Flashing Lights

I get an adrenaline rush every time I raced up the West Side Highway in my ninja-black Aston Martin Vanquish S on a late night. I felt like Knight Rider as I flew passed other cars. Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt album blared from my car that made me drive faster. I thought I would be home in no time, but I was wrong!

Flashing lights and sirens snapped me out of my racing mood. It was the cops. Fuck, this was what I get for being a real asshole tonight! I pulled over and put my driver’s license and registration on the dashboard.

My window was down and I heard the cop walking my way. I took a quick peek at the rearview mirror and realized it was a woman. When we finally made eye contact, I was almost speechless. She was a light-skinned Ebony babe with long brown hair and beautiful dark eyes. Her uniform did very little to hide her plush body. On her badge, it had the name Fairchild. We stared at each other for a few minutes without saying a word.

“Can I see your driver’s license and registration please?” Officer Fairchild’s voice was soft and innocent.

“Sure, here it is.” I said, as I handed it to her. My hand accidentally touched her nice firm, round breasts. “Oh, I’m so sorry.”

To my surprised, Officer Fairchild did not say a word. Instead, she smiled and walked back to her car. Damn, she had a fat ass! This goddess had no business being a police officer. She should be earning millions of dollars walking up and down the catwalk.

“Can you please get out the car, sir?” Officer Fairchild asked.

“Why, what’s the problem?”

“You have to come with me down to the station.” Officer Fairchild continued. “Apparently, you have many unpaid parking tickets and is driving a stolen car.”

“Come on now, this is bullshit.” I was almost livid. “First, I am rich and do not need to steal any cars. Second, I pay all my bills. I am Mar’e, the founder of Goodfella$ magazine. I know you heard of it.”

“Maybe we can work this out, handsome.” Officer Fairchild had a nasty twinkle in her eye.

“What?” I smiled.

“You’re going to play a game with me.” Officer Fairchild licked her lips. “Get in my car.”

“What about my car, I can’t leave it here!”

“Nothing is going to happen to your car. Let’s go!”

She handcuffed me, and we walked to the police car. I felt anxious about her “game”. I wondered what she wanted to do with me. Officer Fairchild pulled out a blindfold and told me to relax as she covered my eyes. I felt somewhat uncomfortable, but went with it anyway. As she was driving, many thoughts roamed in my head. I prayed that this situation turned out good. 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop” was playing on the radio, and I could hear Officer Fairchild singing the chorus to the song.

When she removed the blindfold and handcuffs, I realized we were inside an apartment. Slowly, she stripped out of her uniform like an exotic dancer. Her nakedness made me want to taste her love juice. Officer Fairchild walked seductively to me, which was a turned on. As we kissed, our tongues wrestled, and our hands explored the right places. She helped me stripped down, and led me to her love chamber, the bedroom.

Officer Fairchild sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. As I wrapped the condom on, her pussy got wet as she watched me. She used her fingertips to hold her genitals lips apart, showing me the wet pinkness inside.

“I want you to eat me, Mar’e. I want you to eat this pussy.”

With a boyish smile, I got on my knees and started licking. I tongued and sucked on Fairchild’s clit, which was juicy. She moved her pussy closed to the bottom of my face, wanting more.

“You like that, don’t you?” I asked in a deep voice.

“Yes, baby.” Officer Fairchild moaned.

Officer Fairchild shrieked and had an orgasm. I pushed my dick inside her creamy pussy, and Officer Fairchild let out a little whimper. I could not believe how fast and hard I slid in and out of the pussy, loving every second her genitals muscles griped my dick. Her body trembled again, and the sight of this drove me wild. I began fucking her even faster. Officer Fairchild bit down on her bottom lip to keep from shrieking. She could not take it as she hollered my name and had one explosive eruption. I giggled as I watched her leg shake uncontrollably.

Officer Fairchild opened her eyes, looked into mine, and said, “I want to ride you.”

Her sheets felt so cool and moist on my back. The sight of my dick standing tall as a flagstaff made me chuckled. Officer Fairchild climbed on top of me and gave me the wild ride of my life. I had a firm grip on her rounded hips. After several minutes of the cowgirl position, Officer Fairchild slowed down and collapsed on me.

“You’re incredible!” I said.

“I needed that dick, Mar’e.” Officer Fairchild confessed. “You definitely calmed me down. Well, this game is over. Let’s get dress and get your car, lover boy.”

We got dressed and drove back to the area where I parked my car. I rushed to my Aston Martin, and felt relieved that it was still there unharmed. As we French kissed, the sun began to rise. The sunlight made Officer Fairchild’s face glowed. She handed me a ticket and walked back to her police car.

As I stood there shaking my head, Officer Fairchild drove off and honked at me. To my surprised, the ticket was blank. In the back, it had the name Nikki and a cell number. Smiling, I hopped back in my car and gunned it into gear.

What a night!

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