The Math Teacher


Jimmy sat in the front row of his algebra class, not because he was an especially good student, but because he liked to look at his teacher’s crotch. His math teacher was a tall, handsome man with broad, powerful shoulders and narrow hips. Jimmy figured that the man’s cock and balls must be huge because they made such an enormous bulge in the front of his pants. He could not keep his eyes off of it. The man’s genitals were particularly noticeable when he hiked up his pant leg and sat on the edge of his desk. It transfixed the boy.

Jimmy was 18 years old and had had sex with girls on a few occasions, but he was still fascinated by the mysteries of the adult male anatomy, and he found his algebra teacher particularly intriguing.

One day Jimmy was sitting in his usual spot in the front of the room gazing dreamily at Mr. Curry’s crotch when one of his classmates tried to sneak in late. On the first day of class Mr. Curry made it quite clear that he would not tolerate students getting to class late. It was fairly early in the year and no one had yet put this particular rule to the test.

“Hold it right there, son.” Mr. Curry’s voice was low and menacing. The boy froze in his tracks.

“What time does class start?” The teacher’s face was impassive, but his eyes flashed.

“Ten o’clock, sir,” replied the boy in a sheepish voice. “I’m sorry I’m late. I…”

“I don’t want to hear any excuses,” said Mr. Curry cutting him off. “What time is it now?”

“Five after, sir.” The boy was trembling.

“It is now nine minutes after ten. It was eight minutes after ten when you came through the door. You are late.” The teacher’s voice was a low rumble deep in his chest.

“Come here, Justin.” The man beckoned the boy to the front of the room. Justin, tall and lanky in faded jeans and tank top, approached the teacher hesitantly. Mr. Curry placed a large, flat, muscular hand on the boy’s shoulder and drew him to his side.

“Punctuality, Justin, is one of the many implicit contracts we make in life. You have an agreement to be on time, and I expect you to keep your word. I expect all of my students to keep their word. If you learn nothing in my class, you will learn the value of keeping your word.”

Mr. Curry kneaded the muscles of the boy’s neck as he lectured the class.

He turned slowly to face the boy at his side.

“Bend over the desk, Justin, and get ready to take your punishment. I will give you eight swats on the seat of your pants, one for each minute you were late.”

The boy was surprisingly docile for a kid his size. He allowed himself to be positioned over the desk in profile to the rest of the class. He waited passively for the teacher to retrieve his paddle from the bottom drawer. The boy trembled slightly, and perspiration formed on his upper lip.

“Take everything out of your back pockets,” ordered Mr. Curry as he stepped up behind the boy. Justin reached behind him and pulled a fat leather wallet from the tight rear pocket. His jeans were old and worn through at the knee and across the buttocks. A glimpse of white cotton underpants flashed through the holes.

Without warning, Mr. Curry planted an explosive crack on the boy’s tight, round bottom. The full, flat surface of the finished-oak paddle landed squarely across the fleshiest part of the boy’s upturned buttocks. Justin yelped more in surprise than in pain at the sudden impact of the wooden paddle across his bottom. His classmates stared in mute fascination.

The second swat cracked down from shoulder height in a full-arm swing that landed in the exact same spot as the first. Justin grunted in pain and lurched forward from the impact, squeezing his eyes shut and gritting his teeth.

Jimmy had a front-row seat for the show. He was shocked and fascinated by what he saw, and was surprised that he did not feel the least bit of sympathy for the kid getting paddled. He drank in the sight of the tall muscular teacher standing solid and athletic behind the boy who presented his tender bottom to be punished. The teacher’s firm domination of the boy bent over before him held a magnetic attraction for the boy in the front row.

The next crack of the paddle jarred Jimmy out of his reverie. Justin gasped with pain at the mighty impact of the flat wooden instrument and gripped the edges of the desk with white knuckles. His upper lip trembled, and he looked like he wanted to cry. The next blow landed as unerringly as the others, and caused the boy to arch his back with an upward jerk of the head.vbcrlfvbcrlfJustin studied his math teacher wonderingly. The large man’s face was square and the jaw was set in concentration. His dark eyes sparkled. Inadvertently, Jimmy ran his gaze down the man’s strong chest and abdomen and glanced at his crotch. Mr. Curry always wore baggy, gray pleated trousers that normally camouflaged his genitalia fairly well. But, to Justin’s astonishment, he could see the unmistakable outline of the man’s growing arousal.

