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I just recently came across this site. I am finding the stories not only stimulating, but very informative as well.

I was trying to figure out which fantasy or maybe even a true to life story to put on this site. But then it hit me. I have one fantasy that perhaps a reader or two could help me with.

I thought of how great it would be to read something on here that included myself. I realize you don’t know me, but what if you wrote something and thought of me while writing it. You could use the name Geoff. That way i will recognize your story as having me in it.

I could be the person spanking you or even the one you seduce. I definetly love eating pussy so that could be worked in somewhere. Maybe you want me to fuck you up your ass. I’d absolutley love to oblige you. Or I could be a slave and get tied up while you command me to do oh so naughty things.

I do have an obsession for being risky at times. The chance od getting caught is something that really gets my heart pounding and my cock quivering. I have never been with a guy before. Or more than one woman. Does this help?

So thats my fantasy. Logging on and finding a story about you and “Geoff” ( me) . I am average build, just starting middle age, athletic (cycling), and have a moustache that may tickle your fancy if you know what I mean.

Please help me realize my fantasy.

Thanking you in advance,


P.S. Make me HARD……please!

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