A friend in need

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My best friend started dating this totally gorgeous girl, but she had lived a sheltered life and was not the most sexually experienced woman. Well one night he went out to eat with my wife and I, had a few drinks and started complaining about how she’s no good at blow jobs. My wife quickly reminded him that he once claimed that he has never had a girl finish him off from sucking him off.

Well the night went on and we tried to explain to him that he was going to have to be patient and work with her. Afterall she was basically a 30 year old virgin, and as she told my wife was “not sure” if she had ever orgasmed. He was definitely frustrated.

Later that night while eating my girls pussy, I suggested that we get our friend a blowjob. She areed and went through several ways for it to happen. I could not beleiv that we came to the conclusion that my wife was going to blow my best friend.

We had a few weeks before our fiends came back in town. The night before they were to come, my wife and I descided to alter the plan. I thought it be better if we talked his girl into letting my wife teach her on my friends cock. Little did he know it, but before the end of the night he would have two hot ass girls sucking his cock.

We had a fund raiser to attend, so we all got ready and went. I was so ready to see my wife perform, and she was ready to make her impression on our friends. During dinner I told my friend that we had planned something nice when we got back to my house. I told him not to freak and just enjoy it. All the while my wife was loosing up the girl to get her blowjob lesson.

Once we got back home my wife and I were both nervous and turned on. We got into our bathing suits and waited by the pool. While waiting my lovely wife sucked my cock. She joked that she needed to warm up. The other girl came out so quietly that my wife never stopped sucking me. We were all feeling pretty good from the party, so the girl just casually came over and sat right next to me. She asked me if my wife is good at blowjobs, and I quickly said the best. I asked her if she liked gowing down on her man, and she sail she dosent think shes any good at it. Perfect lead in!

My wife tells her she will teach her if she wants. She ask how? My wife said she would think it only fair if they got my friend involved. She was very nervous, but agreed to let my wife blow her fiance. I was ready to see these girls suck a cock, and my friend almost would not let it happen.

As soon as my wife got his cock in her hand and close to her mouth he was rock fucking hard and loving it. She showed the girl how tease a cock, how to take all of it, and how to swallow cum without choking. It was very instructional but my wife then challenged my friend. From earlier conversattions my wife new I would like to go down on the other girl. She told my friend that if she got him off, would he let me eat his girls pussy. Surprisingly the new girl was ok with it.

Now play time was over! This was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. I absolutely loved watching my wife suck my friends cock and see how bad it turned on the fiance. She got a little jealous, but it was a good thing. My wife was using no hands only mouth to rattle my friend. She reached her hand around his ass and thrust his cock down her throat. He fianlly warned that he was about to come. I asked him if he wanted her to swallow, but his girl said no that she wanted to see his cum. She got his cock from my wifes mouth and jerked his load all over my wifes tits. My wife wiped her mouth and gave him a big kiss.

I had almost forgotten about the bet, when my wife asked I’ll eat her pussy after I get the other girl off.

My friend made sure that his girl was ok with me eating her pussy. He is my very best friend and he knows that I’m good at getting girls off with my tongue. My wife told him and all of my past girlfriends have said the same. I don’t clain to be a expert, I just have a nack for it. My wife ensures her she is going to like it so just enjoy the ride.

This girl had the most spectacular pussy. I showed her how to finger herself and she went craxy when she learned how powerfull her clit is. I licked and fucked her pussy with my tongue, and she thanked my wife for letting me do this. It took some time but she finally relaxed and got into that totally turned on, just wanting to fuck mood. I started to really focus on her clit, and then slid two fingers in her wide open wet pussy. She was on the verge of coming hard, and she asked her fiance what she should do and he told her to fucking come. I watched her pussy contract and quivver as juice poured out of her. She immediately told my friend to fuck her hard. She came again after he fucked her hard and fast for about 1 min., but then he kept pounding her and she came over and over. My wife and watched them fuck till he came again. We asked them if they wanted to stay in our bed and watch us fuck. My freind fell asleep while I was eating my wifes pussy, but his girl watched every stroke of my cock as it jetted in out of her wet pussy. It was so hot to have a hot ass girl watch me come all over my wifes ass.

While we laid in bed my friends fiance wanted to know if we could do this again sometime but next totally swap partner.


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