The Traffic Stop

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Traffic Stop

Letting out a long groan as he left the hospital Kim was glad her shift was over. It had been a hectic night in the pharmacy. It seemed that everyone had an urgent need for medications and they all needed them ten minutes before they sent the request to the pharmacy. Running a hand through her shoulder length brown hair Kim enjoyed the warm summer air; they had said there was a chance of rain but the star studded sky seemed to suggest they were wrong. Maybe the decent weather would hold through tomorrow; if it did she might go ahead and layout, get working on her tan.

Tossing her white lab coat over to the passenger side Kim slipped into her car. She rolled the window down after starting the car, although it was warm it wasn’t hot she could enjoy the feel of the night air as she drove. Traffic was light, more nonexistent, as it normally was at this time of night and she cruised along the streets with no real trouble.

Humming softly with the song on the radio Kim swung onto the side street that led to her place. The street wasn’t too well lit but she had traveled it so many times she knew where all of the bumps were. It was a quiet neighborhood and the street was empty of other drivers or pedestrians.

“Oh crap,” Kim muttered when the red lights flipped on and the car swung out of one of the cross streets behind her. She cast a quick glance down at her speedometer, dismayed to see that she was over the speed limit. Not much but still over it.

Pulling over to the curb and putting the car in park, Kim wondered if she could possibly convince the officer to let her off with just a warning. After all it was late, there was no one else on the street and she was just a little bit over the limit. She knew not to get mad and start arguing with the cop; they had a reputation of not taking crap from drivers. She had heard stories of people arguing with an officer and the officer in turn broke one of the car’s tail lights and then ticketed the driver for driving with a broken tail light. There was numerous stories floating around about the antics of the local police but no one could actually prove any of them. The general feeling was to politely accept the ticket and pay your fine.

Kim winced slightly and raised a hand to shield her eyes when the officer illuminated her car with his spot light, the brilliant beam bouncing off her side mirror. She heard the officer’s door open and then close. She listened as he approached her car; she knew not to get out, they really hated it when someone did that, especially late at night.

“Hello officer,” Kim said cheerfully when he reached her. She squinted as he shined his flashlight into the car and swept it over the interior. Kim said with a light tone, “I guess I was going a little fast back there.”

“Yes you were,” he said curtly, “Thirty-eight in a twenty-five mile per hour zone.”

“I’m terribly sorry, I just wasn’t paying attention,” Kim said meekly.

“I’ll need to see your driver’s license,” he said.

“Sure, it’s in my coat,” Kim said motioning towards her lab coat. The officer grunted and Kim reached over and hastily fished her wallet out of her pocket. She flipped it open and began to hunt for it.

As she looked for her license she was a little dismayed when the officer moved his light down to her legs. He kept the beam on her shapely legs, Kim resisted the urge to reach down and pull her dress down. It really wouldn’t have helped too much, her short dress prevented it. She knew she had nice legs, one of the reasons she liked wearing short dresses and if it would help get her out of a ticket let him look. Maybe to allow him more time to eye her legs Kim took her time locating her license. Finally she pulled it out, saying proudly, “Here it is.”

Turning slightly and handing it to the officer, she smiled nicely. The officer didn’t take the license from her, instead he shifted a little further forward. Kim gasped softly when he moved the beam from his flashlight slowly up her legs, pausing for a long moment on her crotch area and then continued up. He paused once more when his light landed on her pert breasts. Kim remained silent as he kept the light on her chest, apparently eyeing her breasts. Unthinkingly Kim arched her back a little as she sat there.

Finally he took her license from her. As he did he reached out and opened her car door, saying, “I’ll need you to get out of the car.”

“Why?” Kim asked.

“Please just get out of the car,” the officer calmly instructed as he held her door open. His tone indicated that the subject was not open for discussion. He stepped back as Kim undid her seat belt and then got out of the car. She wasn’t too surprised when the officer shone his light down on her legs as she got out, her short skirt sliding up and showing a very nice amount of her thighs.
The officer closed her door after she was out. He motioned towards the rear of her car, saying, “Let’s move back there and get out of the street.”

Definitely didn’t want to be standing in the middle of traffic, Kim thought but knew she had best keep her mouth shut. The officer took hold of her arm, just above the elbow and led her back to the rear of her car, moving into the small space between the two cars.

“Please put your hands on the trunk of the car,” the officer instructed.

“What? Why?” Kim asked unable to stop herself. She shook her head, asking, “Is this all necessary?”

