Cheerleader Janelle 7

“I want to be popular like you.”

That was what Suzie Chan said to me. The funny thing was that I didn’t think of myself as popular, but apparently Suzie did.

“Why do you think I’m popular?” I asked.

“You’re a cheerleader,” she said. “Everyone knows cheerleaders are popular.”

I thought that one over. I didn’t really think Suzie had that one right. Being a cheerleader wasn’t what made you popular. It was more a matter of who you knew and who knew you, but being a cheerleader did make it easier, and my daddy had been right. Once I’d become a cheerleader, there were definitely a lot of boys who wanted to know me.

But that wasn’t going to help Suzie. She was new to our school. She hardly knew anyone.

On the other hand, I thought as I looked at the little Asian girl, she had a pretty, little body, and I was thinking I wouldn’t mind getting to know her.

“I got an idea,” I told Suzie. “Why don’t you come by my house after school and we can hang out together.”

Suzie smiled gratefully at me. “I’d like that,” she said.

I was thinking pretty much the same thing as I watched Suzie walk away. Damn, that girl sure did have a cute, little bottom. Yeah, I told myself, I was going to like that, too.

Suzie and I went home from school together. Her family had moved into town just a couple of months ago when her dad had gotten a job here. She said she was from Taipei, and I asked where that was, and she said it was in Taiwan, and I said “Oh,” but I didn’t know where that was either, but I didn’t ask anymore about that because I didn’t want to sound stupid.

Anyway, it wasn’t all that long a walk and then Suzie and I were home and then I took Suzie up to my room. We were sitting on my bed and we were still talking, (actually, Suzie was doing most of the talking,) but I knew what I really wanted to do.

“You know, you’re really pretty,” I told her. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Suzie shook her head. “My father says I’m too young for that.”

“That’s a shame,” I told her. “I mean, you’ve got a cute, little body, and I think if you showed it off a little bit more, you could probably have the boys swarming over you.”

“I could never do that,” the girl gasped.


“My father would never let me dress like that. This is the first time I’ve even been in a school where I didn’t have to wear a uniform.”

“You had to wear a uniform,” I sputtered, and she nodded.

“Yuck,” I told her. “Well, thank God we don’t have to wear one here,” I said, realizing even as I said that that I was wearing my cheerleaders uniform, but that was different.

“We don’t have to wear uniforms,” I said again. “In fact, we don’t have to wear anything at all. Come on,” I told the girl, “take your clothes off and let me see your body.”

“Excuse me?” the girl asked.

“You heard me,” I told her. “You have a cute body. I want to see it.”


“Come on. It’s just us girls here. Who’d ever know?”

“Wel-l-l-l-l,” she said uncertainly.

“I know,” I told her. “I’ll go first,” and then I did. I took off my sweater and the short little skirt I wore. I loved the way she was watching me as I did that and then her eyes were locked on me as I took off my bra, and then finally, I paused just a moment before I removed my panties.

I let her get a real good look at me before I sat down on my bed. “It’s your turn, now,” I told her.

Well, what could she do. I’d already done it, and I knew she didn’t want to seem like she wouldn’t do it after I’d already showed her how to do it, so she stood up uncertainly and then she looked at me one last time before she started to unbutton her blouse. Next came her skirt which was quite a bit longer than mine and then she looked at me as she stood there in just her bra and panties. “Even these, too?” she asked.

“Of course, those too,” I told her. “You can’t judge it fairly unless you can see the entire package.”

She bit her lip in a way that I thought was really cute, and then she nodded, and she took her bra off, and then finally, she slipped off her panties before again sitting down across from me on the bed.

That girl was really cute and she was small, too. She only stood like a couple inches over five feet tall and she had these cute, little titties that were even smaller than mine and I thought that was so cool. Heck, her chest barely had any more depth to it than mine had had when I was a little girl. As soon as I saw those little brown titties, I just knew I was going to have to get my hands on them.

And so, of course, I did. Suzie was sitting across the bed from me, watching me. Her eyes seemed almost fearful and eager at the same time, and I took that as a good sign so I leaned over and closed my hands over those little, tiny titties, and as I did, I heard Suzie gasp, and in that instant, I knew I had her.

I pulled that girl to me and I kissed her and at first, she was hesitant, but as I continued to kiss her, she started to kiss me back. She was slow at first, but the more she got into it, the more she really got into it.

She pulled back, but only for a second and only to catch her breath, and then she was on me again and I loved it. My hands were squeezing her little tiny titties, and every time I did that, she would moan, and that was so fucking cool.

She drove her tongue into mouth and it was incredible. As shy as she had seemed before, it seemed as if once she got going, this girl just kept going and going and going.

And now, it was my turn to pull back, not because I wanted to stop but because I wanted to keep going. I looked at Suzie and I smiled. “You should see what I have in store for you next,” I told her and you should have seen the way she grinned.