Again the crack of the paddle shocked the boy back to his senses. The last few blows were administered with deliberate accuracy on the round lower portions of the boy’s bubble butt. Justin was clearly crying, but otherwise took his punishment well. When the paddling was over, he solemnly returned to his seat rubbing his butt gingerly and brushing the tears from his eyes.

Jimmy was highly aroused by what had taken place before him, and stared unabashedly at his teacher’s swollen crotch. He was stimulated in a way he had never before experienced. His face was flushed and his own ass began to tingle mysteriously.

Suddenly, he was aware that Mr. Curry was watching him. He looked up to catch the large man’s level gaze regarding him coolly.

“Get back to work, Jimmy. Unless you would like a taste of what Justin just received.”

Jimmy looked down quickly, his face burning with embarrassment, and busied himself aimlessly with the work on his desk.

Later that week, Jimmy was out running an errand for his mother. It was late in the evening, and most of the shops were closed. It had rained that afternoon and the pavement glistened under the winking neon lights of the business district. The downtown area was fairly run down with a number of sleazy-looking places lining the street. Jimmy slowed his pace as he passed the adult book store. He lingered, gazing into the shop window, and marveled at what he saw.

Gradually, he became aware of the sound of distant footsteps as they approached along the rain-slicked street. He stiffened a little and surreptitiously monitored the reflection of the approaching figure in the shop window. It was a large man with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. He was wearing a dull, black leather jacket and a black leather motorcycle cap. His long legs moved easily in tight, faded jeans. Despite the hour, the man was wearing reflective aviator glasses. He looked tough and self-assured. With a start, Jimmy realized who it was that approached behind him.

Mr. Curry!

He hunched his neck down into his shoulders and turned up his collar. For reasons he could not explain, Jimmy did not want to be recognized by this confident (and somehow dangerous looking) denizen of the night.

To Jimmy’s relief, the large man walked briskly by, unconcerned, as if he had not even noticed that the boy existed, and disappeared around the corner. The boy felt a inexpiable sense of guilt, and his first impulse was to run home. But his curiosity got the better of him. Silently, he hurried after the large man in leather and was in time to catch a glimpse of him as he turned into the doorway of a seedy, run-down building.

Jimmy crept up to the doorway and noticed that it was slightly ajar. Cautiously, he peeked inside. The air was rank and thick with cigarette smoke. There was a heavy, organic odor that permeated the place. It was dimly lit and appeared to be some sort of club. Jimmy could hear muffled sounds coming from further inside. Nervously, he slipped through the door.

No one seemed to be around, so Jimmy inched his way along a narrow corridor toward the source of the noise. As he drew nearer, he could make out the unmistakable sounds of men engaged in heavy exertion. A little further along, Jimmy could see a doorway and was sure that that was where the sounds originated. His heart pounded and his stomach tightened into a knot as he drew closer. He held his breath and peeked his head around the doorjamb.

The shock that he experienced at the sight that met his eyes took Jimmy’s breath away. There was a naked man suspended from the ceiling in the center of the room. Chains were attached to the ceiling that held up a short leather hammock. The sling cradled the naked man’s back and hips. His hands and his feet were secured by leather cuffs to each of the four chains. This arrangement forced his legs apart and held both his arms and legs fully extended and straight up in the air. A second man, who was naked except for a leather vest, was positioned between the man’s legs and was thrusting his hips violently, fucking him in the ass!

The young boy at the door was mesmerized. He had never seen anything to match the sordid spectacle that was occurring before him. Sweat glistened on the naked flesh of the men as they grunted and moaned in the violent intensity of their coupling. A circle of dark figures watched, furtively masturbating in the shadows. Jimmy noticed in one panicky instant that his own cock had grown to full erection. Carefully, the boy backed away from the door, his head spinning with intoxication and his nostrils alive with the smell of sex and danger.