“Please put both of your hands on the trunk of the car,” the officer slowly, firmly repeated in a no nonsense tone.

Despite what she had heard about not wanting to aggravate the police she let out a disgusted huff before turning and placing her hands on the trunk of her car. Once she had she looked back over her shoulder at the officer. She wasn’t too surprised to see that he was standing right behind her eyeing her butt. She resisted the urge to ask if he was enjoying the show. After a few more seconds he leaned back against his patrol car and using his portable radio called in.

Kim was unable to fully understand what all he was saying over the radio it was all a collection of code numbers and one word sentences. She knew there shouldn’t be any trouble; she hadn’t had ticket for years and to the best of her knowledge there weren’t any warrants out for her arrest.

“Ten four,” the officer finally said. Kim hoped that the whole thing was over. She hoped that he would just give her a warning and let her go but she wasn’t going to plead with him. She just wanted to get going. To her utter surprise he said, “Stay here.”

Before she could respond he walked back and got into his patrol car. Kim tried to see what he was doing by looking back over her shoulder but the bright spot light effectively blinded her. Her anger and impatience grew as she stood there, she was glad that it was late at night at least there wasn’t a bunch of people out watching. She began to lightly drum her fingers on the trunk of her car as she waited for him to complete whatever he was doing. After a few moments she began to wonder if he had fallen asleep or something. She was debating if she should turn around and see what he was doing when she heard another car pull up and stop behind the first patrol car.

Kim was pleased when the officer turned off the bright light that was shining on her. At least now she wasn’t so brightly illuminated. She heard two doors open and then close.

She wondered what was going on, figuring that it was another police car but not knowing why it had come by. The three were standing by the driver’s door of the first patrol car; it was obvious that they were talking about her. The officer that had stopped her was a middle aged, stocky white man; he had rather rugged looking features. One of the other officers was a middle aged black man, he had a barrel chest; his whole figure looked solid. The third officer was a young looking white man; he was a little taller than the other two and didn’t seem as muscular.

Finally the three officers walked up to where she was. A little nervously she glanced at them as they reached her. The black officer moved past her to her right side while the first one stayed on her left side and the younger one positioned himself behind her.

“Is there a problem?” Kim asked, dismayed at the slight tremor in her voice.

“We need to make sure you’re not carrying anything illegal, like guns or drugs,” the first officer told her.

Kim wanted to ask if he was joking; did she look like someone that would be carrying such stuff. She decided it wasn’t worth it, they were going to do whatever they wanted and there wasn’t anything she could really do about it. She knew there wasn’t anything illegal in her car but if they wanted to rummage around she just hoped it wouldn’t take too long and they didn’t totally trash her car.

“Keep your hands on the car and scoot your feet back,” the officer told her.

“What? Why?” Kim asked glancing at the officers that were on either side of her.

“Just do it miss,” the black cop told her in a deep voice.

Knowing that arguing was futile Kim shook her head and slowly moved her feet back. The young officer behind her stepped back as she did. Soon Kim was leaning forward sharply with her weight on her hands. With a slightly defiant look she glanced at the two older officers once she had.

“Well go ahead and do your search,” the first officer said to the younger officer with a nod at Kim.

“Do a thorough search,” the black officer said with a chuckle that sent an uneasy shiver through Kim. Her concern was increased when she noticed that he was holding his Taser.

“Well come on kid, start your search,” the first officer said a little impatiently after a few seconds. He reached out with his flashlight as he said, “Here let me help you get started.”

Kim gasped loudly when he slipped the end of his light just under the back of her skirt and lifted it slightly. Instinctively Kim straightened and shoved his light away.

“Get your hands back on the car,” the black officer ordered raising his ominous looking stun gun. Kim stared wide eyed at him unable to say anything. In a low threatening tone he said, “Get your hands back on the car or else I’m gonna zap you.”

Sickened as to her helplessness and what they apparently intended to do to her Kim was frozen. She could only weakly shake her head and move her lips unable to speak. The officer aimed the Taser at her and said, “This is your last warning. Get your hands on the car.”

Shaking uncontrollably Kim did as she was ordered, leaning forward again and placing her palms on the trunk of her car. She heard the officers grunt in approval. She was horrified at what she knew was coming and she wondered if she should have resisted in some way. She knew that she shouldn’t just meekly allow them to grope her but what could she do? She had no desire to be molested by these three but she also had no desire to been shocked by the stun gun either. She was powerless to resist and on top of that, who could she complain to? They were in total charge, suddenly she didn’t doubt the stories she had heard about the behavior of the local police.

