Daydreaming Part II


“What!?”, Allison said, as she woke up from her previous daydream upset. From the dim light in her room, She could tell it was getting dark, and it was Sunday, So, She wansn’t expecting anyone soon. The phone kept ringing, She tripped over her sheets that were on the floor due to the daydream. She answered the phone to find out it was her mother checking up on her.

“Allison are you O.K.?”, her mother said

“Yeah, I’m Fine, Just Sleeping.”

“O.K. I just was checkin’ up.”, her mother said

After finishing her phone talk with her mother, she quickly hung up the phone, and rushed to clean up her room. As she was cleaning up her dream wondered around her mind. Did it happen or not. Seconds’ later she thought she would get down to the truth. She called up Latel, and told him about her dream, Shocked at what he was hearing couldn’t believe what she was sayin’. So, upon the thought of those guys’ fucking, LaTel, thought it would be a good idea, to make the dream come true. With the thought in mind Allison, said Yes, and LaTel was on his way over.
Allison, started to clean up, when 10 minutes’ later, the doorbell ranged. Allison opened the door to see Latel, standing there in a all black windsuit, with a grin on his face. Allison invited him and turned around and gave him a hug. With that, he quickly picked her up, and laid her on the couch.

“LaTel, we can’t do it here, I have Cousin’s sleeping on it tonight!”, said Allison

“Cool, Can we do it on the floor?”, said LaTel

“Yeah, the floor is fine.”, said Allison

So, getting up, LaTel was the first to lay down, with Allison following right behind him. Nervous at what to do, Allison started to take off his shirt and kiss his chest, While doing this LaTel was so pleased that he was grabbing Allison by her head. She knew LaTel loved it when she kissed him in different areas on his body. Moments’ later they were both naked, and Allison was ready to have LaTel enter her. So she placed herself over his dick, and slowly slid down, with this she was still kissing his neck and chest, This sent chills’ down LaTel’s back. Allison started to increase her speed on riding LaTel, She could tell she was doing a good job, Because LaTel, was rubbing his hand over ass and down her back. Finally LaTel let out a loud Groan, and was cumming inside Allison, Allison Felt this and started to Cum, with him. Allison loved when her and LaTel came together. After they both were back on earth, They switched places, and it was now LaTel’s turn to please Allison. Hours’ Later they were both laying in her bed. LaTel, looked at the clocked and realized that he had to drop some friends’ off before 10:00. So they got dressed and kissed each other off. Before he left, LaTel told Allison that they would continue this again. Allison looked at him in dazement, For she didn’t know what he was talking about. But on a certain day when it is cold and dark, She will finally find out what he means. But that’s another story.

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