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Me and the Deputy

Me and the Deputy

“Oh shit!” I screamed, as I saw the blue lights in my rear view mirror.

Thoughts of the last ticket that cost me $86 and the hell my husband gave me came rushing to my mind.

“May I see your drivers license and insurance,” said the deputy sheriff.

I recognized him as the one that gave me the last speeding ticket one-month ago while I was coming home from my best friend’s house. In fact this is the same deserted piece of highway at about the same time – 10:00 p.m.

As I gave him my driver’s license and insurance I yelled at him, “You dirty son-of –a – bitch.” He immediately told me to get out of the car, grabbed me by the arm and spun me around.

“What is your problem Ms. Jones?” Said the deputy.

“The last time you stopped me I was not speeding but I will admit I was this time,” I said. “My husband will kill me if he finds I have another ticket.”

“Well Ms. Jones,” The young black deputy said to me as he led me around the other side of his car. ” Put your hands on top of the hood of my car. I am going to have to search you and then maybe we can talk about the ticket.”

I felt his right hand rub up and down my tan bare legs. He then patted down my blue jean shorts covered ass and reached around to my front where he reached into my right pocket and pulled out my keys. His left hand went into my left pocket. While there he pressed his hand against my side. I knew then that he knew that I was wearing no panties.

“Don’t move Ms. Jones,” he said as he stepped away and turned off his flashing lights. “How would you like to get off with not even a warning?”

“I don’t like the tone of your voice officer but I really don’t have not much of a choice,” I replied. “I hate to ask but what did you have in mind?”

He then reached up under my blouse and caressed my bare breasts. Pinching my nipples he said, “This is just a start.” “Bend over more,” I heard as I felt his fingers unbuttoning and unzipping my shorts. Soon after pulling them down I felt his hard cock slipping into my pussy. After he released his sperm in my warm pussy he said, “Now you are free to go but I will be seeing you soon again.”

As I reached down to pull up my shorts I wondered what he meant by his last comment.

End part 1

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