“Well let’s go,” the first officer said impatiently.

“Okay,” the younger officer said.

Kim tensed bodily when the young officer took hold of her dress and drew it up. Roughly he shoved her dress up to the small of her back, totally uncovering her panty covered ass. She could feel the warmth of her blush spreading over her face as the first officer shone his light on her butt. The officers groaned approvingly as they eyed her; the black officer reached out to hold her dress at the small of her back. She shuddered when the young officer hooked his index fingers inside the waist band of her baby blue bikini cut panties and pulled them down off her ass.

The young officer dropped to his knees and continued pulling her panties down her legs. The first officer kept his light on her pale ass. Kim sniffed and lowered her head as the younger officer drew her panties down to around her ankles. He lightly grabbed one of her ankles and made her lift her foot so he could slip her panties off. He then made her raise the other foot so he could finish removing her panties. The first officer grunted when the younger officer handed the lacy garment to him. Kim saw from the corner of her vision as he let the garment dangle from his finger as he held them up.

“You want to keep ‘em?” Kim heard the officer ask, not sure who the question was intended for she remained silent.

“Sure,” the younger officer said quickly.

The first officer chuckled and tossed her panties onto the trunk of her car. As he did the younger officer, who was still kneeling behind her, grabbed her ankles and made her spread her feet wider.

Kim again tensed when the officer placed his hand on the inside of her thigh, just above her knee. She bit her lip as he slid his hand up her thigh. The tears were brimming up in her eyes as he slid his hand forward over her pussy.

“I think I’ve found something,” he said as he pushed his middle finger between her pussy lips.

“Is it drugs?” The first officer asked in mock seriousness.

“I don’t think so,” the younger officer said quickly. He pushed his finger deep into her moist pussy, saying, “But I think it’s gonna need to be checked a little better.”

The other two officers both laughed and nodded their heads. Kim again shuddered as he kept his finger buried deep in her pussy for a long moment and then slowly began to pull it back. He paused when only the tip of his finger was still between her pussy lips and then shoved it back into her. He then began to pump his finger in and out of her cunt with quick thrusts. Kim gritted her teeth as she lowered her head, resting the side of her face against the cool metal of the trunk. She was dismayed as her pussy quickly began to cream around his pumping finger.

This was wrong, she wanted to say but her body was betraying her. It had been awhile since she had made love to anyone, but that was no excuse for they way she was reacting. At least that’s what she tried to tell herself. Unfortunately her creaming pussy continued to respond to the attention it was getting. Kim savagely bit her lip trying to make her pussy stop but it was to no avail; it had been too long and despite not wanting to admit it she needed and wanted sex.

Kim’s eyes fluttered open and she lifted her head off the trunk when she felt the young officer’s thumb move up along the crack in her ass. He slid his thumb along the smooth skin at the bottom of the cleft that separated her pale ass cheeks until he located her small, puckered asshole.

“No,” Kim moaned plaintively as she reached back to push his hand away. While a number of guys had fondled and patted her ass no one had ever actually penetrated her asshole. One of her lovers had wanted to pop her cheery ass but she had refused him. She had never had any interest in having her asshole poked.

Kim inhaled sharply through her nose as he pressed his thumb firmer against her asshole. It felt huge pushing against her cherry anal opening; she could only imagine how a hard cock would feel. She wondered if she would find out before the night was over.
Kim wanted to scream for them to stop; they were raping her and there was nothing she could do to stop it. And yet part of her was finding her utter helplessness arousing. She tried to deny it but she was getting turned on by being so powerless and at their mercy.

Whimpering loudly as his thumb forced its way into her asshole Kim forced herself to relax her anal muscles. She heard the younger officer chuckle as his thumb slipped into her. Slowly, steadily he pushed his thumb deeper into her asshole. Soon he had it up to the middle knuckle. To Kim it felt incredibly huge; she couldn’t understand how people liked having things shoved up their asses. She shuddered as he began to pull his thumb back; it felt as if her guts were emptying. She was horrified of doing that. Frantically she tightened her anal muscles tightly gripping his thumb. He stopped when just the end of his thumb was still spreading her tight asshole and then pushed it back in. At the same time he slid his finger into her pussy.

“Find anything?” The first officer asked lightly after a few seconds.

