Battlestar Erotica: Revenge of the Sx'Nons – 3

The captain was alone again in the dark room and for the first time since he’d sucked his first cock, he felt something that he had not felt before. He felt ashamed.

How could he have done that, he wondered. How could he have sucked a cock.

He wasn’t completely naked this time. Now, he wore a leather collar around his neck and leather wrist bands around his wrist. A leather halter rounded out his ensemble but none of that really mattered to him. All that really mattered was his big, hard cock that needed to fuck.

The door to his room opened and a Sx’Non stood in the doorway. She looked at the captain and she smiled. “Good, you’re up. We’ve been waiting for you.”

“For me?”

Of course, silly. We wouldn’t want to get started without the entertainment now, would we? Come on.”

The woman was naked and she had a great body so Illballya got up and followed her, but it was more than that. Somehow, he felt compelled to follow her and to do whatever she said.

The room into which he had entered had a small stage-like area around which were seated six throne-like chairs. His guide walked him to the center of the stage and then she walked to the lone empty chair and sat down.

There were six women in the room where Illballya now was, all of them naked and all of them gorgeous. Illballya looked at them and then he looked at them. “So this is the great Captain Illballya,” said one of the women.

“He doesn’t look so great to me,” replied another petulantly.

“Maybe he hasn’t achieved true greatness, yet,” offered still another.

“Well, there’s only one way to find out,” laughed another. “Captain, why don’t you show us just how hard you can make that cock of yours.”

In an instant, Illballya had a hand on his penis and he was pulling it hard. Despite the fact that there were six beautiful women around him, something had inhibited him from getting hard already, but he was getting harder and harder the more he stroked.

“Now, that truly is greatness,” said one of the women as she gazed at the captain’s cock admiringly.

The captain was still pulling on his cock as he had not been told to stop. “I like what you’re doing,” said one of the woman. “in fact, I like it so much that I want to see you keep on doing until you make yourself cum.”

Illballya groaned to himself. These women were truly beautiful and that by itself would have made it nearly inevitable but somehow, he felt compelled to do what they said. As soon as the woman told him to pull on his cock and to cum for them, he suddenly felt compelled to do just that.

The women watched breathlessly as the captain pulled on his cock. Some of them were even fingering themselves as the man drove himself further and further towards orgasm.

He needed to cum. He needed it bad, and suddenly, there it was. He felt the familiar feel of semen as it rushed through his cock and suddenly, he was shooting out great gobs of it all over the place. Oh fuck, he thought to himself, I needed that. I really did.

As the flow from his cock began to finally wane, the captain’s cock slowly began to lose some of its rigidity, and one of the women noticed it. “Keep that cock hard,” the woman ordered him and suddenly, his cock was standing ramrod straight again.

“Look at what you did here, captain,” said the woman who had brought him out of the darkened room. “You’ve got your cum all over the place. What are we going to do about that?”

The captain shook his head in bewilderment.

“I have an idea said another of them. “Make him lick it all up.”

“What about it, captain?” said the first woman. “Are you up to that? Sure you are. Why don’t you go ahead and lick your cum up for us.”

The man dropped to his hands and knees. Again, he felt compelled to do their bidding. In fact, the more he obeyed them, the more compelled he felt to obey them even further, and so it was that he went off in search of every last drop of cum that he had spilt on the floor.

The woman hooted and hollered as they watched the man crawl on the floor. They called him derrogatory names and the captain didn’t care. He just had to keep licking up his cum.

Finally, one of the women told him he could stop and the captain quickly got to his feet. “By now,” she went on, “you must realize what has happened to you. You are our slave and you are subject to our every whim. Do you understand that?”

The captain did, and more than that, he knew she was right. “I understand,” he said.

“Good. I’m glad.”

“I have to pee,” said the petulant short-haired blond on the right end. “Come here, captain.”

It was as if Illballya knew immediately what it was that the blond wanted. He went and kneeled before her, throwing back his head and offering up his mouth to her. “Feed me,” he said.