I got up on my knees and then I was pushing Suzie onto her back. I bent over her body and I kissed her again and then I kissed her again and again and again, and as I kissed her, I continued to trail my kisses down over her body, over her cute, little titties, over her taut, little stomach, and all the way down to her bare, little pussy.

You should have heard that girl moan as soon as her pussy took my tongue and then she just kept moaning and moaning. Her body twitched as my tongue worked her pussy, and that only made me tongue her harder. I heard her moan again and then her hands were on her tiny tits, fondling them and squeezing them and pinching her nipples and then she moaned again. This girl was really getting in to this.

I could tell just how much she was getting into it by just how wet her pussy was getting. I kept licking her juices and she just kept getting wetter and wetter.

I just kept tonguing Suzie’s cunt and Suzie just kept twisting her little nippies and moments later, I heard her moan as her pussy convulsed under my tongue. The girl moaned again and I just knew she was cumming hard.

I pulled my face from between Suzie’s legs and I grinned up at her. To tell the truth, this girl had gotten me so hot that I was ready to do it again, but first, I wanted to see what her reaction was.

She surprised me. Her little chest was going up and down as she breathed hard and she was looking back at me, and then she was sitting up and then she had her hands on my shoulders and then she was pushing me back, and before I knew it, she had ME flat on my back, and it was HER that was sliding between my legs.

It was incredible. I mean, she wasn’t the first girl to lick my pussy, but she certainly was one of the best, and dammit, that tongue of hers was so good. I couldn’t get enough of it, and apparently, she couldn’t give enough of it to me. I moaned again as she strummed that thing over my clit. She was really, really good.

I was playing with my tits and moaning just as she had been doing when I ate her, and I couldn’t
help wondering if maybe, she’d done it before. But then, that really didn’t matter. All that mattered was that tongue, and what that tongue was doing to me.

My body tried
to twitch but Suzie held me down, and that only made me moan even louder. She drove her tongue into my pussy and that made me moan again. I was so wet and Suzie was making me even wetter.

I moaned again as my hands worked my tits. I was close. I was really close. There was no doubt about it. This cute, little Asian girl was going to make me cum.

I gasped and then I screamed. I don’t usually scream when I cum, but Suzie made me scream. I only stopped screaming long enough to catch my breath and then I was screaming again. I couldn’t believe it. This shy, little girl was giving me one of the best orgasms of my life.

I continued to cum and cum until finally, I was totally spent, and only then, did I realize that I wasn’t done yet.

Suzie kissed her way up my body. She kissed my pussy and then my waist. She kissed my tummy and my tits. She kissed my nipples and my neck, and then she was kissing my face and my mouth and I was kissing her back.

She held my face as she kissed me and I could feel her rubbing her little, tiny titties against my small tits. She shoved her tongue in my mouth and I took it willingly. She nipped at my lip and I took that, too. I wanted all this and more.

Suzie wasn’t kissing me anymore. She was pulling her body up and then she was straddling my body, and then she was straddling my face. She pushed her wet, little pussy against my mouth and then she grabbed me by the hair and she pulled my face between her legs. “Do it again,” she told me. “Do it again.”

So, of course, I did. I pushed my tongue into her wanton pussy. I licked her hungry clit, and all the while, I made her moan and moan and moan, and I loved it.

As she continued to grind her pussy against my face, I began to realize she was in control. She could do anything she wanted with my body, and I wanted that. I wanted her to control me. I wanted her to use my body for her pleasure.

I wanted to make her cum.

She just kept moaning and moaning as I ate her. One hand kept pulling me hard against her cunt, and if ever I slacked off, even just a little bit, she would tug on my hair and pull me even harder between her legs, and that was all she needed to do to get my tongue hopping again.

She was moaning like crazy as I ate her pussy and as she fingered her nipples. She was about to cum, and I knew I wanted to make her do that. I wanted to make her cum. I needed to make her cum. I needed to taste her cum in my mouth.

That girl gasped and then she moaned, and then, she was cumming again. I could feel her pussy squirming under my tongue and that just made me lick her harder, and as she continued to cum and as she continued to play with her tiny, little tits, I lapped up everything that she had to offer.

She gave my hair a little pull, just enough to get my attention and I found myself staring up into her deep, dark eyes. “I like that,” she told me. “I want you to do it again.”

That was all she said, but then she was pulling her body up off of mine, but only for a moment, and then she was straddling me again, and again, she was pushing her pussy against my mouth, but this time, she was facing the other way. This time, she wasn’t grabbing my hair. This time, she was sliding her body down and even as I pushed my tongue between her legs, she was doing the same thing to me.

I wanted to make her cum. I needed to make her cum. I moaned as she sunk her tongue between my legs. I needed it so bad.