“I think I need to do some more checking,” the younger officer said as he pulled his hand from between her legs.

Kim let out a startled gasp as he pulled his hand away, his thumb and finger slipping out of her orifices. She shuddered as the night air washed over her damp crotch. She opened her eye and partly lifted her head from the trunk as she heard the younger office getting to his feet.

The officer was smiling coolly at her as he began to unzip his pants. Automatically she looked down to his crotch as he fumbled with his pants and drew out his cock. While it wasn’t the biggest of cocks she had ever seen it was very plump, despite her revulsion at what they were doing to her a small groan escaped from her as she eyed his rod. Instinctively she spread her feet a little further and stuck her ass back as he gripped his cock and stepped closer.

Kim turned her face forward as he moved up, waiting to feel his cock sliding into her. She was upset at how wet her pussy had become and she couldn’t deny that part of her was a little eager to feel his cock in her. She inhaled deeply when the end of his cock brushed against her tingling pussy lips. Teasingly he slid his cock head along her slit. A number of times he rubbed his cock along her wet gash, pressing it between her pussy lips as he did. Finally he stopped and pushed the end of his cock into her pussy. Kim shuddered as his cockhead spread her pussy lips.

The officer paused with just the head of his cock wedged between her tingling pussy lips. He then reached forward and grabbed Kim by the hips and before she could respond he shoved his entire length deep into her warm moist pussy depths with one hard thrust. Kim let out a shuddering gasp as his rod entered her. It felt so good; it had been way too long, a part of Kim’s mind told her; way too long.

The officer released his grip on Kim’s hips to place his hands on the trunk of the car, keeping his pole buried in her pussy. He then pulled his hips back; until just the large head of his cock was still in her and then shoved his hips forward again driving his entire shaft into her. He then began to fuck her with long hard strokes; with each thrust his pelvis would smack hard against her ass making her grunt. The rough pounding was banging her hips against the edge of the trunk and dimly she could hear the car squeaking with each hard thrust he made.

Kim knew that if the situation hadn’t been so repulsive she would have probably found it sort of amusing. Dimly she realized that, while she had been fucked in a car a couple of times, she had never been fucked on a car. She prayed that no one would drive by or look out their window to see what was happening, she would have been mortified to have someone see what was happening. But it wasn’t her doing; she was being forced to succumb, she was being raped. In a distant part of her brain she wondered what the officers would say if someone had seen them; how they would explain what they were doing. While she wanted the whole thing to be over she knew she would not want it to end with someone seeing them. Somehow she knew it would not be good for her to have that happen.

By his increasing pace Kim knew he was close to climaxing. Part of her hoped he would quickly so it would be over but another growing part of her hoped he wouldn’t come until after she did. She really didn’t want to be left high and dry, so to speak. She also figured that the other two probably wouldn’t pass their chance to have her. And this increased her arousal; she knew that she was theirs.

The officer slammed his hips forward hard and held them pressed full against her butt, groaning loudly. A split second later Kim felt the first spurt of his warm cum in her pussy. Kim moaned disappointedly as she felt his cum filling her pussy; she was so close to cumming herself. Vainly she began to try and hump herself on his cock to achieve her orgasm. Dimly she was aware of the younger officer leaning forward, breathing heavily. Alls she was fully aware of was how his cock was losing its hardness; she again groaned as she continued to grind her hips against him.

“So all done with your search?” The first officer asked with a crude chuckle after a few seconds.

“Yeah I guess so,” the younger officer said weakly. He stepped back, his flaccid cock slipping wetly out of Kim’s pussy. He took a shaky couple of steps away, fixing his zipper as he did. He then sat down on the bumper of the first officer’s car, saying, “But if you want to make sure…”

Kim wearily lifted her head from the trunk as the first officer moved behind her. He chuckled as he rubbed her bare ass. He gripped the pale globes of her butt, giving them a hard squeeze. He began to slap her ass cheeks first one and then the other. Kim whimpered as he continued to slap her ass, making it sting with each slap.

“Turn over,” he finally directed her giving her ass one last slap.

Clumsily Kim rolled over onto her back, resting her feet on the bumper of her car and keeping her legs spread. She nervously looked at the officer after she had turned over. He shoved her dress back up to near her waist and began to fumble with his pants. As he did the black officer shone his flashlight on her pussy. He grunted approvingly as he eyed her clean shaven snatch.