The blond climbed down off her throne and then straddled the man’s face, letting his mouth make a perfect seal, and then she paused there for just a moment before she let out a satisfied sigh and the pee began to flow.

There was nothing the captain could do. The pee flowed through his mouth and then back though his open throat and he just kept taking it, until finally, the girl was finished.

The blond pulled her pussy off of the captain’s face. “That was fine, captain,” she told the man as she went and reseated herself on her throne. “You may clean me now.”

In an instant, Illballya had his mouth between the girl’s legs and he was licking away at her pussy to clean off every last drop of her pee.

Of course, with a performance like that, soon the rest of them had to pee and for the next half hour, Illballya was moving from girl to girl to girl, swallowing her pee and then licking her pussy dry, and all the while, knowing that he was compelled to do what they said no matter what it was.

The captain was just finishing up with the last of the women and some of them were starting to act as if they might have to pee again, and the captain was groaning to himself because as much as he didn’t want to do it, he knew he would get down there and let them pee in his mouth again.

Fortunately for him, one of the other girls had something else in mind. “I don’t know about you, girls, but I think the captain here has one hell of a pussy licking tongue, and I know what I want him to do with it.”

There were murmurs of agreement from the other women in the room.

“Come here, captain. Come here and stick that tongue of yours between my legs and show me what a good and obedient little pussy licker you are.”

The captain practically dove between the woman’s legs and then his tongue was out and working over her little slit. The woman moaned as he thrust his tongue inside her cunt and then she moaned again as he worked her clit. He worked her lips and then lapped at her juices before again savaging her clit and cunt and all the while, the woman continued to moan.

“Oh yeah, that’s it. Eat it. Eat it right there. Oh yeah, that’s good. That’s good. Oh shit, captain, that’s good. Eat me right there.”

The captain did as he was told. What else could he do, and he drove the woman closer and closer to orgasm.

The woman kept moaning and moaning and her pussy just kept getting juicier and juicier until finally, she couldn’t take it one second longer. She screamed hard as the captain’s tongue pushed her over the edge, and then she took a deep breath only to scream again as the captain’s tongue continued to savage her cunt.

After a performance like that, the result was inevitable. All of the women were already fingering their clits by the time the captain had pushed that first woman over the edge and all of them wanted to be next in line.

In the end, the captain just moved down the line. The next pussy was big and hairy but the captain just dove right into
it, and soon he had its owner writhing in pleasure as his tongue pushed her over the edge.

The next one was neat and trimmed and tight as hell but the captain was on it.
Its owner would pull on her tits as she told him to eat her pussy, to eat her harder, harder, harder, and that is exactly what the captain did until he had eaten each and every one of those pussies.

Some of the girls wanted to make him do it again, but someone else had a better idea. “I think our litle slave boy here has done a good enough job so far that he deserves to do some fucking, don’t you?”

There were some murmurs of agreement although a couple of dissenters still seemed to be up for some more pussy licking but in the end, even they seemed to come around.

“All right, then, you know what you need to do,” the woman said. “Fuck us hard and make us cum.”

The captain looked at the six women, each adopting almost exactly the same posture. Each had her pussy right there at the edge of the chair and each had her legs spread, and each was rubbing her cunt, hoping that her pussy would be first.

As luck would have it, the first woman to feel the captain’s cock was a dark-skinned beauty with big tits and deep, dark eyes. She moaned lustfully as the captain pushed his cock inside her. One of her hands squeezed her tits as she looked up at the man with those big, dark eyes. “That’s it,” she purred. “That’s it. Fuck me with your big slave cock. Fuck me and make me cum.”

The captain could feel it. He wanted to. He needed to. He looked in her deep, dark eyes and he looked at her big tits. He wanted to make her cum and he needed to make her cum.

“Fuck me,” the woman moaned again. “Oh come on, fuck me harder.”

The captain groaned as he buried his cock even further in the woman’s pussy and then he felt it, Even as his cock started to shoot, he felt that pussy as it clenched around his cock.

