The Python and the Pizzaboy

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To earn some money as a student Peter used to deliver pizzas in various parts of town. Sometimes he recognized an address from earlier deliveries and this time he knew he was going to his favourite spot, friendly people on a big plot with a swimming pool next to the lane between their gate and the front door. Last time he was there it had been a hot evening and he had wished he could have taken a dive in their pool to cool down. The lady had even pitied him and he could have had his swim if he’d known before. But there were more deliveries waiting for him that should not cool down. She had told him to make sure they were his last address next time when it was hot again and he’d feel like a refreshing dip.
This was just the evening for that and he was well prepared: it was going to be his last delivery, and he had brought his swimming trunks and a towel. Immediately after his ringing, the gate opened by remote control and he was told through the intercom to proceed to the front door. He passed the pool which was covered in darkness and waited for the door to be opened. Next to the door, there was a strip of glass through which he could look into the spacious hallway, which contained a most peculiar piece of art: a huge snake curled right next to the window, with its face in his direction. He remembered having seen it last time from a distance, when it looked pretty dangerous, good to keep thieves away. But now he got face-to-face with it and he wondered what it was made of. The skin seemed far too fuzzy for that of a real snake but what else could it be? Then the lady came, dressed in a most attractive, black cat suit, made of very thin mohair. She opened the door and took his pizzas. “Thanks. How much are they? Wait here in the hall where it’s nice and cool. I’ll get you the money.”
She went inside and after recovering from her enchanting appearance he observed this strange snake more closely. It seemed to be made of a very soft type of wool and he couldn’t resist touching and stroking it. Then he looked inside the mouth and saw that the wool was even more fluffy there. He could easily put his hand inside to feel it. How amazing! The one who made that must have been a very special knitter, he thought.
When the lady came back he hurriedly withdrew his hand and asked her about the artist. She said that her sister had made both her cat suit and this snake. She was quite successful as a mohair knitter and had recently started in more artistic objects as she was getting a bit bored with only sweaters. She explained that this snake had quite some varieties of wool in it, some more shiny and sturdy for the outside, also with a bit of a pattern to make it resemble a real Python, which she had once encountered in the African bush. She had ably included some elastic fibre and rubber bands in the knitting in order to give it more body so that it could be curled up like this without remaining a fluffy flat thing. Her sister had also told her that not only the mouth but also the rest of the inside was made from very Hot Mohair. With this she wanted to pass on the fright she had felt when she saw that long snake moving across her path that could so easily have strangled and swallowed her.
To demonstrate this, the lady took its head and spread the snake’s full length on the floor. Now he could see that it was pretty fat and well over three meters long, he guessed. The lady kept the head in her hand and he could give it a careful stroke before she curled the thing up again next to the front door. He very much felt like cuddling it and asking the lady to curl it up around his body. But he didn’t dare to, what would she think about him?
“And do you have time for a swim this time?” she asked. “Yes madam, thank you. It is hot again. You are my last customer and I got myself well prepared” he said and showed her his bundled towel. “Okay, feel free, have a nice dip and just call me when you are ready to leave. We’ll be inside eating your pizza, because my sister thinks it is too hot outside, even next to the pool.
He quickly went to the pool, changed into his swimming trunk and splashed around for a long time enjoying the mysteriously dark and silent atmosphere, so different from the hot and bustling city. In the end he got out, spread out his towel on some tiles next to the pool and lied down on his belly to get dry. He closed his eyes thinking about the story of the drawing by the Little Prince, which looked like a hat but was a big snake that had eaten an elephant. He still loved that story. He must have dozed away, because he had not been aware of something approaching him over the terrace until it touched his leg. He half-opened his eyes and then saw a very big snake slowly wriggling next to his body and preparing to move across his leg.
“Don’t move!” he heard someone say calmly in the darkness. “It will just slide over you and continue its journey. That is what all snakes do. But if you move it will get scared and bite!” For a few moments he let the creature continue until he realised that this wasn’t real. The skin was not at all that of a snake. Actually, it felt the same as what he had touched in that hallway half an hour or so ago and what he had found so tempting at the time. His first impulse now, was to turn around, sit up and embrace this soft creature. But he didn’t want to make a fool of himself and without moving just said: “Who is teasing me? Trying to scare me?”