Kim laid her head back as the first officer pulled his stiff cock from his pants. In the brief glimpse she had of his cock she saw that it was about average in length and thickness. She grunted softly when he slipped his hands under her legs, just above her knees and lifted them. He quickly raised her legs so her feet were on either side of his head. Kim closed her eyes, waiting for him to enter her as he took hold of his erect cock and pointed it at her pussy.

Gasping loudly and raising her head when she felt the head of his cock move into the sharp cleft that separated her ass cheeks. Wide eyed she watched as he slid it along her butt crack to her asshole. Fearfully she shook her head, saying, “No, please no.”

The officer only grinned maliciously as he held the end of his cock there. Kim tried to slide away from him but he grabbed her by the hips, holding her steady. Kim wailed as he began to push his hips forward and his cock into her virgin asshole. While the younger officer’s thumb had felt huge inside her asshole this officer’s cock felt absolutely massive as it pressed against her puckered asshole.

“Please stop,” Kim begged shaking her head. She placed her hands on his chest and tried to push him back, pleading, “I can’t!”

“Oh but you will,” the black officer chortled.

“Damn right you will,” the first officer grunted as he pushed his hips forward forcing his cockhead into her asshole. Kim wailed painfully as his cock was forced into her asshole. She couldn’t take it she was convinced. There was no way; it was just too big for her small asshole. The officer stopped, making Kim hope that maybe he had changed his mind. Her relief was short lived. He grunted, “You better relax or it’s gonna really hurt.”

“I…I can’t,” Kim panted fearfully.

“Well you are,” he grunted and shoved his hips forward to emphasis his point.
Kim again screamed as the head of his cock forced its way into her asshole, stretching her small opening. Her anal muscles were stretched tightly and were burning from it. The head of his cock felt massive wedged in her asshole. The officer paused to lean forward and pace his hands on the car. Kim was literally bent in half, her knees were touching her breasts and her feet were now on either side of her head. The officer then resumed pushing his cock into her.

Slowly, steadily he pushed the entire length of his cock into her asshole. Somehow Kim was able to make herself relax her burning anal muscles making it less painful. It felt that the end of his cock was shoved clear up into her belly when he finally stopped. Kim was breathing rapidly as she tried to get accustomed to the feel of it. Her anal muscles still seared from being stretched as they were. He paused for a long second and then began to pull his hips back, again it felt as if her abdomen was being emptied and she instinctively tightened her muscles, rightly squeezing his cock. He groaned loudly as it happened.

Pausing for a moment the officer then shoved his cock back into her with one hard thrust. Kim gasped loudly and arched her back, shuddering all over. Rapidly he began to slam his cock in and out of her aching ass hole. As he did he moved his hands from the car and around her legs to grab her breasts. As he pounded her butt he also roughly groped her boobs through her dress and bra. Kim briefly glanced down her front as he gripped her now aching breasts, fearful that he was going to rip her dress open. Finally he released her tits from his savage grip. He lifted himself up and again grabbed her hips as he began to ram his cock into her with short hard thrusts.

Kim knew he was getting close to cumming. Instinctively she tensed her anal muscles, tightly squeezing his pumping rod. She had done it more to hurry his orgasm, she wanted to get him out of her as soon as possible; just end his assault up her ass. Still she found herself grunting with each hard thrust he made.

Suddenly he shoved his hips forward and held them there. Kim soon felt his warm thick cum filling her anal passage. It felt as if the end of his cock was buried deep in her belly. She shuddered as his warmth filled her lower parts trying to relax her quivering ass muscles, even as his cock went limp it still felt large buried in her ass. Finally he pulled his hips back and his cock slipped from her asshole with a wet pop.

Breathing heavily the officer stepped away, fixing his pants as he did. Gratefully Kim lowered her legs, letting them dangle off the edge of the trunk. She didn’t even try to adjust her dress as she lay there; it was still shoved up about her slender waist. She heard he black officer moving over for his turn, without thinking she spread her legs for him.

