underage part 1

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I was almost a middle age reporter, checking out a story in east africa about womens sexual freedom. My driver tried 6 hotels, before we found a seedy looking place, dropping me off as a 35 year old woman looked at me up and down, before leaning over to reveal two large breasts, without a bra. her eye were knowing, as she willingly let me see her naked breasts, asking me to fill out my name and passport number, while she leaned on her hand, breasts and nipples clearly showing. after she asked me what i was doing here, she made sure my bags were lifted, and led me to my room. she briefly told me about it, as i lay on the bed, she said “anything else”

“no” i said, i’m tierd, and want to rest. i had almost forgotten to tip her, so as i held up a coin, she came over and sat down, taking the coin and we talked a little more. as she did, she subconciously started to rub her breast, as women sometimes do, i stared, knowing her tight open blouse barley hid her breasts.

seeing an opportunity, i took her hand, and asked her if she had a boyfriend. she giggled, and as i kept taking, let my other hand unbutton her blouse, and putting a hand down to feel her naked tit. it felt great, quite firm, and she let me as we kept talking, i undid more buttons, and before long, i was happily massaging both breasts, commenting on their feel and size. she was enjoying it emmensly, and commented i could suck them, but nothing else at this stage. as i did, i could see her legs begin to open, and after my hand rested on her thigh, i pushed the skirt up to reveal her shaved pussy.

“no” she said, without doing anything to stop me. as her arousal grew, she started to get up onto the bed, pushing me onto her pussy on the 69 possition. before i knew what was happening, my pants were off, and wet lips and an eager tongue started to suck my cock and balls. her pussy looked clean, as she told me to put my tongue in her pussy- starting with my fingers, i went in, and licked around the clit. arleady, she was almost taking my full cock in her mouth, as it bounced in and out. we did this for a good 5 mins, before the phone rang, and she realised what she was doing.

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