Nobody answered and he couldn’t see anybody either. So he decided to let them go on and closed his eyes again. Then he heard a whisper next to his ear: “I am going to sssswallow you right now, little boy. I am very hunggggry and your fleshshshshs is good”. He now felt meters of unreal, hairy snake all over his body and winding itself around his legs. He felt that it was actually holding his feet together in the process. He let it go as this was a most peculiar and exciting sensation. Art in action? Peter turned around on his back to better see what was going on. The snake’s mouth had just got around his feet and stopped there facing him with cruel eyes. Meanwhile, a bit of wind started to blow over the pool, which made the temperature suddenly a bit chilly. Peter really liked his feet being inside that warm woolly beck. He actually wouldn’t mind to have it around his legs. Then the same voice whispered: “Do you like it? To be sssswallowed by me?” And without thinking he said “Yes”. “Then you better hold my head in your hands and pull me up, ssssslowly”. Soon he got some type of grip of the snake’s head and managed to get his legs inside. Soon it got as far as his thighs. Would that mouth be big and elastic enough to fit the broader parts of his body? He had to pull quite hard now, sideways more than towards his trunk, but in the end he managed. He had to wriggle himself, to allow the snake’s skin to creep up evenly all around him and the warmth inside was delightful and overwhelming. Slowly he brought the mouth closer to his face. He stopped pulling when it reached his arm-pits, not knowing how to proceed. All he could do is pull up the lower part of the snake until his toes had reached the tail end. And he revelled the warmth and tickle of the thick and very tight wool around his body.
This was also the moment he could see two dark figures kneeling on either side of him. One must be the lady in her thin, black, hairy catsuit. The other seemed even more fluffy and she caressed his arms and face with her soft tickling sleeve, whispering in her hissing voice: “Just stretch your arms above your head and I’ll sssswallow your head and shouldersssssss!” He did and within a second the snake’s jaws had gone around his face and he disappeared in darkness while he felt how his arms, hands and in the end his fingertips became slowly enclosed by the soft and warm material. Even though he could not spread his legs and arms more than a few inches and less than a minute each time because of the strength of the elastic, he really felt comfortable inside breathing hot air through the wool. He even started wriggling purely from delight.
It was strange now hearing the same voice from inside: “You have become my new muscle power, go!” But how should he know where to go without seeing, not falling inside the pool and not able to get on two legs or arms? Poor Peter had to learn the movements of a snake from scratch and must have wasted a lot of energy wriggling away in the direction chosen beyond his control by the snake’s head or whoever was pulling it. After what seemed like hours he found himself in a somewhat uneasy curl and the head said:”It is nice to be back on guard near the front door”. After an increasingly painful hour or so Peter heard the lady coming, talking to her sister: “Your snake is doing very well here, next to the door. I think it’s very good against burglaries. How many of them have you sold so far?”
Inside, Peter imagined the two ladies in black standing there right next to him. He moaned and made some uneasy wriggles.
“Half a dozen. It now takes me just a few days to make one and they sell very well through ebay. People are really bidding and competing for them” I heard the other lady’s voice. “But do you always keep it there? I think that’s boring. There is so much more you can do with it, especially when there is nobody else at home haha. Come, let me show you!”
And there they went while Peter felt the snake’s head (with his hands inside) being pulled aside and he tried to wriggle with the rest of his body in the same direction. After a while they stopped and at last he could lay stretched on his back and relax.
“First of all you should know that snakes have organs and need to go to the toilet once in a while, just like humans”, the other lady said. Peter felt some fiddling around his crotch, which was quite exciting. Then he heard and felt something like a zip being opened and soon his little friend jumped out and the ladies laughed. “Did you know it was a male snake? And did you give it any potty training?” the other lady asked.
“So let’s do it now” And he had to turn around to get on his knees and put his willy above a pot. Actually, the timing wasn’t very bad and he felt rather relieved after that.
“Okay and did you ever make love with a snake? I guess you never even thought of it, silly girl. But I’ll show you how. It can be real fun. You know, my snakes have another organ somewhere here.” And she fiddled around where Peter’s head was, finding another zip and opening it right over his mouth. “This is where you can feed the snake if it has swallowed something that is too big to digest and blocking its throat, as I guess it has just done. I think it’s that poor little pizza man of yours, haha!” She put a left-over of their evening meal through the opening right into Peter’s mouth and closed the zip. “So now I’ll take your guard snake to my bedroom. If you like you may watch me turning it into a love snake”.
So she did and poor Peter had a lot of work to do upstairs to meet the desires of both sisters, which he enjoyed much more than being curled up on guard.

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  1. binkey

    I liked this story but wished it had continued longer into the sisters enjoyment.

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