What a birthday present….

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It was the day of my 18th birthday. The door bell rang…so I ran downstairs from my bathroom. I had been shaving. At the door stood a man of about 60 years of age. You couldn’t tell it though, he looked like he was maybe pushing forty. He was a local and his name was Leroy.
He asked to come in and I agreed. I was home alone, and he knew it. Pretty soon he was sitting on the couch asking me to come sit by him. So I did. He was pretty good friends with both of my parents. Plus, I wasn’t worried about him harming me or touching me in horrible ways. Pretty soon he remembered it was my birthday. He offered as a joke to give me birthday spankings. Then he pulled me over his knee and lifted my skirt. I started crying because I was so confused. He started spanking me hard. I knew this was exciting him because I could feel his cock grow hard beneath me. To my surprise I became excited too. I stopped my crying because I knew that he was going to take advantage of me anyway so I figured if I cooperated he would be gentle. I was not a virgin, but that was by my own will…this was different. I could feel my clit growing and hardening. My nipples soon followed suit. The spanking continued. It also increased in speed and strength. The smacks were becoming louder and they just excited me more. I knew my pussy was starting to get wet, but I did not know it was soaking the vaginal area on my thong. Leroy noticed.
He pushed me off his lap and said “Since you like this so much just pull out my cock and start sucking on it…I’m sure you’ll enjoy that too you little slut.” I obeyed…I was a little scared but at the same time…I wanted his cock. I sucked on his dick for about 5 minutes as he played with my tits and rubbed his hands all over cheerleading fit body. He then pulled my head off of his cock and lifted me up off the floor. He carried me upstairs to my room and threw me on the bed. When I asked him how he knew where my room was he simply said “I’ve watched you before…and I liked what I saw” I instantly knew he was talking about when I get out of the shower. I always walk into my room naked since the bathroom is adjoining to my room.
He pulled off my thong and spread my legs for me and started to lick my sweetness. It felt so good!! I came after only 5 minutes of this. After he licked up my cum he said “Very well…now you are ready for my dick…and believe me this has been a long time coming..” He told me to get on all fours so I did. He slowly pushed his 9 inch cock into my wanting pussy. It was awesome. He continued to ram me with it for about 15 minutes before he came in my pussy.
Then to my surprise he said he wasn’t done! I didn’t understand until I saw his hand jerking on his cock making it hard again. I guess he hadn’t had sex in a while and wasn’t about to be done with me quite yet. He asked me “Have you ever been done in your beautiful ass hole?” I began to blush and I shook my head no. He then replied “Good…then I’ll just have to be the first.” I’m not gonna lie to ya…it hurt. But only for the first 5 minutes. I was so wet that I could hardly tell the difference after that. It began to gradually get better. I orgasmed the biggest orgasm of my life at that point. I came violently on his cock causing him to cum in my ass hole.
He put his clothes on, wished me a happy birthday, then went on his way. I just can’t wait to see what I will get from him on my next birthday…

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