She had a job to do

“what’s his name?” She said staring at a picture of handsome man. “John Sullivan.” She barely caught his low voice. “They’ve put a high price on him, and they asked for you specifically.” He emphasised. They were sitting in a local bar at an early hour so there was barely anyone in except some married couples. “well i’m flattered” she said sipping on her scotch to hide her smile. This guy must have done something very bad to some very wrong people. Poor bastard, he’s kinda cute also, she thought with a sigh sighed. “What?” Max asked. “Nothing just give me the info and the time limit.” “He lives uptown, rich bastard, he got married twice bit he’s divorced now, so he might like a pretty girl.” “And that is why they wanted me?”, She asked not shocked. She was really good at what she does but it’s like her body and face are more of a crowd puller. “That and I told them that you are the best in the job. They have given you seventy-two hours since he’ll take time.” I’ll take sixty.” She said and She saw him smile. “That’s my girl.” ******* “So I have to meet him at a bar. That should be fun. It’s been a long time anyways.” Ever since she joined the private company all her life has been about was assingments. All she does is either kill people or research on them. Being a high level assasin had it’s cons and no pros except da money. Except the fact that she barely gets time and that it can be dangerous to have a person getting curious about her livelihood. She could never have feelings for anyone doing what she does. She quickly got home and spent the night and da following day researching about John Sullivan. He likes watches and horse riding. Typical rich guy, she thought. That night she got into a sexy red dress and she kept her hair open. She had hair shoulder length dark brown hair, which were the same colour as her eyes. She wasn’t really a striking beauty but she wasn’t bad to look at either. If she wasn’t doing what she was, she would’ve had a fun life. ******** It was a slow night for John. He just finished a meeting and was hanging out at his local bar trying to get his night to end better. “You look very tired”, he was caught by suprise by the voice. He looked up to see a pretty girl with honey blonde hair smiling at him. “Effect of spending four hours with balding businessmen I guess”, he said with a smirk. Finally a distraction and he didn’t even put any effort. “Aw! Well then let me make you feel better.” She winked “Well sweety………” He could never finish, because as he turned he saw something that made him forget the pretty easy girl beside him. A girl wearing a perfect figure hugging red dress walked into the bar. He felt instantly attracted to her. Her dark brown hair was in lazy curls which bounced as she intered. He left the blonde in the middle of the conversation and went to sit on a seat opposite to her. She sat with her legs crossed. Her legs were smooth and never ending. She was probably 5″5′, he judged. She sat there playing with her cell phone sub-conciously as she looked around with her hazel brown eyes. He motioned for the bar tender. “Give her a bloody mary on me”, he pointed to her. “Ma’am?”, She was caught off guard. She looked at the man who called her. “That man offered you a drink”, He said placing the red drink in front of her. She smiled at him. He was handsome, probably 6″7′ and that tucked out shirt with a loosened tie was the left over of a suit after a long day. She liked what she saw alot. He sat on the bar stool in front of her casually, looking at her. His eyes were a beautiful shade of brown which looked almost green, he had a toned body but it wasn’t painfully muscular. She thought she must be imagining but she swore she saw a little ink on his left arm peeking through his white shirt. Within minutes he came and sat beside her. He smiled and she couldn’t help smiling back. “Bloody mary is quite an unusual drink to give someone, don’t you think?” She said. “Well I thought I should do justice to your beautiful attire, and I like a good bloody mary.” ‘Wow his lips are so damn lucious’ she thought, she instantly put the thought aside guiltily. She couldn’t afford to have the hots for him, he wouldn’t be alive tommorow anyways. “Hi i’m John.” “Well i’m Colette nice to meet you” “Nice name you have”, he smiled. “I like your name too it’s very classy.” She smiled again. He just grinned at her. “Do u have a tatoo?” She said staring at his arm. “Yeah I do.” He said sheepishly. “Not really fit for a guy with my job description” “Hmm. So out of curiosity what do you do?” She inquired, they didn’t mention anything about that. “I own a few oil rigs in the east.” He winked. “Wow you must be rich?” She added with a hiss.”Well sweety actually my dad was rich, i’m just his son.” He added with a sigh. She almost felt sorry for him not only was he forced into something he didn’t want, he would be killed for it. ‘God god!’ He thought, he still couldn’t place why he was so drawn to this girl. He could see other girls from the corner of his eyes but his gaze never left her pretty face. When he told her about the oil rigs she just teasingly hissed, like it didn’t even bother her. Mostly he wasn’t a chit chat person and he got right to the business but she just looked so cute when she talked as she occasionally pulled the hair back from her face, she probably wasn’t used to having her hair open maybe. “So what do you do for a living?” “I’m a chef.” She replied a little sheepishly. “Not really the most occupation and it’s nothing compared to job, but ever since I was young that’s all I wanted to do. The joy you get when people eat your food lovingly and smile as they do cannot be duplicated.” She said with pride. “Wow! Thats really good, nothing compares to following your dreams.” With every sentence he just drew closer and closer to her. He sat back for a second to notice her features she had and all round perfect body but she had scars all over her face, hands, and legs. ‘Why would a girl who’s job was indoors have so many scars?’ He wondered. She was intriguing. “Ummm” he added almost shyly, “would you like to… know…come over. She laughed. “Are you always this nervous to fuck a girl?” He was caught completly off guard. Here he was finding ways to take her home as classily as possible and she just said it outright? John couldn’t help smiling and he blushed also. Colette was getting impatient she wondered why it was talking him so damn long to take her home? Wasn’t she doing enough? ‘damn I should have skipped the panties’ she thought annoyed. After she placed a bold comment she was waiting for his reaction, she didn’t expect the deep school boy blush. It made her blush too, he just looked so adorable. “Wow you have alot of blood in your face.” She teased. “Lets leave before I burst then.” He whispered in her ears and it made her shiver a little. ******* “Your apartment is huge!” Colette said looking around in awe. Do you want a drink?” He said changing the topic. ‘Why was he so reluctant to his wealth?’ She wondered looking into his eyes he looked lost. “No it’s okay.” She waited for sometime and when he didn’t go for a drink either she kept the conversation ball rolling. Somehow she wanted to spent sometime with him before finishing the job. It wouldn’t hurt and she would never see him again. She sat on the couch and he followed sitting very close to her “Can I see your tatoo?” “Sure.” He grinned and rolled his left sleeve up revealing the whole hand covered in a colourful sleeve tatoo. “Wow! Thats hot!” She winked. “Didn’t it hurt?” “Thanks” He smiled. “It did hurt but it’s my piece of sanity in this wall street life.” He sighed. “Yeah it……..” Before she could finish he started kissing her passionalty while cupping her cheek. She couldn’t resist her hand went up slowly as she started playing with his hair and tugged it to bring him closer. She slowly let one hand go as it went to her thigh to take hold of her knife. ‘He was easy.’ She thought with satisfaction. But before she could grab it he slowly parted her lips with his tongue as he started searching for her’s she froze as lust took over she wondered if a man could make her feel this much from a simple kiss what could he do more. She reached up again and pulled him closer as they started winding thier tongues together. Slowly one of his hands reached down as colette quickly with ligtning speed opened da holder from her thigh and put it in a inner fold of her dress which was specially designed for a kill. His hand started caressing her inner thighs while his lips were still on hers. She could feel his hands move torturesly on her thighs her pussy was trebling as she started groning. John loved how she groned for him, he slowly parted their long kiss to take her dress off showing her hard erect nipples from her flimsy bra. He started kissing her neck delighted by the moans as he realized that he found her plesure spot. He kept sucking and biting her neck as he unhooked her bra. She then started unbuttoning his shirt probably annoyed by da contrast of clothing. When the shirt was off she started sliding her hands on his toned hairless chest. He then picked her up talking her to his bedroom. Before falling on the bed she quickly took his pants off. He was almost shocked at the speed. He put his hand into her panties, it was clean, no hair he was rather pleased, ‘it has been long’ he said in his mind. slowly sliding his finger on the slit of her wet pussy making her moan more as she finally took her hand and guided his finger in. John was more than delighted to oblige. He took the piece of lace off and threw it away. His other hand lazily played with her right nipple as his finger went deeper and deeper. She followed with an orgasm and screamed as John’s finger got wet. Colette didn’t plan on going this far but the pleasure was too irresistable. She didn’t hesitate to jump into dangerous territory as she knew it would be worth it. All of her thoughts were forgotten when she climaxed on his finger and she squeezed her thighs together. She refused to let go as tried to pull his finger out squiting her eyebrows in disapproval and moaning. “shh!” He whispered in her ears, the voice shocked her. “I want you so damn bad, you are so special I havn’t felt like this after just meeting someone. Oh! I want you so bad.” His whispers made her shiver. ‘God his voice was seducing’ she thought as goosebumbs formed all over her body. After saying that his face slowly went down as she could feel his warm breathe on her chest, then stomach as he sat between her legs slowly licking her inner thighs as she hissed. He then slowly slid his tongue on her pussy lips sucking the juices. ‘God she was wet’ he thought with pride. He slowly parted the lips and slid her tongue in to her clit which he started flicking and licking with his tongue. As he sucked he kept hearing her hiss and say his name as she played with his hair. He got turned on just listening to her, and he realized he still had his boxers on. He let it stay as he wanted her to take them off. “Oh god, yessss come on john oh yeah!” Was all she could say she was almost blinded by the orgasm she finally got. John quickly put his tongue inside her hole sucking her juices. She could hear him slurp as he relished her pussy. He finally took his tongue out. “God you taste good!” He grinned. Se could just hum in gratitude as she was incapable of talking in the after effects of the orgasm.He slowly started