Black, White And Fireworks

It is the Fourth of July, America’s 239th birthday! The day most Americans love to consume hot dogs, drink cold beer, and watch the blockbuster attraction of the fireworks in the dark sky.

On this afternoon, I am at one of the biggest and most popular nude bathing spots on the Eastern Seaboard, Gunnison Beach, for some sun and fun. Walking around in my white/varsity-red/true-blue Jordan Spiz’ike sneakers and blue wife beater, the warmth of the sun and the salty breeze has me feeling rejuvenated. I can also smell food grilling somewhere close. The beach is clean just like the clear water. Everybody seems to be friendly, saying hi or flashing me a big smile. Maybe they know I am the King of New York!

A sign reads, Beyond this Point You May Encounter Nude Sunbathers. I continue walking and see many average American bodies on full display, with lots of flab and sag. Then I see a group of young beautiful women playing volleyball that have me aroused.

A short, middle-aged woman with shades approaches me and said, “Our motto here is get naked or get lost.”

We both laugh as she walks away.

Then a young woman with dirty blonde hair saunters up to me clad in a stars and stripes swimsuit. She is average in height and has a great set of legs. Her perfect smile adds to her natural beauty. I know I have seen her face before.

“Hi, how are you?” She holds her hand out.

“I’m fine, how are you?” I shake her hand.

“Great. You look so much like Shemar Moore!”

“I know; I get that all the time.”

“Do you want to play football with me and my friends?”

“Sure!” I answer.

“Wonderful. Come hang out with us! We have a nice spot over there to ourselves. Are you from New Jersey?”

“No, I’m from New York City,” I tell her.

“What a coincidence, I’m from New York too. My name is Cadence Lux.”


“Nice to meet you,” She says.

“I know who you are. You’re the hot porn star I am following on twitter.” I reveal to her. “My username is @kingofnewyork! I tweet sexy pictures of you on there every day. This morning I tweeted Happy Fourth of July! You’re better off with me than someone else. I am always playing around on twitter.”

“Oh, my God, that’s you?” Cadence blushes. “I favorite that tweet!”

“Yes, that’s me.” I continue. “Isn’t it amazing you’re meeting your biggest fan?”

“Of all places in the world, a nude beach.” Cadence chuckles. “You must know a lot about me.”

“I know you’ve been Blacked!” I tease her. “I love the work you did with that company.”

Cadence laughs. “Interracial is hot! I want an entire interracial showcase. Nothing but me and BBC!”

“Now, that’s going to be epic! This is a memorable Fourth of July. The King of New York finally meets porn princess Cadence Lux!”

Cadence introduces me to her friends, three model-like blonde-haired girls, and three tall Caucasian dudes with decent physiques. They are friendly and welcomed me warmly. Cadence’s friend, Luis, stands out to me because of his humor.

“Cadence has you masturbating to her movies too, Maré?” He jests. “She loves the BBC!”

“Yes, she gets me hard!” I laugh. “You know smooth black dudes love hot white girls!”

Everybody is laughing.

“Let’s hurry up and get out of these clothes so we can start this game!” Cadence suggests. “This is a nude beach.”

We are stripping down like a bunch of club dancers. I cannot keep my eyes off Cadence. Her pair of naturally perky boobs looks perfect on her slim tight body. She also didn’t shave her epic pussy bush that has her looking sexy and untamed. Once we are completely nude, we begin playing naked touch football, women against the men. It does not get any better touching these hot wild girls and occasionally wrestling with them in the fresh air and sun! A sexual attraction begins to develop between Cadence and I. We cannot keep our hands off each other. It is becoming noticeable that we are into each other with every play.

After the men won the game, we begin drinking. Luis passes me a bottle of Cîroc Red Berry that quenches my thirst. Then somebody put on Puff Daddy’s new single, “Finna Get Loose” that has us dancing. This is the first time in my life I am dancing nude with a bunch of strangers on a beach. The energy is incredible. It feels like a big beach party! Cadence and I are dancing together, creating our own heat that is hotter than the sun beaming on us. I am enjoying watching Cadence’s body moves to the soulful rhythm of the song. We are dancing closely, and I know I impress her with my dance moves as she puts her arms around me.

“You’re good,” She whispers in my ear.

“So are you.” I told her.

We dance nonstop with the other nudists. We are having a great time.

It is now dark and I feel free in the ocean. It is a great sense of freedom to be nude in the water with Cadence. We are standing in the gentle surf. She moves in beside me with a sultry smile on her face. We share a passionate kiss that intoxicates us.

“Vaginas are like snowflakes, not one is the same, but all are beautiful and you can catch them on your tongue.”

I lift her in the air effortlessly and she wraps her toned legs around my head. I begin performing cunnilingus on her, devouring every inch of her tasty hairy peach. Then I gently drop her in the water. Cadence laughs and cannot believe what just happened. In her eyes, I can see she has to get me back.

“Breathe me in, taste my words, let me blow your mind.” Cadence murmurs.

Then she engulfs my thick shaft with her mouth. The warmth of her mouth, the tongue stroking along the underside of my dick, feels incredible as we float in the water. I move my hips, in and out, fucking Cadence’s angelic face. The water is lapping at my hips as we are going wild.

Minutes later, my dick twitches and I releases in Cadence’s mouth. She laughs and then gazes at me with her naughty blue-sharp eyes.

“You suck it like a pro, baby girl!” I express. “I love porn stars!”

“Thanks! What would you do if you had your way with me, Nature Boy?” Cadence asks as she wraps her arms around me. “Tell me King of New York!”

Cadence jumps up and wraps her toned legs around my waist. She lifts her hips to allow me to insert my dick inside her. The pleasure of having my cock deep inside Cadence is mind-blowing. I begin my pumping action, which has Cadence bouncing up and down. The bubbles and the water splashing around us are incredible. I love the colorful fireworks exploding in the sky that is giving us intimate lighting. It is as if our skin is glowing.

“This feels so good, baby,” Cadence moans. “I want to cum all over your dick! Please stretch me out with your giant cock.”

I begin thrusting faster and harder. Cadence’s eyes are rolling as she forms an erotic O with her mouth. Now, I feel her climaxing on my dick, which triggers me to ejaculate a second time. I shot streams of warm cum inside Cadence’s pussy that adds to the sensation.

“Fantastic!” I stated. “Now, this is what sex in the ocean is all about.”

Cadence laughs. “It’s the best!”

We spend the next hour or so fucking in every position that comes to our minds. On America’s birthday, Cadence and I are ending our night with a Black, White & Fireworks event!!!

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