Yo wad up peoples, this yo ol’boy Kareem. Check what happened to me on 4-20. If you don’t know, 4-20 is a pot head holiday where all you do on that day is smoke trees or get fucked up some other way. Well me and a couple of my peoples all pitched in money and we all bought a pound of sweet sweet Miami chee-ba. Now we bought the trees in advance which guaranteed that we were gonna have something to smoke when the day came. So on 4-20 I drove over to my home gurl’s house Chi-chi, because Chi-chi’s the one that had the trees and it was her house we were blazin at. Chi-chi is also 19, and half-black and half-Cuban, 5’6 wit a nice ass body. She was one of the first persons I met when I moved to Miami a year ago. Now also at the crib was Dee, Karen, Janet, Shina, my home boy Justin, and a couple of other people that Chi-chi invited. I got there at 10 o’clock in the morning with like 20 boxes of Dutch Masters blunts ready for a long day of smoking.

” Damn Kareem, I thought you would never get here.” Chi-chi said as she greeted me at the door. I flashed her the bag of dutches that I picked up. It seemed that everybody was waiting on me, which was good because that meant that they were on Kareem time. It took us a good hour to break up the green evenly and roll up. The first blunt I rolled was fat as hell and I placed it behind my ear to keep for latter. We all put a blunt to our smiling faces and sparked up at the same time, right there in Chi-chi’s living room. Everyone coughed on their first hit, except for me because I’ve been blazin since I was 13. So I was considered a veteran smoker.

Hours had gone by and we had smoked sooo much. Bongs, pipes, blunts, every thing. I was so high that I could barely keep my eyes open and it wasn’t because I was sleepy ether. We had gottin the munchies too, so we ordered 10 boxes of large pizzas and Chinese. And it was so damn foggy that the only thing you could see was the light from blunts being lit. I looked at my watch and it was 3 o’clock, and I was on my 12th blunt and still had about an ounce of trees left.

Suddenly the front door flung open which made everyone jump, but relaxed when we saw who it was. ” Yo what the fuck is your problem Tony!” Chi-chi yelled at her younger sister Tony, who was giggling. Tony was Chi-chi’s younger twin sister, even though Tony was only 17 she still looked identical to Chi-chi. ” Home from school just in time for 4-20!” Tony sang as she hopped on my lap. Ever since she was 15, Tony had the biggest crush on me and I never paid attention which drove her nuts. She reached out her lips to take a hit from my blunt. I just sat there and stared at her perky glossed lips, and imagined my dick in between them. ” C’mon Kareem. Let me hit it.” Tony said nudging my arm. I held the blunt closer to her and she took a hard, long hit. Nice. I was so fucked up I giggled which made her laugh and release the smoke. She then glared at me slyly and that’s when I felt a hand slowly glide across my crotch. I shook my head no, letting her know I was high but not that high.

When it hit 4:19 that’s when everyone took their fattest blunt and sparked it. And me being the nice guy I am, I let Tony roll up one for herself so she wouldn’t feel left out. Hours had gone by and I was finally on the last of my pine. Then all of a sudden one minute Tony’s whispering something in my ear, then the next my tongue is down her throat. Everyone seen it and everyone started howling, and I began to grin as I saw a big satisfied smile on Tony’s face. ” Aight peoples, I’m out.” I said aloud. ” That kiss was only because it’s 4-20.” I whispered as I lifted Tony off my lap. ” I know.” Tony said smiling up at me. I said bye to everybody and hopped in my car. For a minute I thought I was to fucked up to drive, but then remembered I’ve been in worser conditions.

Half way down the street my cell phone rang and it read CHI-CHI’S CRIB. ” Wad up.” I said. ” Hey Kareem.” Tony was on the other line. ” Tony? Tony how did you get my cell phone number?” I asked. My voice was tired out and sluggish. Tony giggled. ” I’m using Chi-chi’s phone. Well any ways, you left your wallet here.” I slammed on the breaks and patted myself down and found no wallet. I’ll be there in 2, was all I said and hung up. I hit a U-wee and peeled out and headed to the house. By this time its 8:30 and I’m still feeling lit it.

I pulled up to the house to see Tony already in the drive way waiting. She got in. Here you go, she said tossing the wallet on my lap like I wasn’t going to say anything about her being in the passenger side. ” Why are you in my car?” I asked. She smiled and looked out the window. ” I need you to drive me to Rona’s house.” not wanting to argue I stepped on the gas. And again she gave me a satisfied giggle.

” I wanna smoke.” Tony said erupting the silence. ” With what weed we smoked it all.” I said sounding like I was going to pass out any minute. Tony laughed. ” Uh… no we didn’t.” she said as she pulled the fat blunt from behind my ear. ” Oh shit, I fo got all about that one.” I said pressing the breaks for a red light. I was then caught in a daze as I watched this young lady start un-buckling my belt and pulling down my zipper. No way, was the only thing I was thinking at that moment as she reached and grabbed my half harden cock. ” Here you smoke this blunt, while I smoke this pipe.” she said as she handed me back my blunt. I could feel the warmth of her mouth surround the whole circumference of my cock which was now standing hard in her mouth. ” Damn.” she said with a mouth full. I could feel my body go in complete relaxation as her head quickly began to bob up and down. All that could be heard was the slurping noises that she was making from the constant over flow of saliva and pre-cum.

I saw that the light was green and decided to go and park some where. Luckily I was able to park before I crashed because every time she would deep throat my dick, my eyes would just roll back. I pumped in and out her mouth just a little bit with my hand on the back of her head. ” Daaaamn.” I said as I felt myself go down deeper down her throat. She gagged one time and pulled me out. I was so fucked up but I was to horny to stop then. You see, when your mind is fogged up with 50% weed smoke and 50% semen, right decisions are hard to make.

I put my hand down her shorts and played with her clit. ” Hhmmmm fuck!” she said as she laid the seat back. I pulled off all her pants and panties and began finger fucking her with my two fingers, slow at first but then fast. ” AWWW, you fucking bastard! You fucking….” I could see her body tense up as she quickly came hard on my hand. Tony panted lightly as she caught her breath. I took my hard dick and shoved it directly in her wet cunt. If it was a hard dick she wanted then a hard dick is what she got. I was slamming her so hard that my 8 ¾ inch cock would come out, which then I would ram it back in. ” Oh God Kareem! Your fucking the shit out of me!” Tony began to wine. I didn’t really want to hear her mouth so I put my pussy soaked hand to her lips and she began to suck the juices off. I could feel myself getting ready to cum but I was holding it back.

” T-tony….I’m gonna…. I’m gonna…” I was trying to give a warning but she cut me off. ” I can take it Kareem! Just cum inside me, please! I want your cum in me!” she looked at me with pleading eyes, and I remembered a while ago she was telling me that she was taking birth control shots. So I was like, sure why the hell not its 4-20. I pulled all the way out and slammed one last time as I shot my hot gooey nut all inside her wet warm pussy. ” Fuck!” she said again as she also climaxed. Her pussy walls tightened around my still pumping cock, milking it dry.

I got soft in her and pulled out, and a river of mixed liquids overflowed. I drove her to her friend’s house and the whole way there she was giving me head, and like clock work I came on arrival. Tony smiled at me. ” Bye Kareem. You never did smoke your
blunt did you.” we both laughed. ” Hey Tony b
e easy.” I said starting up the car.

She was half way to the front door when she ran back to the driver side window. I rolled it down. She gave me a wet kiss on the cheek. ” Happy 4-20 Kareem!”

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