“Oh yes,” the black woman moaned as her body succumbed to that cock. “That’s it. Cum inside me. Do it. Do it. Oh fuck, yes, do it!”

The man left his cock inside the moaning woman’s cunt until his cock had nothing left to give, and yet, as he pulled his cock free, it was still as hard as ever. He was a slave to their desires and if they wanted him to stay hard, then hard is what he would be.

The next woman to feel the captain’s cunt was a cute, little redhead with short hair and freckles that seemed to cover almost her entire body. Her tits were small and her nipples were large and her pussy was neat and trimmed and tight as hell.

One of the redhead’s hands squeezed her tits even as the other worked her clit and she looked up at the captain with a pair, of green, stunning eyes. “Come on,” she moaned, “don’t make me wait. Do it.”

The man pushed his cock in that tight, little cunt and both man and woman moaned as they felt her pussy take the entire length of him in one long stroke.

The man pulled back and then again, buried himself in that cunt, and aain the redhead moaned. Both her hands were now on her tits and her fingers were frantically working over her nipples as her pussy took yet another stroking from the captain’s cock. “That’s it, slave boy,” she moaned. “Oh yeah, that’s it. Just keep doing me just like that,” and then she moaned again as her fingers worked her tits. “Oh yeah,” she moaned, “just like that.”

The captain could not have stopped even if he wanted to. He just kept pushing his cock inside that tight, little cunt, and the more she moaned, the harder he fucked.

“Come on, captain,” the redhead moaned. “Just a little more. Just keep doing me just like that.”

The redhead’s tight, little pussy suddenly got even tighter, and even as it did, the captain uloaded himself in the woman’s quivering cunt. She just kept cumming and he just kept cumming, too.

The next cunt belonged to a brunette. It was big and hairy. A man could get lost in there, the captain thought even as he plunged his cock into the dark unknown.

The woman bit down on her lip as her pussy took that cock and then she just let out a long, low moan as her pussy took it all.

The captain could feel the woman’s hairy bush tickle his cock as it moved in and out of her but all that really mattered to him was fucking that pussy. In and out his cock moved. In and out. In and out. In and out.

The brunette just moaned as she leaned back and took more and more of that cock. Her hands opened and closed spasmodically as if in rhythmic timing to the beat of the captain’s cock, and she just kept moaning and moaning.

The brunette bit down on her lip again. “Oh yeah,” she murmured, “I’m close. I’m close. I’m so close. Come on. Be a good slave and make me cum. Make me cum. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yea-a-a-a-a-ah.”

The captain was cumming even as the brunette’s pussy bore down on his embedded cock and he kept right on cumming like the good, little slave that he was, filling the brunette’s pussy with more and more of his cum.

Alarm bells were sounding on the Sx’Non Base Star but Illballya was oblivious to them. He continued to fuck. He had an almost mindless urge to dip his prick into some pussy. He didn’t care whose pussy it was. All that mattered was getting his cock in some pussy.

He had moved on to the little slit at the end. This woman’s slit was positively tiny and it felt so good as his cock went in.

This girl was Asian and everything about her was tiny, but she sure did love taking a big, hard cock in her tiny, little hole. She started moaning almost from the moment the captain put it in and she kept right on moaning right up to the end.

Her hands flailed at her side as the captain fucked her. She looked so little, the captain thought, and his cock looked so big going inside her, and that thought alone was enough to make him fuck her even harder.

The Asian girl was breathing hard as her pussy continued to take that cock. She looked up at the man. “Come on, you little slave fuck,” she moaned through gritted teeth, “fuck me harder, harder, harder.

The captain moaned to himself as he fucked that tight, little cunt. It was incredible. She was so fucking tight.

And then that cunt, just got tighter and the cute, little Asian was screaming her head off as her pussy came and came and came, and even as she was coming, so was the captain, his cock emptying itself inside that tight, little twat.

