The Wanting

Posted in: Romance

Placing your nice ass upon a warm fur on a black granite counter. I spread your legs widely apart exposing your soft wet sweet pink lips and your soft pink clit. Sliding my warm fingers upon your lips spreading them ever so slightly. Reaching for a single frosty peice of ice and sliding it gently from the base of your clit to the tip across the clit lips and up the other side to the base and down again resting it between ur clit lips. Slowly running the finger nails down the right side of your clit from the base to the tip and across the lips and up the other side ever so slowly. Gently placing me heavy cock upon your clit and rubbing in gentle circles across the tip and over the lips all the way to the base and down again. Feel my cock harden on your clit and throbbing. Wanting to penetrate that warm wet sweet soft fluffy pink joy spot.

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