My hands grabbed that cute, little ass of hers and I pushed my tongue even deeper inside her cunt. I loved the way she moaned. I loved the way she moaned against my cunt. I let my tongue slither up to her clit and the girl moaned again, and I loved that, too.

I squeezed her little butt again and again and again. I mean, I knew it was cute, but I didn’t know how cute it was. Once I had my hands on it, I just couldn’t help myself. That butt was small, but it was also so nice and firm and round. I just loved it.

She was going to make me cum and I knew it. I moaned against her cunt and I tongued her harder. I squeezed her little butt as I felt the passion rising inside me, and then, even as I started to cum, so too, did she. Her pussy just kept cumming and cumming and I just kept licking and licking, and it was just so very cool.

Finally though, Suzie rolled herself off of me and then she laid back on my bed and I figured now was the right time to reassert myself.

I propped myself up on my elbows and I fondled her little, tiny tits. “Are you a virgin?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” the girl asked.

“Has a guy, you know, as he ever fucked you?”

“What is fuck? I don’t know fuck.”

I smiled at her. “Has a guy ever put his cock inside you? Has a guy ever touched you between your legs?”

The girl shook her head. “No. No man has ever touched me there.” She smiled at me. “No woman either, until you. Father wouldn’t like it if a man touched me there.”

“Well, I think we’re going to have to do something about that.”

She looked at me, all puzzled-like, and I knew she didn’t understand, so I went to my dresser and I pulled out a dildo.

“What is that?” Suzie asked wide-eyed.

“It’s a dildo,” I told her, “and I’m going to fuck you with it.”

“But how?”

I smiled at her again. “This part goes around my waist and it clips here like a belt, and this part goes through my legs, and when I’m wearing it, I have a cock just like a boy does.”

“B-b-but where did you get it?”

“I got it from a friend,” I told her. I didn’t have to tell her that I got it from Amber who is my best friend on the cheerleading squad or that Amber is a whore or even that Amber has one just like it that she uses on some of the guys who hire her. I didn’t even after to tell her that I’d gone out whoring with Amber and once I saw what Amber had, I wanted one, too, and so Amber got it for me, and then she used it on me just to show me how it worked and then she let me use it on her. I didn’t have to tell her things. All Suzie needed to know was I got it from a friend.

“I don’t know,” she said dubiously.

“What’s not to know,” I told her. “I’ll be doing all the work.”

The girl bit her lip just a little. “I’m not sure father would like it.”

“Come on,” I told her. “It’ll be fun.”

Even as I said it, I was touching her with my cock, and just the touch of it was enough to make her moan.

“Come on,” I said again. “Let me pop your cherry.”

“I don’t know.”

I continued to stroke her pussy with my cock. “Come on.”

She moaned again. “Okay.”

That was all the invitation I needed. Suzie moaned as I pressed my cock between her lips and then she moaned again as I pressed it between her legs. “Yeah, you like this, don’t you?”

Suzie didn’t say anything. She just moaned as her pussy took my cock.

I pushed my cock a little further in. “You like this,” I prompted her again. “You like my cock.”

“Oh yeah,” Suzie moaned, “it feels good. It feels really good.”

“I’ll bet it does,” I told her. “I’ll bet you want me to fuck you, don’t you.”

Suzie didn’t say anything until I again prodded her with my cock, but then that girl let out a little gasp and she moaned again. “Oh yeah,” she moaned, “I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me.”

“Yeah, that’s right. You’re just another slut, just like me.”

“Just another slut,” the girl murmured. “Just like you.”

I pushed my cock even deeper inside Suzie’s pussy and I loved the way it made her eyes pop open. “Oh my,” she moaned. “Oh my. You’re really going to do it.”

“You bet I am,” I told her, “unless you ask me not to. Do you want me to fuck you?”

The girl bit down on her lip again and then she came to a decision. “I want you to do it,” she told me. “I want you to
fuck me.”

I pushed a bit more of it inside her. I could tell I was right up against her private place. “You want me to fuck you?”

Suzie moaned again but she was too far gone to resist. “Fuck me,” sh
e cried. “Fuck me. For God’s sake, fuck me.”

So I did. Suzie wailed as I pushed that cock past her barrier and she kept on wailing as I kept fucking her, but gradually, her sobs and cries turned to moans of joy, and the more I did it, the more she wanted it.

“More,” she pleaded. “More. Give me more.”

I just kept working that cock in her cunt and Suzie kept on moaning until she just couldn’t take it anymore, and then she was cumming, and when she did, it was like so incredibly fantastic, and she just kept cumming and cumming, and I really knew I loved that girl.

From that time on, I knew Suzie was going to be all right. The way I figured it, even if Suzie wasn’t popular now, if she kept doing what she was doing, she would be popular real soon.

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