sister want to get pregnant for her birthday

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my sister birthday was comming soon so i call her and ask what she needed she said that she wanted to try and get pregnant on her birthday she ask if she could come over to see me yea i say

so a hour later she shows up and come in as im cooking food she ask if i would come into my bedroom for amins so i go in she standing there naked and said i want you to fuck me for my birthday i look at her as she grabs my cock and started sucking it i play with her small tits and kiss her i lower my face down to her cunt started to lick her sweet pussy as she cums in my face and my cock is hard i stand up i push her on the bed and i push my cock all the ways into her hot pussy i fuck my sister all day and half the night cumming in her pussy about forthy times that day she said i hope that she gets pregnant because her boyfriend can’t get the job done they being trying for three years so i pound her pussy hard ad deep as i fill her full of cum again before she left she ask if i would fuck her till she get pregnant yea why not sis ill be happy to fuck her hot pussy anytime but i want some of your asshole nexttime ok she said ill be here to night for you brother

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