Kim let out a startled gasp when the officer grabbed her wrist and gave her arm a sharp pull. Frantically she scrambled to a sitting position as he tugged on her arm. She slipped off the trunk but luckily was able to land on the bumper, grabbing hold of the officer as she did to prevent herself from dropping to the ground. The impact sent a blinding flash of pain from her tail bone all the way up her spine to her brain, blurring her vision briefly. Swaying she placed her hands on the bumper to steady herself as the black office began to fumble with his pants. Once he had his pants opened and pulled out his large black cock he grabbed the back of Kim’s head. Roughly he pulled her forward, almost pulling her off the bumper. Hastily Kim jammed her hands out against his hips to keep herself from falling. He stepped forward, gripping his thick cock. In a distant part of her mind she saw that while his cock was stiff it didn’t appear to totally erect. It was about the biggest cock she had ever seen, much bigger than the other two officers. If it had been her decision to let them fuck her she would have been very aroused to feel his big cock in her. Now all she felt was a mild form of dread.

Unceremoniously he pressed her face to his crotch, rubbing the bulbous end of his cock over her face. Vainly she tried to turn her face away but he maintained his hold on the back of her head keeping her face steady. It wasn’t that she had anything against oral sex; she had sucked her share of dicks, she just didn’t like being forced to do it. Crudely he continued to smear his cock over her face, along her jaw, nose and even into her hair before he finally moved it to her mouth. Instinctively Kim opened her mouth letting his cock pop into her mouth. He grunted loudly as the head of his cock passed between her lips.

“Yeah suck my dick,” he grunted as he thrust his hips forward driving more of his shaft into her mouth. He moved his other hand to behind her head, muttering, “Get me hard bitch. Get me real hard!”

Kim locked her lips tightly around his thick shaft and began to suck earnestly. She also began to firmly rub her tongue along the underside of his cock especially his head, she knew that guys liked that. To her amazement as she did his cock did begin to harden and lengthen. He continued to excitedly pump his cock in and out of her mouth. Kim was only able to take about two thirds of his length before she found herself starting to gag; she tried to relax her throat muscles but was unable to. Apparently he decided to have pity on her because he stopped shoving it so far into her mouth but still maintained his rapid pace. Kim gripped the base of his shaft with her hand and began to pump his cock as best she could. She hoped that if she got him off he would pass on fucking her.

Suddenly he pushed her head back sending her rocking back and banging against the car making her wince. Startled by his actions Kim gazed up at him, unsure what to do. He stood there with his black cock rigidly sticking from his pants; glistening with her salvia. Shakily she reached out to grab his rod and started to lean forward to resume her oral efforts on it.

“Looks like she really likes getting your night stick used on her,” the first officer chuckled.

“Yeah well she’s gonna get it used on her that’s for sure,” the black officer said with a coarse laugh.

Knocking her hand away he bent over and jammed his hands underneath her armpits. Kim let out a startled gasped as he roughly picked her up off the bumper and dumped her on the trunk of her car. Kim let out a brief cry as her butt banged down on the trunk of her car sending another flash of pain up her spine. She swayed mightily throwing her hands out to catch herself. As she did the officer stepped closer and, placing on hand on her chest, pushed her back.

Kim meekly allowed him to shove her onto her back, she knew that attempting to resist would have been foolish. Once she was flat on her back he reached down and forced her dress back to around her waist. She grimaced when he moved his hands down to between her knees and forced them apart. Her mind was still spinning slightly from his rough handling of her, but she still lifted her head from the trunk as he moved forward gripping his huge cock Taking a shuddering breath she laid her head back waiting for his cock to enter her. The officer’s manner was just as crude. He pressed his cock against her slit and held it there as he rubbed it along the length of her snatch.

“Ready for some dark meat?” The first officer laughed.

“Yeah maybe I’ll give you a dark baby,” the black officer laughed. He paused with the end of his cock at the opening of her pussy. He chuckled crudely, asking, “How would you like it if I knocked you up?”

Kim gritted her teeth, trying to ignore their disgusting comments. She decided that telling them that she was on the pill wasn’t necessary. She also wanted to point out to the bastards that the younger officer had also pumped some of his semen into her too so if they did get her pregnant there was an equal chance that that the child would be white. But that was a moot point so it really didn’t matter.
The black officer only waited for a split second; he then shoved his entire length deep into her pussy with one hard thrust. Despite her disgust at what they were doing she couldn’t stifle the low moan that came from deep in her throat as his cock slid into her. It felt so wonderfully huge and hard.
Keeping his tool buried deep in her pussy the officer reached down and grabbed Kim’s ankles. Quickly he raised her feet until they were at a right angle to her waist; as he did he also held her feet wide apart in a V shape. He then began to pump his cock into her. There was no gentleness to it. Roughly he began to pump his hard rod in and out of her; his hips smacking against her ass with each thrust. To her dismay she began to grunt with each thrust. His force was pushing her forward on the trunk and Kim reached down to grab the edge of the trunk and hold herself steady.

