Taxi driver had the best rates

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A few months ago I decided to go out with a few of my friends. I was closing in on 4 months of no sex because my boyfriend and I had broken up. I was dying to have a big hard cock inside of me, instead of the vibrator that I was beginning to form a relationship with. I went out a few times in hopes of hooking up with someone for just a good night of fucking, but I always seemed to chicken out. I’m just not that kind of girl to sleep around, until one night a few months ago.

I ended up going to this party at a hotel room where by around 4 am, everyone started leaving except for me and this couple. I was very hammered by this point. I think they really wanted to be alone because they were slowly starting to get busy in front of me. So I went to washroom and decided in there that I should get home too, so when I went back out to the room, the guy had his pants down and his girlfriend was sucking on his cock. I just stood there for a sec and they didn’t even notice, well only the t.v lights were on, so I left. But seeing her suck his cock and hearing how he enjoyed it was enough to make my pussy throb with the need to have it fucked.

So I jumped in a cab. The driver was very talkative and as we left the hotel he made a joke, “So how much did you make tonight?” Normally I would’ve been so pissed off at a remark like that, but I just looked at him and he started laughing. So I let it go. Then he went on being crude (and I have to add that had he not been that way, I don’t think anything would have happened). He came right out and asked me I was leaving a hotel room in the middle of the night? So I told him. He then asked me if it left me feeling horny and if I was going home to my man. I could not believe his questions so I just kind of sat there and he said he wouldn’t ask anymore questions. But it did leave me so horny and I started picturing myself giving this cab driver a blowjob, but I knew I wouldn’t. I was so wet, I could feel my pussy throbbing and I wanted nothing more than to have a hard cock fucking my tight pussy. I thought I would have to settle for my vibrator again.

So as we were driving I noticed him looking at me sometimes, then I started wondering if I could actually do something with him. I was so drunk and so horny, all my inhibitions went right out the door. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do, but as we came up to my apartment building, I pretended I had to run in to get my money. Naturally, living in an apartment complex, he had to come in with me. He turned off his cab and up we went. When we got in, and I didn’t know if this was going to work, I acted like I couldn’t find my money. I put on my best act and said my roommate must have borrowed it. (I don’t have a roommate). He stood there thinking then said that he would have to call the police. I stopped him immediately and asked him to please not and if I could give him something as collateral for now. He just stood there and I swear he could see right through my plan. I could barely look at him and I almost chickened out at again.

Then before I could change my mind he walked over to me and said, “I’ll tell you what, the first thing I noticed when you got in my cab was your tits. I would love to run my tongue over your nipples, suck on those babies, and you can forget about the money.” Before I could say anything he said, “I’m pretty sure seeing your friend sucking on that cock didn’t make you horny and wet. You can satisfy me by letting suck on your tits for a couple of minutes and you can do whatever you want to yourself after I leave, shove your vibrator or fingers up your cunt.” All I could say was, “What?” I didn’t know how to respond. Then he walked over to the door, turned off the light and told me it might be easier for me if the lights were out. I was about to protest when he walked over to me, but then he took me by the elbow and led me to the couch. I was really, really going to stop it but then he told me what could it hurt that he sucks on my tits. What could be more safer and we could both get off on it. I then decided okay, I can stop this whenever I want, okay. I was nervous as hell. But he asked me to take off my shirt and he literally had to do it for me because a part of me was still not completely giving in. I’m pretty fond of my tits, nice and firm, size C’s.

His hands grabbed both my tits firmly and he moaned so deeply I felt it in my pussy. I loved what I was doing. It felt so dirty and horny to have a complete stranger squeezing my tits. When his tongue flicked over my nipple I moaned and he told me to lie back on the couch, he remained on the floor beside me. I could tell he was unzipping his pants and the thought of his cock right there beside me was driving me crazy. I wanted to touch myself but I was scared. He kept moaning that my tits were so nice and they were the best he ever had his hands on. I could feel him jacking off beside me and I knew right then that I wanted him to fuck me. I was hoping he wouldn’t cum on his hand and then just leave. As if reading my mind he grabbed my hand and told me to pleasure myself. “Stick your fingers in your pussy, enjoy it,” he said. I slowly unzipped my jeans and rubbed my clit. I was so wet. I started moving my hips and shoved my finger deep inside my drenched pussy. I couldn’t control my moaning.

Then his hand slowly slid down until his hand covered mine and then he said, “let me do that for you.” His fingers went deep inside my horny pussy and I never felt anything so good. I was raised my hips slightly tying to get his finger deeper when he told me he wanted to taste me. He pulled off my jeans and as fast as he pulled them off he leaned between my legs and his tongue was on my juicy cunt. I threw my legs open as far as they could go and pushed his head down on me. I cried, “oh yes, oh yes, that feels so good” he continued to lick me, then he got up and told me it sounded like I hadn’t had a good fuck in a long time. He got up between my legs and pulled my pussy closer to his hard cock and asked me if that was what I wanted. He then said, “come here, I’m going to fuck you nice and hard, is that what you want?” I said, “yes” “you want my cock?” I said, “yes, I want your cock in me”

I felt the tip of his cock rubbing my pussy and I wanted him to fuck my so bad. He pushed his cock inside me slowly and I moaned so loudly. He started pumping his dick in and out of me so fucking hard and deep, I was just moaning and moaning. He kept telling me I had a nice fucking tight pussy. He continued to fuck me fast and hard, then he told me to turn over and he jammed his cock into my pussy from behind and we came after a couple of thrusts from the back.

He fell on top of me and we layed there for a bit, then just as fast as it happened, he got up and said that I was the best fuck he ever had and if I was ever feeling the need to be fucked like that again, to call his cab number. I haven’t to this day, but I think about it, and I have a feeling I’ll get the nerve to do it again someday.

Happy with cabs

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