh god, keep doing that. Don’t stop.” I slide a second finger in with the first and you start to shake as you build towards an orgasm. “Faster,” you say. I pick up the pace as you grab my head and press it against your breast. I take the nipple into my mouth and begin to lick and suck on it. You press my head harder into your breast and say, “Yes, suck my nipple.” You start to move in a motion against my hand and fingers, increasing the speed and depth that I penetrate you.

Suddenly you freeze as the orgasm has arrived; you squeeze your thighs together and your inner tunnel squeezes tightly around my fingers. You spasm as your orgasm overwhelms you. Your legs begin to buckle and I reach around your waist with my other arm to support you and keep you from falling. You keep repeating, “Oh god, oh god, so good.”

Your orgasm starts to recede and you suck in deep breaths to regain your control. You say, “Thank You.”

I stand.

We kiss.
(Image Source: Astral Ocean Studio)

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