Submissive number party

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Part One:

I’m with my good friend Karen at her house sharing a movie and we’ve known each other for years. Never been anything but friends but she is quite attractive. We are a bit older in our 50’s but she still looks 35. She is a tiny bit overwieght or what most might call pleasantly plump. Thats just perfect for me. Very juicy that way. She does have a boyfriend though and shes told me some of their escapades. Steve is about my size and age but from what I’ve been told by Karen his cock is about 7-1/2 inches. I’m pitiful compared to that. I used to be a solid 6″ but after prostate surgery I seem to have shrunk to about 5″ and its a bit embarrassing. I’ve never told her how much I’d like to be her sex slave if only in the moment. I’m not one to have that personality in real time but my fantasys revolve around being submissive in sex. I’m very much an oral person and love to eat pussy. Even love eating ass if its nice and clean because I enjoy the moans of pleasure I can produce with my tongue. Most women have never had the pleasure of having their assholes licked. And I know firsthand how good it can feel cause there was that rare time when another woman rimmed me. I was in heaven as she licked my ass and balls.
Anyway, we sitting there when Steve came by and said he had some friends that had invited him and Karen to a private party on the other side of town and that I was welcome to come along if I wanted. He said there would be dinner served and plenty of drinks. Sounded good to me. Maybe I’d meet some gal there and hook up. It was only 6:00 pm and the party wouldn’t be in full swing until at least 9 so we could have a couple of drinks and shower before we left.
We arrived at the party around 9:15 and cars were parked everywhere outside. It was quite a large house at the edge of town and at the end of private road in the foothills of the mountains. I was introduced to Jane and Richard who owned the house and was ushered into a very large foray lit by a large crystal chandalier and looking forward stairs on each side of the entryway leading upstairs. Very luxurious. I was standing on imported Greek marble flooring. Jane looked elegant with a long flowing red silk dress as Richard was more casual in more like a golf shirt and slacks.
We were led inward where to the left was apparently their great room and boy it was great alright. Must have been over 1,000 sq ft all by itself. It was lined with comfy soft leather sofas and recliners all over the room and centered with a giant screen 80 some odd inch flat screen hanging in the center of the room. A giant fluffy biege rug covered the center of the room and in one corner was an odd sight. A 12 x 12 plastic tarp with an 8′ kiddy pool in the middle. I had no idea what that was for but I’m sure I would later find out.
On one wall a large fireplace was lit as the crackling fire lit most of the room as the other lighting was very low. Kind of romantic in a way. There was a large bar in a side room right next to the great room where everyone was helping themselves with freepour. The 3 of us made our way there and made our drink of choice and proceeded back into the great room. Other people had arrived and introduction made. There was Gloria and Mark, Pam and Anthony, Gene and Annette and lastly Sam and Amanda. So, 6 couple and myself so far. Soon though, Stephanie, Rhonda and Maria arrived. All were very hot looking. As we proceeded to sip our drinks dinner was served in a large dining room in another area of this vast house. Fillet mignon, baked potatoes, vegetables and dessert was served.
After we retreated back to the great room, Jane announced that tonight would be special. She passed around a bowl and told everyone to take a piece of paper from inside the bowl. It was a folded piece of paper with a number. She instructed nobody to open it until everyone had a number. Then everyone opened it and checked out their number. Mine was 9, All told we had 16 numbers amongst us all. She said that is our number for the night. She then produced another bowl and said that she and Richard would alternate drawing a number from the bowl. Jane said that the numbers they had drawn will represent the number of the guests that will be the submissives to everyone else for the night. There would be 4 subs total. Immediatly I had a pang of excitement if not fear that my number would be called. They took turns calling out the numbers.
Jane read off the numbers 2, 14, then 11 and you guessed it…9. I felt a slight panic inside cause I wasn’t sure how this worked. What exactly did “submissive to others” mean? Well, as Jane put it, we submissives were to obey every command of the other guests without question. If however we were that uncomfortable we could opt out which meant we also could not participate in anything else and a cab would be called to take us home. Turns out the other subs were, aside from myself, was Gloria, Amanda and Gene. Jane then told everyone to get comfortable. Almost immediatly clothes were dropping all over the place. Jane had us subs in one place and said “well, what are you waiting for?” remove your clothes. Everyone in the room had a variety of body shapes and sizes but none repulsive. Alot of us guys had the gut going on but not all. Those in their 30’s were just starting to have alittle of that but overall it was a good mix.
Almost right away I saw Stephanie pointing her finger at me crooking it to come to her. She was in one of the recliners but not reclined. I came to her and watched her as she fingered your juicy pussy. She pointed to the floor and commanded me to eat her. I didn’t hesitate. I dropped to my knees in front of her and pulled her to the edge of the seat. Using my thumbs I spread her lips and leaned it and slowly began licking her lips up one side and down the other. I even dipped down far enough for my tongue to pass over her asshole. When I did that she grabbed my head and held it so would continue to pleasure her ass. She then pulled me by the hair back up to her pussy pushing herself hard into my face. I stuck my tongue inside her as far as I could. Then began to suck her clit while using 2 fingers to curl upwards inside her to stimulate her G-spot. She shuddered as a large squirt of juice blasted into my mouth as I hungrily swallowed all she gave me. I drank mouthful after mouthful of her juice as she came several times. She smiled and was tired as I watched as Richard came up beside the chair and stuck his hardend cock in her mouth. I moved away and saw that Gloria was sucking Sam. She looked sideways with his cock in her mouth and motioned me over. She took Sams cock out of his mouth and told me to suck it. I had never sucked cock before but did as I was told which turned her on even more as she pushed my head down on him

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