Suddenly, Jimmy was grabbed from behind. A powerful masculine arm encircled his waist while a second arm choked him around the neck. The man held him immobilized in a bear-like grip as he whispered in the terrified boy’s ear:

“Well now, what have we here?” Jimmy recognized the voice of his math teacher instantly. “Who could this young man be who so brazenly intrudes into places that he would do well to avoid?”

Mr. Curry’s voice was soft and low, and his lips brushed lightly against the boy’s ear. He loosened the arm that encircled the boy’s waist and snaked his hand down toward his groin. Jimmy gasped involuntarily as Mr. Curry took hold of his genitals and firmly massaged the stiff and straining cock.

“So, it seems that little Jimmy has a hard-on,” purred Mr. Curry into the captive boy’s ear.

“Do you like what you see, boy? Do you like to watch men fuck each other in the ass?” He squeezed and kneaded the boy’s genitals insistently.

“Answer me, Jimmy. Do you like what you see?” The man’s voice was irresistible.

“No sir. I’m scared. Please. I just want to go home. Please, sir, if you let me go I won’t tell nobody. No one.”

“I don’t believe you really want to leave, Jimmy.” Mr. Curry’s voice was low and caressing.

“This hard piece of cock I’m holding betrays you. I think the sight of man sex excites you.” Softly he began to nip and lick the boy’s earlobe.

“You’re eighteen, Jimmy. You’re old enough to know your own nature.” Mr. Curry released his grip around the boy’s throat and began to pinch and tweak his hard little nipples through his shirt. A low moan escaped Jimmy’s lips and he relaxed into the large man’s muscular chest.

Gently, but firmly, Mr. Curry guided Jimmy back into the room where the two men were still lost in sexual revelry. Mr. Curry silently walked up behind the man in the vest, pulled him out of the suspended man’s ass and roughly shoved him aside. The man stumbled into the shadows and disappeared.

“Take your clothes off, Jimmy. It’s time you were initiated into manhood.” Jimmy hesitated. He looked searchingly into the handsome teacher’s face and could not bring himself to move.

“It’s okay, son.” The man’s voice was hypnotic. “I can see inside your soul. I know what you are thinking. I noticed you a long time ago staring at my crotch, and I recognized the awakening of your feelings for me. I knew you would find your way here one day.”

“Take off your clothes, Jimmy, and join us.”

Stunned, as if in a drug-induced stupor, the clothes dropped away from Jimmy’s perfect man-boy physique. Tight muscles and thin tendons flexed into relief as he peeled away the last vestige of his clothing. He shivered, naked, before the giant teacher.

“Your body is beautiful, Jimmy. I will show you how to make it sing.”

Once again Mr. Curry moved around behind his trembling student and urged him gently forward. He steered the boy towards the man in the sling and expertly guided the boy’s cock into the hungry asshole suspended before him. The teacher lifted the boy’s arms and placed his hands on the chains above his head. Jimmy stood motionless with his cock up the man’s ass and his hands gripping the chains for support. Firmly, Mr. Curry took Jimmy by the hips and began to thrust the boy’s pelvis forward into the helpless, upturned ass.

The sensation of his cock sliding in and out of the tight, moist rectum was so intoxicating that Jimmy nearly passed out. He was swept away on a tide of erotic sensation. He felt the powerful hands at his hips drive his aching cock into the tethered man’s asshole. The blood was hot in his face and chest, and the smell of sweating men was heavy in the air. Distantly, he became aware that Mr. Curry had released his grip on his waist as he lost himself in the primitive rhythm of his thrusts.

Soon other hands were upon him, stroking his ass, cupping his balls, and pinching his nipples. It was as if the room were alive with serpents that slithered up and down his naked, trembling body. Hot, wet tongues slurped his armpits and scrotum, and hungry mouths sucked at the base of his neck. Fingers scratched insistently in the hair above his cock and gently probed his tight anus.

Suddenly, two pairs of hands grabbed him at the wrists. He felt the cool stiffness of leather cuffs being applied as it dawned on him what was happening. Before he could react, other hands had applied cuffs to his ankles, chaining them together. Too scared to protest, he stood motionlessly with his fat cock stuffed up the man’s ass.

“This is it, Jimmy. You have now come of age.” Mr. Curry’s voice was soft and reptilian.

