She forgot to close the blinds

My wife Connie, and I had been traveling all day in the car, through central WI. We stop for the evening at a single digit hotel, in asmaller city. It was midweek in the middle of summer, so it wasn’t very crowded. We check into the room, it was an older place but clean with a strong cleaning solvent smell.
Connie said” lets open the window to air out the room, while we go out eat.” She slide the curtin wide open, and open the window to the screen. This building was older and the window were very large in size, maybe 5′ by 6 ‘.

We head out to eat, and after we came back from dinner it a little past dusk. I flipped the tv on and was breezing through the channels. Connie said she was going in to take a bath in a bit and would like another bag out of the car.

She also ask for a paper out of the box, in the front by the lobby. Connie got up and went into take her bath. I watch tv for a bit, and then left it on a channel I know Connie would want to watch. I yell in I was going out to get the things she asked for.

I retrived those things, and was about to go in to the side where we were staying ,but decided to have a smoke. I was tired and I notice a little benchto the side so I sat down for a few minutes. The motel back up to some woods. I was sitting the in a shallow light coming from some room.

An older gentleman came around the corner and was letting his beagle do its job. We were making small talk in very little light, when all of a sudden the area where we were was illuminated by a bright light. We both turn to look at it was our room, and Connie had forgotten to close the curtins.

Well when you in very little light in the night and a window is wide open with bright lights on it like watching a movie.
Connie was wrapped in a towel, and was wiping make up off her face, while watching tv, obvious to the curtins.

The other guy and I talked some more, but we were both watching Connie out of the corners of our eyes. I thought that this guy is going to get a peek at her titties if she don’t realize it.

Connie went back in the bathroom and came back out a moment lately. She was now applying some coconut cream lotion on her arms and legs, we were so close I could smell it. You could tell Connie’s towel was starting to slid off because of her rubbing lotion on her arms and legs.

Connie was square in the middle of the window, watching tv, rubbing lotion on, then towel slip off and there was Connie, nothing but her wedding ring on. She bent over and picked up the towel and tossed it on the table. She then filled one hand with a lotion and started rubbing it all over her breasts. Right in front of the window, right in front of the older gentleman.

She proped a leg up and was doing her thighs now, she dropped the lotion bottle a couple of times, and every time she bent over to pick it up she was facing the window and her boobs were bouncing all around with no support.

I think Connie knew exactly what she was doing. She said she forgot the curtin was open.

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