There Was This Girl

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There was this girl, her name was Kari, she went to a school with many, but she particularly had eyes for one boy. Matt was gorgeous to her, he was stocky with wide shoulders, and muscular thighs from constant sports like rugby. But he hid his figure mostly under baggy clothes. Kari kind of liked the mysterious vibe he brought on by the clothes and his shaggy haircut covering his forehead and ears. Everything about him was intriguing. Although she hadn’t talked to him all that much she had decided that she wanted him.
One day Kari chose to take a chance, one she never thought she would. As Matt walked past her in the school hallway she grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, pulled him into a close class room and gave him the most passionate kiss she could. When she finally pulled her mouth from his, she noticed he looked dumbfounded. She then asked him confidently “what do you think?” He responded quite well by taking the small of her back in his fists and quickly pulling her forward for another deep kiss.
After a couple of weeks their friends got use to them dating, since neither of them usually dated, everyone thought they were great together. They held hands, made each other laugh and kissed often.
One Friday, after school, as Matt was about to say goodbye to Kari, she ran up beside him and spontaneously kissed him hard nearly making him slip on the frozen ground and whispered in his ear, asking if she could come to over to his house. Matt nodded while he blushed being that all of their friends were watching them curiously. Their friends caught what was said truly to fast as Matt and Kari walked in the direction of his house.
Once they got to his house, Matt explained that his parents weren’t home, and wouldn’t be until about six-thirty. Kari’s eyes were unreadable but she was obviously excited to have four hours of him to herself. He rushed through a tour of the house until they got to his bedroom. Matt sat on the side of his double bed as Kari closed the door, concerned that although his parents weren’t home, someone might walk in. She thoughtlessly started to undress pulling dry clothes from her bag. Matt tried but couldn’t help but watch her as he’d never seen Kari’s body before. She could sense that he was staring at her body only covered (or not covered) by a thong and a clearly reviling lace bra, she liked it.
Once Kari was dressed again in a tight fitting, see through slip dress, something similar to what she would sleep in, she turned to face Matt, he stood to take off his snow soaked sweater, trying to act nonchalant. As Matt was turning to take off his sweater Kari grabbed his hunky arm and turned him to face her, she kissed him in a way that made him feel as though he wanted her right then. At the thought he became slightly more aggressive, not dominating or demanding but in a way that told Kari she was what he wanted, the only thing he wanted.
As they were very caught up in the moment, things started to get hot and heavy. Usually they kissed, and sure it was passionate but this was an expression of pure need, lust, and unbelievable pleasure. Matt then gently nibbled on her bottom lip causing Kari an uncontrollable moan. He chuckled as she became wild. Kari started to undress him, sliding his wet sweater of his shoulders and pulling off his t-shirt all in one motion. He pulled her closer as he sat on the bed. She knelt over him getting a hold of the button on his pants and popping it open as Matt pulled Kari’s slip over her head. Matt got out of his jeans and slide farther on to the bed.
Kari then got down on her knees to the floor, still over Matt’s surprising eight inch, grabbing at his upper thighs and pulling his waist closer to the edge of the bed. At that very moment Kari placed her lips around Matt’s big cock forcing it down her own throat and trying her hardest not to choke. Matt was losing his mind and gripping the bed sheets as Kari ran her tongue along the underside of his penis, from base to tip. He couldn’t help but let out an unbearable moan as he came full force into her mouth. She licked up every bit as it dripped down his cock. Kari soon craved for something to fill her, getting up on the bed and positioned her hands and knees on either side of his torso she trusted down on Matt’s hard shaft. She started to ride his hard member and swivel her hips rapidly. Matt nearly lost it, taking control he rolled them so he was on top; he then turned Kari around gripping her thighs for leverage, pummeling into her. Kari lustfully cried out his name giving him more encouragement as he was repressing her g-spot and thrusting all of what he had into her, smacking his testicles off her burning body while stroking her clit vigorously. She couldn’t control herself as she was shaking with mind blowing pleasure, she was face down in the pillows as Matt pounded her with such intensity. He was bucking her like rodeo horse harder and harder and he loved it. Kari started begging him to stop as she was going into spasms and her pussy was throbbing but Matt didn’t hear a word and rammed his cock in deeper and deeper, Kari was breathing so hard and moaning like she never had before. Then Kari came so hard she couldn’t move as Matt kept pounding her viciously. Kari came again and again and again, each time with more force and finally Matt let go, coming like he never would again. Matt pulled his cock out of her soaking vagina falling over beside Kari on the bed. Kari still couldn’t move and having one last scorching orgasm which Matt endorsed, eating her out until she collapsed.
Exhausted they both slept for an hour and woke with a knock at the door, they both quickly jumped up (which wasn’t as easy as you may think) got dressed and grabbed a couple text books out of their bags and opened the door. It had been Matt’s dad just wondering what Matt had been up to but once he had spotted Kari and they told him that they had just been studying, Kari got an invite to dinner that she couldn’t back out of. All of dinner was a short awkward silence between Kari and Matt as his parent teased about them “studying.”
Shortly after dinner Matt walked Kari home and they both laughed about if only his parents knew, they wouldn’t be joking. Once they had got to Kari’s house she thanked him and told him she wanted to do that again sometime soon.
After that night, Kari and Matt did whatever they could to top what they had done that day but nothing could beat there first time together.

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