“It is no accident that you are here, no coincidence. Your own hidden nature drew you here like a moth to a bonfire.” His breath was hot and dry as it whispered behind his ear. Jimmy’s scrotum tightened with fear.

“This will be a test for you, son, your rite of passage into a new realm of being.”

Out of nowhere, Jimmy felt the crack of a paddle as it landed squarely on his naked bottom. He caught a glimpse of the wooden instrument out of the corner of his eye and recognized it to be the same paddle that Mr. Curry used in his classroom. A second crack of the paddle snapped him out of his revere. It landed exactly in the same spot as the first. The sting was intense, but caused a strange tingling warmth to spread throughout his body. He had never been paddled before, and the sensation was new and exciting. Unconsciously he began to push his cock deeply into the ass before him.

A third crack landed on the other buttock and made him jump. He squeezed his buns together protectively and plowed his cock into the clutching rectum. The swats of the paddle came faster as he began to work himself into a frenzy. He drove his blood-gorged hard-on in and out with loud slurping sounds. Mr. Curry met each backward thrust with a crack of the paddle.

Jimmy abandoned himself to the sensations that assailed him. His naked bottom was on fire. His cock was ready to explode. The swats came harder and faster as he rammed his cock deeper into the yielding ass.

Crack!…He arched his head back and moaned in helpless ecstasy..

.CRACK!…Brutal fingers pinched and chafed his inflamed nipples…CRACK!…A burst of pain mixed with unbearable pleasure exploded like a stars behind his eyes.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!…The spanks came faster…WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!…He couldn’t hold it back any longer. With one final, blistering blow…KER-RACK!…Jimmy let loose in a thundering orgasm. Waves of ecstasy overcame him as he pumped his heavy load deep into the man’s bowels. He slumped forward in exhaustion and allowed himself to be suspended by the cuffs at his wrists. Mr. Curry eased off the speed and force of his blows, but continued to spank the boy’s tomato red bottom with slow, gentle swats.

“Very good, Jimmy. I think you are well on your way.” Mr. Curry dropped the paddle to floor.

Jimmy craned his head back over his shoulder to gaze at his beloved math teacher. His vague, satisfied grin froze stupidly on his face in the sudden, blinding glare of a flashbulb.

“That’s good, Jimmy. Just a few more shots for posterity and we’ll be ready to begin the final phase of your initiation.”

Mr. Curry moved all around the naked, dangling boy snapping pictures with a small camera. Jimmy closed his eyes and tried to hide his shame as he became increasingly aware of the ache and blister of his ravaged bottom.

“These photographs are insurance against the possibility that you might consider telling someone about your little experience here tonight. But, that’s not all I have in store for you, Jimmy. I want to be sure that you will remember tonight for the rest of your life.”

The large man disappeared into the shadows as several of the other men, still naked, helped the man in the sling back to his feet. The man from the sling moved unsteadily over to Jimmy. Without warning, he reared back and slapped the boy’s face with the full force of his open hand and then kissed him roughly on the mouth. The boy’s mind reeled in surprise. His confusion deepened beneath the man’s tender gaze as he gently brushed the sweat-tangled hair from the boy’s forehead and looked deeply into his wounded eyes. After a few moments, he drew silently back and joined the other men half-cloaked in shadows as they formed a circle around the boy.

Suddenly, Mr. Curry reappeared. His face was dark and impassive. He was naked to the waist and wore tight black leather pants. He was magnificent in the dim light. Hard muscles cast deep shadows on his arms and chest. His skin glistened under a thin coat of oil. In his right hand he carried a short riding crop made of braided leather that he tapped absently against his open palm.

“You came here of your own free will, Jimmy, and participated eagerly in our activities. That makes you one of us. You’re young, Jimmy. There is a lot you have to learn. What you have experienced here tonight has put you on the road to an experience of life that few will ever share. Look at me, Jimmy. Tell me if you are willing to take the first step.” He touched the leather whip lightly beneath the boy’s chin and raised his head so that their eyes met.

“I sense a need in you, Jimmy, a need that I can fill. Tell me that you want to be fulfilled.” He held the boy transfixed with steady blue eyes.

“Speak to me, boy. Tell me that you are ready.”

Somewhere, from deep within the boy came his faint, barely audible reply:

“Yes sir, I’m ready.”

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