Surprise Party Part 2

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I awoke awhile later to take a pee and Jim wasn’t in bed with us. On the way to the bathroom I looked out by the pool and he was down there swimming. So when I got back into bed I snuggled up to my hubby and started kissing him all over. I could tell he was awake but he was acting like he was asleep so I let him. I took my time kissing, licking, teasing him. I finally took him into my mouth and sucked him off good. I most of sucked and licked him for 20 minutes until he finally came in side my mouth shooting his cum deep. We kissed for awhile, touching and tasting each other until he finally moved down between my legs and started eating my soaking wet pussy. He starting licking and sucking and finally started fingering me. He was driving me crazy. When I finally came he licked every bit of cum from my pussy making me a very satisfied lady. He kissed me lovingly and told me to rest that he was going to take a shower.

I heard the shower start up and stared to doze. Then I heard our bedroom door open and there was Jim naked and very hard. He heard the shower running and knew we were alone for awhile. He came over too me and we kissed and he sucked my tits very hard. He loved my to suck on my nipple ring because he knew that it would make me cum and it did. He slid into bed and pulled me on top of him and he told me to fuck him fast and hard. As I slid his cock inside my wet, wanting pussy and took him as deep as I could and fucked him just like he liked it hard and fast. I could feel myself tightening around his huge cock sucking him into me deeper and deeper until I finally came first. Then he pulled out of me and shot his cum all over my tits and stomach knowing how much I like that. I leaned back rubbing his cum all over me loving the feel of warm cum on my body. I opened my eyes and there stood my hubby smiling as he watched us. I gave Jim a kiss and got up and walked over to my hubby and gave him a kiss and told them both that I was taking a shower.

I tool a short shower looking forward to some more greater sex. Bbut when I stepped out of the bathroom I came upon a very good site. My hubby and Jim having sex. I’ve always wanted to see 2 guys doing it and now I had it right in front of me. I slowly walked over to the chair in the corner and sat down. And watched. My hubby was spread eagle on the bed and Jim was giving him a blow job. Jim was really getting into taking him deep inside his mouth. Playing with his balls then he slide 2 fingers in his ass. As he was fingering his ass faster, my hubby told him to suck him faster and faster that we was ready to cum. And Jim did .

I couldn’t believe what I just seen. Jim rolled over and his cock was huge. I seen my hubby lick his lips and knew what he was about to do. I walked over to the bed and asked if I could join them. They both said sure. So both me and hubby stated giving Jim a blow job together taking turns sucking and licking. I let my hubby have him for a while and I sat back and watched him suck Jim off. He would take Jim deep inside his mouth and suck and tease him until I finally had to join in again.(smile) We could tell Jim was getting ready to cum so he told my hubby to bend over and slid his huge cock inside me hubby’s tight ass until he finally exploded.

They were both spent and I was so horny from watching them fuck I told them to lie back and enjoy the show. I got my favorite toy out and started playing with myself. I could tell they both were getting into it because their cocks were starting to swell again. Jim pulled me on top of him and slid his cock inside my pussy as my hubby slid in my ass from behind. They both fucked me hard and fast till all 3 of us came and finally fell sound asleep.

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