Next up for the captain was the petulant, little blond. The girl was up on her hands and knees on her little throne as she thrust her little, round ass back at the captain. “Fuck me next,” she pleaded. “Fuck me.”

That was all the invitation that the captain needed. He wrapped his hands around each one of her compact cheeks and then he led his cock forward.

His cock was in place and his hands slid down to her thigh, and then the blond let out a gasp, almost as if the air had suddenly been let out of her as the man thrust himself inside of her cunt.

Her butt pushed back against the man even as his cock pushed inside her. “Come on,” she moaned, “I want to cum. Make me cum.”

The captain powered his cock into the blond’s pussy and the girl moaned all that much harder. “Come on,” she moaned again, “is that the best you can do, slave? I need you to fuck me harder.”

The captain growled although it was not the girl he was mad at. It was himself. He was her slave and he needed to fuck her harder.

The girl just moaned as the man drove himself into that cunt and then the girl gasped, and suddenly she was cumming, and in that instant, the captain shot his load deep inside her aching cunt.

There was a searing flash of light and then darkness and all the while, the captain continued to fuck, but now, he was hearing voices as he continued to fuck. “Cut the cable,” one would say.

“No, it’ll kill him,” would reply another.

“We have to do something,” came a third.

The captain had moved on to another woman although still the voices seemed to echo around him. The woman, a busty blond, was rubbing her cl
it as she looked up at him but she wasn’t letting him in, at least not just yet.

The woman moaned as she rubbed her clit. “Be a good, little slave,” she told
the man, “and beg for it.”

“Please,” Captain Illballya pleaded, “I need to fuck you.”

“You can do better than that,” the woman taunted.

“Please,” the captain begged, “I need to fuck you. I need to make you cum.”

“Still not good enough.”

“I want to give you pleasure,” the man pleaded. “Please let me pleasure you.”

The woman grinned as she looked at her friends. “What do you think? Is that good enough? I guess so. For now. But he’ll have to do better next time. All right, you can fuck me.”

In an instant, the captain was between her legs and burying his cock in her warm, wet hole.

The woman moaned as the man pounded away at her. He was relentless with that cock, driving it deep inside her pussy, and the harder he fucked, the more she moaned.

“Come on, slave, the blond moaned, do it. Make me cum.”

A moment later, she was cumming, and he was too.

The captain was just pulling his cock out of the woman’s cunt when he heard the other blond whine. “I want to see more,” she whined. “I want to see him fuck himself. With this,” she added, holding up a dildo, “in the butt.”

The captain could not resist any request from these women. He grabbed the dildo and then he squatted down just a bit. He couldn’t help noticing that at least someone had lubed it up a bit but still, it was going to be tight. He reached behind himself with both hands and then he brought the dildo into place. He looked at the woman arrayed around him and then he shoved the cock into his butt.

The woman hooted and hollered as the man fucked his butt but Captain Illballya was oblivious to their jeers. All that mattered to him was fucking his butt because that was what he had been told to do.

His butt was so sore and yet, still, the captain continued to fuck himself. He had to please these ladies.

“I want you to cum for us,” the petulant blond said. “I want you to cum really hard on the count of three. One … two …”

“Three,” said all six women in unison.

It was as if his whole life force were oozing out of him with his cum and then there was another flash of light and then nothing. The voices were still there and then someone was removing something from his head.

“Damned mind control machine,” he heard someone say and he recognized the voice as Starfuck’s and then someone fired a bolt into the machine.

Illballya was in the same room in which he had awoken so many times before only it wasn’t dark now. He could see the computers and the cables and the helmet they had used to control him.

“Come on, captain,” said Starfuck, “we have to get you out of here.”

There were ten Colonial pilots who led him away from the room and led him to a hangar and then to a ship.

The Battlestar Erotica was in an all out fight against the base star, providing cover the captain realized for his rescue. None of it had been real, he realized. None of it had been real and yet, it had seemed so very real. And there was one more thing the captain realized. He needed to fuck.

to be continued …

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