welcome home

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Damion came home and dropped his black trench coat on the white sofa in the apartment. He leaned over and gave me a quick kiss before I was able to ask him how work was. It was a late Friday night and I had been thinking of him all day long. He had taken the car we both shared so I had been in the house almost the entire day.

“It went by slowly,” he told me. We chatted for a while about work and I made him some dinner since I knew he hadn’t gotten a break (again) during the day.

He sat on the red couch to relax and take off his shoes after he ate while I cleaned up. I could see from the kitchen that he was nodding off a bit. “Well now, that just won’t do at all,” I thought to myself. I dried off my hands and went into the other room as quietly as I could.

Once in the bedroom I slipped out of my clothes and found my sexy purple chemise and slipped that on, relishing in the silky feel against my body. I walked into the other room and found Damion sitting on the sofa quite asleep. I sat down on his lap. He woke up, as expected. When he saw what I was wearing for him, a huge smile crossed his face. Before he could say anything, I kissed him. As he responded to my kiss, and put his tongue against mine, I could feel myself getting wet.

“Something on your mind?” he asked. I answered him with another of those mind-blowing kisses and he responded in turn. I stood up, letting on of the straps fall off my shoulder and my long hair fall in front of one of my eyes.

“Come with me, unless you’re too tired,” I purred at him. He, of course, would follow me anywhere at that point. I took his hand and brought him into the bedroom.

At this point, to my surprise, he took over. Damion pulled me to him and kissed me; he kissed me hard, his tongue exploring my mouth as mine explored his. I held onto him for dear life as my knees went weak for a moment and the wetness between my thighs increased. I couldn’t take it any longer; I pulled his shirt off and ran my hands over the hair on his chest. I’ve always loved running my hands over him for just that reason. I calmed down just a bit, enough to slowly undo his belt, unzip his pants and pull the button out. His pants slid to the floor.

Damion put his hands on my hips, moving them up and down. His lips found my neck and the spot that turns me on like nothing else. His hands moved down my thighs to the bottom of my satin chemise and then under. He slid his hands up, slowly, as if he had never felt me before. He took the small bit of fabric up and over my head; it fell to the floor. Damion took a step back and admired my body, letting me look at his. My eyes, inevitably, were drawn down to his now enlarged cock. He put his hand on my left breast, and was so soft and sensuous, as if this was all new to him.

He put his mouth on my other breast, licking at my nipple before softly biting it. I held his head to me, my fingers closing around his head as I walked backwards with him until we landed on the bed. I brought him down next to me so that I could reach my hand down to his dick to give him some attention. I didn’t want him to come just yet, so I went gently. He put his hand between my legs and chuckled at my obvious anticipation. His fingers quickly found my clit, so ready for him, and moved quickly over it until I quivered. My breath was ragged and coming hard, as was his.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to have him inside of me and I told him so in just as many words. He climbed on top of me, with my hand still on his member, waiting to guide him in. I’ve always loved that first penetration, and this time was no exception. I gasped. He started moving slowly inside of me; I wrapped my legs around his back and forced him as deep inside me as he could go. He started to go faster inside of me and I moved him so that my legs were over his shoulders. This way, he was hitting my g spot every time he thrust.

He soon had me shaking again. Seeing that I had had my pleasure, he put my legs back down to lay back on me, thrusting his thick cock even faster. As extra sensitive as I was from my orgasm, I was shaking still with the pleasure he was giving. I grabbed his back with my hands and dug in as much as I could without hurting him. I heard him start to moan and I knew that he was about to come as well. Sure enough, with one last thrust, he was still for a moment inside of me as his entire body tensed and I felt his penis throb with the come that rushed forth. After a moment, he pulled out, lay next to me. I kissed him; he kissed me back. Sated, we both started to fall asleep holding each other.

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  1. Moonlake

    Oh my gosh! I love this story because it’s cute and beautiful and I just love it. It makes me happy that someone out there see’s a normal relationship beautiful and fulfilling. I loved that story! made me horney for a husband!

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