My Wife Blossoms

My wife, Kate, and I have been married for several years; we have a couple of kids, and she is currently pregnant. I have always been pretty open sexually, but I always thought my wife was more reserved. I was very wrong on that note. Over the last several months we have been sharing our fantasies and I have realized that she may be as open in her sexuality as I am.

The first fantasy that she shared with me was being fucked by two guys at the same time. A fantasy that I could not have been happier to hear. She said she has always wanted to be fucked doggy style while she sucks another man’s cock. When she first told it, she said she wanted me to be one of the men. A thought that was fine with me, but the more we talked dirty during sex it turned into me sitting and watching, and after a while the number of men she was with began to grow. Groups of 4 or 5 guys coming to our house where she would strip for them and eventually fuck all of them.

Hearing her talk about being gangbanged was great, but what was always my favorite was hearing her describe being with one guy, a stranger that I didn’t know about. Hearing her go into detail about giving herself to a total stranger was always enough to get me off.

Kate worked in childcare and as a result was always in contact with horny dads, both single and married. Dads that couldn’t help but give her attention. Attention that has probably grown as her belly has swelled in her pregnancy. That, coupled with her beautiful face, dark brown hair, and full breasts, would have any guy wanting a piece.

Recently Kate has drawn the attention of a certain single guy, Ryan, who would linger a few extra minutes trying to talk to her. The talking went on for several weeks until one day Ryan showed up when she was leaving for lunch. Thinking he was harmless, she let him buy her lunch at a restaurant across the street. I mean, what did she have to worry about, she was married, had kids, and was pregnant, he couldn’t have wanted anything more than to be friends, right? Talking at lunch turned into long talks in the car. The talks soon became more intimate when one day Ryan leaned in, placed his hand on her belly and kissed her before she could even react. What shocked her even more was that her reaction was to kiss him back!

His hands quickly began moving under her shirt, rubbing her belly and then moving up to her tits. They kissed each other deep and hard and before she knew it her hands were unbuttoning his pants and pulling his cock out, the urge to suck it was overwhelming. Ryan, getting what he wanted, leaned back in his seat as my wife’s mouth inched closer to his aching cock. She sucked and sucked on his bulging dick, while Ryan’s hands explored her body. She heard Ryan let out a loud moan, his head shot back against the headrest, and he released his thick load in her mouth. Kate eagerly drank every last drop of his cum, gave him a quick kiss on the lips, and walked back into work adjusting her shirt on the way.

Kate didn’t see Ryan for several days, but then she did not once stop thinking about his cock in her mouth and long for him to be inside her. One day Kate had enough waiting and decided she was gonna get what she wanted. She took a long lunch and went to Ryan’s work and picked him up. Kate did not say a word and drove straight to our house, walked inside, and led Ryan straight to the bedroom. Ryan was undressed in seconds and began taking clothes off Kate, piece by piece. Soon she was standing in our bedroom naked with another man. Ryan moved in quickly and began kissing her, his hands roaming freely over her body.

He laid her on the bed and began sucking on her breasts, then moved down across her belly and began devouring her wet pregnant pussy. Kate rolled him off of her, grabbed his hard cock and took it as deep in her mouth as she could. Kate gagged on Ryan’s cock as he began thrusting his hips and fucking her throat. Ryan kept Kate on her knees and moved behind her, slipped his cock inside her and began fucking her as hard as he could. Finally getting what she wanted, she pleads with him to fuck her harder.

“Fuck me! Give me that cock!” she screams.

He rolls her onto her back and slips his cock back into her wanting pussy and continues fucking her as he holds onto her belly.

“I want you’re cum!” she pleads, “Please cum inside me.”

The thought of wanting another man’s cum inside her and knowing that it couldn’t get her pregnant made her so hot that she begged for him to empty his seed inside her pregnant womb. With a few more thrusts and Kate’s encouraging words, Ryan began pumping his cum into my wife’s pussy. Kate could feel him soaking her pussy, it felt like he came forever. Stream after stream of hot cum shot deep inside her and she loved every second. Exhausted, Ryan collapsed on the bed as Kate laid there satisfied, or at least for the moment.

They both had to go back to work but their lunchtime meetings continued for several weeks before Kate finally told me what was going on. She wasn’t sure what my reaction would be and was very surprised when she saw how much it turned me on. We fucked like animals the night she told me. It’s been over a month and half now since Kate took Ryan as her lover and today, she finally lost her natural birth control of being pregnant!

To be continued…


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