The Best Birthday Ever Part 1

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I was coming home from the gym on my 28th birthday when my girlfriend, Mary called me. “Hello baby, I hope you’re on your way I’ve got a special surprise for you.” She said in a sexy voice. “I’m almost there.” I replied, and hung up. Mary was great. She was my age, well 3 months younger. She had blonde hair, great breasts and a tight ass. We had been together for almost a year. The only thing that every made me want to leave Mary, was her hot friend Mandy. They were best friends, and Mandy was just like Mary, but something about her turned me on more then Mary did. Didn’t have time to think about that now, I thought to myself as I pulled into the driveway and made my way up to the door.

I opened the door to find Mary standing in the front hallway. She looked amazing. She had a blue skirt, with white frills at the bottom, and pink and white bra. She began to kiss me. She said “You remember Mandy, don’t you sweet heart?” She asked. “Yes, I remember her.” I replied, leaving out the part about how I jack off to the thought of fucking her in the shower. Then, Mandy steeped out of the living room. My heart skipped a beat. She was a reverse copy of Mary, with a blue and white bra, and a pink and white skirt. “Happy birthday, Frank.” They both said. Mary walked over and took off my sweatpants. My cock was all ready hard as shit, and Mary said, “Let’s go into the kitchen, shall we?” She pulled me by the cock into the kitchen, where she had a bottle of spray icing. She sprayed some on my cock and began her and Mandy began to rub it. “Mmm.” I said, I couldn’t help but moan. They began to lick it all off, and now my cock was even harded. “You must me sweaty after the gym, why don’t we take you upstairs and clean you up.” Mary said.

They pulled me into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I was so turned on. They took off their skirts to reveal pink thong bikinis bottoms, and they pulled me into the rushing water. As I stood letting the water pour over me, they began to wash me with two bars of soap. Rubbing me gently everywhere, it felt so great. Mandy then said, “Could you wash my breasts for me?” I nodded, and took the soap out of her hand. I ripped off her little bra and began to rub her hard tits. She moaned as she massaged her pussy. “Ohhhh, yes squeeze them Frank mmmm!” She cried out. Mary began gving me a slow blowjob. Just as I was about to cum, Mary took it out and turned off the water. They pulled me out of the shower and began to dry me with two warm towels. It felt great to be touched by Mandy, and the towel felt so nice across my cock. “Okay, let’s go watch t.v.” Mary said. I was the horniest man alive at that moment.

They brought me downstairs, and they tied me to my favorite chair, and instead of facing the T.V. they faced it to the couch. “What are you girls up to.” I asked They didn’t answer but instead took off the rest of their clothes. They began caressing each other. Kissing and massaging each others pussies. I wanted to jack off so bad, but they had tied me up tight. They were going to torment me with this. They laid down on the couch in the 69 position and began to lick each others pussys. It was beautiful. Then I heard the door bell. “Oh, that must be the other two guests.” Mary said. She went to answer the door and Mandy and I were alone. I stared at her breasts, which she hadn’t bothered to dry after the shower, and my cock got even harder. She walked oven to her bag and pulled out a mini back massager. She walked over to me and began to stroke me, and rub her breasts against my dick. She they rubbed the massager against the tip of my dick. It felt so good. “I want my cock in that sweet pussy of yours, Mandy.” I said. “All in good time.” She replied, and winked at me.

Mary returned to the living room, now with a pair of shorts and an under shirt on. She straddled me and began to whisper in my ear. “Frank, my second of three special birthday presents is ready.” She said naughtily. “What is it?” I demanded. “My cousins are here, you know Caroline and Megan, and they just turned eighteen. They want to lose their virginity to you, baby.” I couldn’t believe what was happening. The two cousins Mary was referring to were the hottest teens I had ever met. They were twins and their breasts were as big as Mary’s and their Asses just as nice. They both had long brown hair, and I couldn’t believe they were still virgins. As I was thinking this, they came in. The first one Caroling, had a red bra and thong set on and Megan had an undershirt and a light blue g-string. Her hard pink nipples shown trough the undershirt and I was more horny they ever. “You have to fill all of us up before you can leave this room.” Mary said. “Oh god.” I said, I was incredibly excited, looking around at the four girls I had with me. I went to work on the twins first.

I started with caroling on the couch. She didn’t know what to do and was nervous. “Be hard on her, Frank, she can take it.” Mary said. Mandy showed her the doggy style position and I got up on the couch. I pulled down her thong and so the wettest pussy I had ever seen. I fingered it to start. “Ohhhhhhhhh!” Caroline moaned. I windened the hole a little and then slammed my cock in it. “Owwwww!” She screamed, have in pain have in pleasure. I didn’t slow down but went harder. It felt so great. I exploded quickly in her. She moaned so much. Now these girls had the task of getting my horny again for the rest of them.

Mandy and Mary went upstairs to get another part of my gift, and Megan went to go clean up, cause she had been fingering herself to her sister and I’s fuck. So me and caroline were left alone. “Sorry if I went to hard.” I said. “It’s okay, I need to make it wider anyway.” She replied. She bent over to get something out of her purse, and I began to lick here sweet pussy. I was horny again. “Mmmm yes Frank, 69 right now.” She said stroking my wet with cum cock. She licked it and carresed it and took it in her mouth. She stuck it all the way in her throat and gagged. She took it out and took her pussy back. “Sorry, I just can’t do it.” She said, he head hanging. “You can do it, try again I said. I put my hands on her head and shoved my cock in her mouth. She gagged and moaned but I didn’t let her stop. I filled her throat with cum and she whined with discomfort. “Swallow it!” I said. She cried, but finally forced my load down.
“Thank you for forcing me to do that, I needed to learn.” She said pulling her thong back on. “My pleasure.” I replied.

Mary and Mandy returned with French maid outfits on. They both had little dusters in their hands and they began to tickle my cock with them. It felt great to have them over me. I found myself staring at Mandy’s boobs again. There was something about them that made me so horny. The two twins cam over and helped them get my cock hard again. They all started kissing. It didn’t matter who just all these girls kissing turned me on so much. I was ready again.

Megan was up next. She pulled off her g-string and undershirt and got ready for me to ride her. I began rubbing her pussy with my hand, it was warm and so wet. I slammed my rock hard cock into her and she whined with pain and pleasure. “Ohhhh god Frank, ohhh yess, fuck me, yes mm mm mm mm ohhh!” She was loving every time I slammed it in, but could she take it deeper? I rammed it in as deep as I could. “Owwww, Frank ohhh!” She orgasmed all over my cock. But I hadn’t cum yet and Mary said “Fill her with cum!” I went faster, Megan couldn’t take the pleasure. “Ohhhhhhhh yes ohhhhh.” I leaned down and licked her nipples, and she gasped with pleasure. I shot my load, and that was only the first part of my night.

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  1. Truly excellent. Superb story. Please continue.

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