A day by the pool

The past six months John had ben stressd out at work, and because of this was unable to sexualy satisfy him or his wife Mel (Melanie). She caled the pool company as it was that time of year to move the tarp and start swimming again, they said they could have a guy there around four thirty, she said she had to pick the kids up from school could she be the first stop, they said she’d be the next. Now Mel is an extremely attractive women though thirty-eight she could easily pass for twenty-two, natural red head, she also has perfect breast around C-cup, nice slender body, she has been horny alot lately, shes been using cucumbers, bananas, you get the picture as she owns no vibraters. The doorbell rang she answered as quickly as possible, he was so sexy she could jump his bones right there, but instead she lead him to where the pool was he stipped down to just his trunks she got wet at what she saw he hung at least five inches below his shorts ‘soft!’, she decide to entice him so she laid down on a lawn chair naked tits up, he was talking to her while cleaning, she could see he was getting harder every time he looked at her, ihn his questions, she lied and told him she was single, and was only 23, he was 35 and said he honestly has sex with most of the pool clientel they send him to, he sat at the edge of the lawn chair leaning to kiss hershe slid his trunks off to see he had to be at least 13 inches maybe more, “fuck sake” she thought to herelf shes only used to five and a half inches, he had her in a long passionate kiss then started sucking her tits, he then stood up by her head so she could suck his massive cock, she started slow then twriling her tongue around what had to be three four inches wide, she tried to deepthroat but that wasn’t gonna cut it, she coudn’t fit the mammoth head into her throat in her trying to do all this he started to cum she he turned away and did itinto a up then spread her legs and started slowly inserting into Mel’s pussy wich felt almost virgin to himhe put her on all foursand guided himself back into her now soaking wet pussy…. John who had came home to get a file from his home coputer, looked outside his office widow and saw his wifes face and this big, rugged black man who had to be at least seven feet tall fucking his wife away she never allowed him he looked closer and saw white uff dripping out of her mouth. He sat down in his cchair watching but also crying seeing how big this guys fucking cock was he knew she would never touch him again he just watched… After about thirty minutes like that Melvin pulled his anacaonda out and sat in a chair she got up cupped her new stretched out pussy and sucked their juices off, she then walked over to him sucked him hard again and told him she had a special treat for him she slowly slid her ass down around his cock. his dick well lubricated it took notime for her to sart bounceing up and down his shaft she then after feeling his warm cumm fill her ass looked toward John’s office and saw a weeping man realized the twenty year mariige was over, she jumped off grabbed her robe and ran for the office, she wanted to talk to John she loved him, she just needed the sex, but saw a note,on the desk: I called my brother hes gonna let me stay at his place, im gonna finish the payments on the house then transfer it to your name, the kids are coming with me, Paul mt best friend is gonna grab my clothes i’ve already packed, and the divorce papers are on the way and just remember infidelity comes at a price!!! HE WILL NEVER LOVE YOU THE WAY I DID!!!

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