In the Club

Here i am sitting at a bar, just waiting for my mates to arrive so that we could start another night on the town. when all of a sudden, a hot blonde about 5’7 walks into the room, every guy in the room just stops and looks over at her. She’s wearing a short red mini skirt, that comes up to her arse cheeks, and she has long, long legs. She’s wearing a very low cut top that reveals the tops of her nipples. She knows shes hot and is not afraid to show it off.

She walks across the room and comes up to the bar, the bar tender automatically gets her drink for her. I’m just sitting there watching in total amazment at this goddess right in front of me. I feel my cock starting to stir, she looks at me and smiles. I smile back, not knowing what else to do.

She sits on the bar stool next to me, her mini skirt rides up another inch, and she looks around the room. By now, my cock is rock hard and is starting to ache, i have never had such a powerful erection. “I have to have her” i think to myself, so i get up the courage and ask her if she would like another drink. She smiles and looks into my eyes, as she is doing this, she spreads her legs ever so slightly and i glance down and see that she isn’t wearing any underware, she says “I’d prefer something a little harder” and with that she winks and gets up and moves to one of the back rooms.

I order another two drinks and follow her. we walk into this dimly lit room and sit down. She sits across from me and we start to talk. The whole time i couldn’t stop glancing down between her succulent legs as she was sitting there legs spread, mini skirt rising higher and higher by the minute.

She looks down at my crotch and notices that my pants are straining to hold my erection in. She slides over to me and says “I see that your enjoying yourself”. I nod in agreement, while she slides her hand up my legs, towards my cock. I rub my hand over her rock hard nipples and she breathes in ever so slightly. She slides to the floor and undoes my pants. Seeing how i never wear any underwear, my rock hard cock is released. She gasps and begins to slide her fingernails up and down my shaft.

She then moves closer and begins to lick my balls and shaft. I moan and run my fingers through her hair. She then slides her mouth over the head of my cock and begins to move up and down, going deeper and deeper with each thrust of her head. After a while I feel my balls begin to tighten so i tell her to stop, but she doesn’t listen and keeps on going. Shes taking me all the way and i feel myself coming, I cum deep down her throat and she swallows it all and sucks me dry.

After this she returns across the room and spreads her legs. She gently moves her hand toward her swollen wet pussy and begins to play with her clit. I move over and lick up the inside of her leg. I reach her wet dripping pussy and begin to tease her clit. I then move my fingers towards her pussy and slowly insert one finger at a time all the way in.

She’s sitting there with her legs over my sholders and rubbing her breasts. I lick her clit and fuck her pussy with my fingers. Her breathing gets quicker and she starts moving with my fingers. She moans and screams in exctasy as she cums all over my face.

By this stage my cock is hard again, so as she’s cuming, i move my cock towards her pussy and slide it in. I grab her waist and start to fuck her hard. Her legs are over my sholders and she’s cumming again, harder this time. After she finishes cumming she looks at me and tells me to fuck her in the arse! She turns around and inserts 2 fingers into her tiny arsehole.

My cock is saturated in her juices so i place the tip of my cock at the entrance to her arsehole. She slowly pushes against my cock. I slide slowly inside of her arse. She looks at me in horror, as she tells me that no one has fucked her in the arse before, and she’s in extraordinary pain. I tell her that i could stop if she wants me to, but before i finish my sentence she pushes quickly toward me and my cock dives deeply into her arse. The feeling of her tight rosebud around my cock is awesome, and i begin to move in and out, slowly at first, but getting quicker and deeper with each thrust.

She is playing with herself and grabbing my balls as i fuck her in the arse. She starts to buck wildly and screaming. I’ve gripped her by the waist and am now fucking her sensless, she says she is cumming and before i can pump her again i feel her arsehole tighten around my cock, and feel her pussy juice start to flow down my leg.

I continue to fuck her through her orgasm and i feel my second orgasm of the night start to build up. As i’m about to release my load in her arse, she starts screaming again and we both come together. We lay there a while totally drained and then we hear a noise behind us.

I slowly turn around and to my horror, there are twenty people standing there watching. The girls are looking at us and i notice that their pants are down on the floor and the guys are fucking them from behind as they play with themselves. we’re both too exhausted to continue, so we lay back and watch as the whole club turns into an orgy.

We both get up and put our clothes on and start to walk out. As we reach the door, one of the bouncers stops us and gives us something, we look down and see that it is the security tape of that “secluded” room. We just smile at each other and walk out with our new amature porn movie.

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