“Like that?” The first officer asked as he stepped next to the black officer. He reached out and grabbed her tit, squeezing it through her clothing. Gripping her mound tightly he taunted, “Like getting his night stick shoved in your cunt?”

“They all like getting some of my night stick,” the black officer grunted as he continued to slam her pussy.

It had been too long, Kim knew to her anguish. Her body, rather her pussy, was responding from the lack of attention and was creaming heavily. To heighten her shame her arousal was increased by her plight; her being taken without her consent by these three. With all of her other lovers, either she had been the one calling the shots or else it was a mutual agreement to have sex. But this time there had been no romance or foreplay; they had simply taken her to satisfy themselves. And what made it even more was that they had the power and means to get away with it. She was totally helpless to resist them or even to punish them.

“Yes, oh yes,” Kim suddenly muttered unable to stifle her arousal.

The first officer laughed and gave her aching tit one last hard squeeze before releasing it. The black officer grunted triumphantly and rammed his cock harder into her. Kim simply moaned loudly, arching her back sharply. She desperately hoped that he wouldn’t cum before he got her off; it was just a little more for her.

Suddenly Kim’s pussy muscles quivered mightily and began to flex tightly around his shaft as she came. Unabashedly she tossed her head back and let out a loud wail. A second later the officer shoved his cock into her and held it there. Her climax was intensified as she felt his warm cum filling her pussy depths. Her pussy continued to spasm around his embedded rod, milking more of his cum from him.

Breathing heavily the officer let go of her ankles, allowing her to drop her legs. As he tried to catch his breath he leaned forward, resting his hands on the trunk with his semi hard cock still in her. Kim had her eyes closed as she too tried to slow her breathing, savoring the warm feeling spreading from her pussy. After a few seconds the officer stepped away, his dick popping from her pussy with a wet slurping noise. Kim lay on the trunk still enjoying her climax with her dress still bunched around her waist and her legs spread.

Soon the younger officer stepped up to the car and grabbed Kim’s panties off the trunk. Weakly Kim opened her eyes and partly lifted her head. She watched as he held her panties up, as if to inspect them, and then jammed them into his pants pocket giving her a smile as he did. He eyed her for a moment or two and then looking at the other two officers said, “You know the guys in the vice unit could really do good with her.”

“Yeah a girl like her could bring in a couple thousand a night,” the first officer said with a nod as he too stepped closer. Kim shuddered as she lay there realizing they were thinking about forcing her to be a prostitute for them. The officer reached out to maul her breast again, saying, “She could be a real money maker.”

“Naw I don’t think we should let vice have her,” the black cop said as he joined the two. He directed a cold stare at her as he said, “As long as she does what we want.”

Dumbly Kim nodded her head knowing she was agreeing to be their private whore. Oddly she found the idea both degrading and exciting. She had never been controlled by anyone in her life and now she was completely under their control. The three officers chuckled and gave the others knowing nods.

“That’s a good girl,” the first officer said with a smile. He fished her license out of his shirt pocket and held it out to her. Kim struggled to a sitting position on the edge of the trunk and took her license from him. Nervously she glanced at the three. The officer reached over and lightly clasped her chin between his thumb and index finger and made her look at him, saying, “You do as we say and everything will be fine for you. Understand?”

Shakily Kim nodded her head making the three officers laugh. The first officer released her chin and then the black officer reached down and raised her dress and thrust his hand between her legs, grabbing her crotch, saying, “And if you don’t the boys in vice will get good use from you. Real good.”

The officers all laughed making Kim shiver. The black officer released her dress and then along with his partner turned and started back to their cruiser.

Kim glanced at the first officer, he jabbed a finger at her, saying, “Remember what we told you.”

“I will,” Kim said in a whisper like voice her lips and mouth suddenly very dry. He grunted and turned away. Kim watched him walk back to his cruiser and get in. As she watched him her excitement was starting to stir.

Excitement over when she would see them again and what they intended to do with her. She knew she should be disgusted but she was aroused instead.

Hopping off the trunk of her car Kim staggered slightly, her legs strangely wobbly. She leaned against her car as she made her way to her driver’s door and got in. Putting her car into gear she forced herself to concentrate on her driving; she didn’t want to get another traffic ticket. Well maybe another one like what she just had wouldn’t be too bad.

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