coming up till his eyes met hers. She reached down and in the process of taking his boxers of tore it away and threw it in the corner. “Well aren’t you strong and impatient.” He whispered in her ears again. “I’m gonna take my time with you.” “please don’t.” Her voice was like music to his ears. He felt his already hard cock getting harder as he said, “Yes ma’am.” He slowly positioned his dick on her pussy lip sliding his dick on top of it. “Come on John fuck me, why are you torturing me. Just fuck me god damn it!” He intended to keep it up a little longer but he couldn’t anymore if his touch was getting her on. Her voice was doing the same to him. So without waiting any longer he slowly plunged his cock in her pink swollen pussy. Slowly inch by inch he started pushing it in afraid he would hurt her but looking at her face all he could see was desire. She slowly wrapped her long legs around his waist and him in with a huge thrust. She screamed with pain and plesure as she climaxed the third time tonight, her finger nails bit into his back, he pleased that she could take his whooping 10 inches in at once. He kissed her passionatly as she kissed back with thrust. Slowly he removed his cock then outting it ih again with a little thrust. as they both had an immense orgasm and he shot his load inside her. Some of it overflowed and fell on the sheets and in her thighs. They both moaned as he went on shooting his cum inside her tight wet pussy. When he was finally clean he fell on top of her as her hard nipples squeezed on his chest. He slowly took his now soft dick out of her and lay beside her when they finally fell asleep in eachothers arms. ******** As john woke up the light from one uncovered side the window almost blinded him. He planned on going out for the morning leaving her there till she went away. The last thing he needed was comitment. Even though they connected in a way very new to him. As he was getting up he felt something heavy on his lower chest. He slowly slid up his head to realize that colette was sleeping on him, her face not facing his. As he tried to get up she shifted and moaned facing him now. She looked so peaceful in her sleep almost like a baby. John found himself searching for reasons to stay. ‘I can’t leave I get up or move her and she’ll wake up and it would be more awkward. It’s better he stayed he would think of some excuse later. Pleased with an excuse he gently stroked his hands through her hair as she smiled in her sleep. “What is happening to me?”, He mumbled slightly annoyed. ‘since when have I become this mushy?’ He wondered. All thoughts were forgotten when he heard her say his name in sleep. He smiled. He knew he would regret this but he really didn’t mind. Colette woke up with a huge smile on her face then she looked into those beautiful brown eyes. Then she realized what she had done. “I’m sorry.” She said as she realized her head was on top of him. She rested beside him as she tried to locate last nights events. ‘How the fuck could I do this’ I shouldn’t have waited’ she thought. She cursed herself for letting her desire get the better of her. Thank god he didn’t leave like many others or she would be screwed. But why he actually didn’t leave colette couldn’t say. She smiled at him as she stretched in the bed. She got up and went to the bathroom. “The toothbrushes are in the drawer under the basin”, he said loud enough to be heard by her. “Okie dokie.” He heard from the bathroom. He pictured her ass as she walked to the bathroom. It was amazing; tight and round. He remembred fondling it as last night’s events rushed into his head. He could feel himself getting hard under the sheet. He got up and put his boxers on to risk embaressment. As soon as she came out he rushed in. She didn’t miss the sight of a tent in his pants. She couldn’t help grinning as she thought it might be for her. She went into the living room and quickly fixed her holder to her thigh like before and put the dress on. He grabbed her from the back and suprised her. She couldn’t look at him not till she had to. “I enjoyed last night so much.” He said in her ears. She finally turned around and smiled weakily. Guilt was taking over her for the first time for killing an assignment, a man. “Whats wrong?” he said concerned. She nodded a no and smiled. He looked at her with those worried eyes which slowly turned soft as he leaned in to kiss her. This was it. She slowly took the knife out turning it around in one hand efficently to grab the handle. As he leaned for a deeper kiss she was fighting her tears and then when he parted his lips he began to say something but before he could she pluned the knife deep into his back. He tried to scream but couldn’t as tears started rolling down both of their eyes. He grabbed her hair with his bloody hands which e used to touch the wound. She held him up with all her strength as he kissed her on her lips and blood rushed into her mouth, his blood. She stared in disbelief. ‘Why would the guy kiss someone who killed him?’ Then she heard mumbled his last words, she heard it but she just didn’t wanna believe what he said. As he lied there she reached for her phone and she called max. “It’s done.” Before he could reply she cut the line staring at the man who had touched her in many ways. She wished things were diffrent, she wished she wasn’t what she was, she wished she wasn’t given this assignment, she wished he hadn’t done what he had that made her do this, she wished they met in some other universe where everything was perfect. Tears started rolling down her cheeks again as she sat there and finally all she could think of was her own voice and it saying “I’ll take sixty.”

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