The fantasy that won’t go away

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This story is unfinishes but im eager to know what people think so far,

This is a story about me, Belle, I’m 25 and 5’9 with short black hair and greeny-blue eyes with a slender figure and perky tits, I’m married with two beautiful children – OK so what I should have said is I USED to have a slender figure and perky tits but i’ve had two kids, I have a very handsome, wonderful, caring, hard-working husband and we have a great sex life – Life is good I’ve got everything I ever wanted and more, so why is all my waking hours are spent fantasising about being fucked by another woman?.
I’ve done everything I can to get it out of my system i’ve fucked my husband to the point of exhaustion.
I’m masturbating to the point were it has got sore but the pain is just making me want it more and more, its all I think about day and night, the feel of a woman’s touch, what she would smell like and taste like and and how her fingers would feel deep inside me.
but im getting carried away here, I obviously cant act on my feelings, can I? I’ve got to much to loose.

So my solution? Talk my husband into a threesome? Yes.
I am well aware it could ruin our relationship and I don’t want that to happen and I don’t particularly want to see him fuck another woman but I cant be greedy and have her all to myself
but I have to have this experience I need to feel free again and get these thoughts out of my head because its driving me crazy, I am lusting beyond the point of healthy lust
im walking around in a constant state of horniness all day, needing to change my panties two or three times a day from the wetness that’s constantly dripping from me,
but how do I approach the subject? Then I though what man doesn’t want to see his wife getting hot and steamy with another woman,
it was late at night and the kids were finally asleep, we were laying in bed smoking a joint and I puff puffed and passed it to him,
he’s listening to music and totally in his own world, I exhale and take a deep breath “I wanna get fucked by another woman” I said casually
“yea” he replied obviously not paying attention to what I was saying,
I lay there staring at the ceiling “I wanna have her sit on my face and make me eat her pussy” I said honestly even surprising myself and johnny started coughing, I had said it just as he had taken a draw,
he got his breath back and looked at me, he has such a cheeky smile when you can see it through his beard, he has long hair too he looks like a 60’s hippy and with the cloud of smoke that’s normally surrounding us we would have fit in perfectly back then.
“are you serious” he said surprised “yea” I said sheepishly, im not normally shy and im certainly not a prude but im not normally this forward either
“how long have you been keeping that one to yourself?” he said laughing “I do really want to though huny” I said ” how would you feel about having a threesome?” I asked ” do you really need to ask me that?” he said as he put the ashtray down and pulled the covers off me revealing that I only had on panties
” what else do you want this woman to do exactly?” he asked as he kissed my neck, then the cheeky grin appeared on my face, I could never do dirty talk and he knew it I just felt ridiculous saying it out loud but I loved hearing it, and he knew that to
” so what exactly do you want this woman to do to you?” he asked again and I sat up laughing, he grabbed my tits and pushed me down on the bed he held me down and ripped off my panties with one hand feeling how wet they were, I wasn’t laughing any-more I loved it when he got rough with me.
We fucked for ages the whole time I was thinking about another woman being there making me do things to her and to him, I pictured her eating my pussy as I sucked on johnny’s big dick, I pictured her fucking my pussy with a strap-on as johnny fucked my ass, I was mega high and in my own little world as johnny licked my pussy for what seemed like hours I was imagining him being a girl and I had the most intense orgasm I had had in months he slipped his fingers inside me curled them up and fucked me real hard and made me squirt all over his hand and face it was incredible, I lay there breathless as johnny rolled another one and we lit up, “what were you thinking about?” he asked curiously, I admitted I was picturing him being a girl licking my pussy, “with this beard?” he said jokingly “with my eyes closed I can imagine anything” I said as I took a puff.
After our smoke we got cleaned up and changed the sheets and went to sleep well johnny went to sleep anyway I lay there stroking my pussy it was still burning and throbbing and I needed a release before I could sleep so I got up slowly trying not to wake johnny who was already snoring and took my vibrator to the bathroom.
I lay back in the bath and slipped the vibrator inside me nice and deep and switched it on slowly fucking myself with it and rubbing my clit I took it out of me and sucked my juices off of it as I rubbed myself hard I loved the taste of my pussy and it wasn’t long before I was cumming again.

So now what, were do we find a willing girl? We have went through all the woman we know and none of them are quite what we’re looking for so were are we gonna find this girl? Thank god for the internet is all I can say, We finally get a night together when the kids are both sleeping early – which doesn’t happen very often and we begin to trawl through the many sites that claim they have what we’re looking for just to be disappointed when we realise their talking bullshit. But then a glorious thing happened we found a site and found a girl we liked so we messaged her explaining what we were looking for and then waited and waited and waited and then Woohoo! She replied and she was interested so we made plans to meet at a hotel in the city the following night, “now to find a babysitter!” I said excitedly to johnny, we got my niece to come up and look after the kids, I said to johnny I wanted to get to the hotel early so I could get ready and have a nice long bath and a few smokes to chill me out because I was nervous as hell I had just got out the bath as the door went, me and johnny stared at each other for a few seconds I could tell he was as nervous as I was, I wrapped a towel around myself and answered the door and there she was!

She was gorgeous she had shoulder length blonde hair and stunning blue eyes, her lips looked so kissable she had the perfect boobs I was hoping she would not to big and not to small, she was thin and gorgeous and I wanted her! she was wearing a suit just like a asked her to, I have a thing for women in suits looking all powerful and cute, she had a face that look so sweet and innocent but a glint in her eyes that let me know she wasn’t as innocent as she seemed, and she smiled a perfect smile at me as I invited her in, “nice to meet you she said as she put her bag down, she noticed the smell of weed and asked if we has some smoke to which johnny gladly lit up and passed to her.
I excused myself tot he bathroom and closed the door I was staring in the mirror looking at myself and thinking are you really gonna do this? then Knock Knock Knock the door opened and she came into the bathroom and closed the door behind her and leaned against it looking at me. She moved towards me and slipped her arms round my waist and kissed me softly on the back of my neck, “don’t be so nervous baby” she whispered to me, ” I promise i’ll be gentle” she said with a giggle, gentle is that last thing I wanted her to be.

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