We did have a normal life so far for the past 2 years. Well, yes, sort of: I was late fifties and my new girlfriend just 19; we had met in junior community college 2 years ago, she came from. a very strict family, and so she got deflowered at 17.
Oh, I had always liked my girls pretty young, around their twenties; I was happy to show them the world with its fun and attractions. Anyway, we had a pretty cool sex life, although I always wanted to expérience something new.
Looking for excitement (I was thinking of a threesome, with another girl) we décided to go to a piano bar while spending a weekend in the suburbs of Atlanta.
When we arrived the place was already in full swing; pretty crowded, cool music, I figured it would be simple to attract a girl to join us, especially with an attractive girl like Amy by my side: Amy had a gorgeous smile, a great set of boobs, super legs and a very cute ass; she was wearing a flashy miniskirt, a short top with deep cleavage, and a pair of stillettos.
We had just sat down to order a drink and this young black well-dressed stud comes to our table:
Good evening, my name is Sam, welcome to our place; and – talking to Amy he added: let me start you with your first dance here. Amy looked at me for approval, but he had already taken her hand and pulled her towards him, so she followed him to the dance floor.
It was a kind of hip hop playing, people were jumping all over the floor.
This first dance was followed by a slow: Sam kept Amy on the dance floor; she put her hands on his shoulders; her miniskirt was really high up this way; I saw him he put both his hands on her ass, and so they started this slow dance.
Meanwhile our drinks had arrived so I was sipping my drink while looking around for nice-looking girls.
I noticed a few cuties not too far from. our table. Then, looking back to the dance floor I saw Amy and her dance partner, but wow: this guy had lifted up her miniskirt and had his hands right on her ass cheeks ! I swallowed my drink in 1 shot; looked again and saw that Sam was actually fingering my girfriend right there on the dance floor. This guy only met her a few minutes ago !!
I swallowed Amy’s drink too !! Could not believe my eyes !!
After this dance Sam brought her back to our table, and sat down between Amy and myself.
- Nice girl, he commented to me while he was rubbing her thigh with his hand (he was slowly going from her knee to all the way to under her miniskirt); he then added : I want you to come to my place, it’s not far from here. Let’s go. He stood up and took Amy by the hand : she followed.
His words were like orders. Here’s a guy who wouldn’t take no for an answer. So I got up too.
He installed the GPS and told me to drive: Sam and Amy were sitting in the back. He must ‘ve tickled her because I heard her giggling, softly saying: stop it. Then I heard the familiar ploppy sound of a wet pussy being played with: yes, he was fingering her again! With a discreet look in the rearview mirror, I saw Amy’s legs widespread, her miniskirt all up around her waste, and Sam fingerfucking her. This gave me a real hard-on!
This went on for about 10 minutes, then we arrived at a plush villa.
Inside Sam wasted little time:
- The bar is over there, go and get us drinks, he ordered me.
When I brought the drinks, Sam told me:
- Listen, the girl is mine for now; but since you seem nice and kind, I’ll allow you to watch and maybe join a lil later. Just take a seat . And then, turning to Amy, in a commanding voice:
- Get undressed now !
Amy gave me a quick look, then slowly took off her little top and her miniskirt: all she had now was a deepcut bra and a thong.
- Naked !! The order was pretty harsh.
Amy removed her bra, letting perfect tits pop out; then very slowly off came the thong.
- Pick up her underwear ! Sam ordered. I obeyed and went back to sit.
- Pretty nice girl you got, grandpa ! Sam added: I’ll just try her out and see if she can work for us.
- But she doesn’t need a job, I tried to reply
- I AM THE ONE DECIDING HERE , ok ?! The voice was loud and clear.

- On your knees ! Look at me; open your mouth wide; give me a blowjob ; better be good or you’ll get the cane!
Amy sat on her knees and opened his fly: out came this giant black cock; I couldnt believe my eyes.
- Ever played with a big black cock ? Sam asked, smiling. You will feel it deep in your pussy pretty soon, he added, looking at me.
Amy took it with both hands and started licking shaft and balls. Soon it was fully erect: it must ve been over 12 inches, and thick ! Amy could never fit this tool in her mouth !
Sam did not waste any time: holding her head he gave it to her, completely filling her mouth, deepthroating her; Amy was gagging; she had trouble breathing and tried to move her head back; she could not and Sam was enjoying this.
After a few minutes, Sam pushed a button.
In came another guy: he was black as spades and was carrying a cane and a whip.
- Let her have it, Sam ordered. Easy for now, just a litlle warming up.
And you, just continue sucking me, Sam told Amy.
The guy ignored me, walked around to Amy’s back, and whipped her ass 3 times, not too hard, but still to let her feel who was in control.
- OK now, on all fours, you , on this bench! Sam ordered Amy.
There was a bench, about 3ft long by 2 ft wide; Amy obeyed, she was glad to breathe again.
- Spread them wide !
Amy’s knees were not spread open enough, I guess, so the « assistant » got behind her and whipped the inside of her thighs, forcing her to open real wide.
- That’s better ! Nice pink : Sam grinned, when opening her pussy lips with his fingers.
Now you watch, granpa, lil Amy will get fucked by big black cocks.
Is she gonna cry or scream?, Sam laughed.
- Please, no, you are too big, Amy begged.
- Shut up, bitch, Sam snapped !
- But please, you need a rubber, I protested
Sam simply replied: Who’s the boss here, grandpa?
He positioned himself behind Amy; the assistant went in front of her , grabbed her tits and pressed and pulled hard on her nipples: it was painful, Amy grimaced., pressing her lips together.
Suddenly she gasped as Sam’s fingers found the sensitive nub of her clit.
Sam could feel her body tense and focused on her sensitive part: he rolled the clit between thumb and index, squeezing hard. Amy moaned.
In spite of herself, Amy could feel a warm urgent need building within her.
She tried to fight the wave of pleasure that was slowly engulfing her body. She could not believe that two black strangers could have this undesired effect on her, playing with her tits and clit. But little by little she could feel the small bolts of electricity spreading quickly across her body. Her legs went slack and her whole body relaxed as she unwillingly surrendered.
At that very same moment Sam drove the tip of his cock into Amy’s very wet pussy, stretching it to the limit; Amy moaned in pain as her young white pussy stretched to accommodate the immense invading black cock, as she was totally unaccustomed to such bulk and size.
She let out a painful cry and immédiately the assistant look advantage of the moment: he grabbed her head and put his dick in Amy’s mouth.
My girl was now being fucked by 2 black cocks , mouth and pussy, all this in front of my very eyes.
- Enjoying the show? Sam asked me
What could I say?
- Get yourself ready, it will be your turn soon , Sam added.
I had a raging hard-on, but couldn’t see myself putting my 6 inch into a fully stretched soaking pussy !
Then I saw the assistant grunt and shoot his cum in Amy’s mouth
- Better swallow, you slut, he ordered.
Then, turning to me:
- Come on, you, grandpa , you may kiss the bride now! Give her a nice French kiss so you taste my cum, cuckold !
I got up , kneeled in front of Amy and gave her a deep kiss: there was so much
cum she had not swallowed it all. She had tears in her eyes, but she also seemed to be having an orgasm !
Meanwhile Sam was still
fucking her from behind; he was pounding her like there was no tomorrow; he picked up the pace, ramming his giant black organ into her mercilessly. Again and again he pounded her and Amy’s body shook under the impact like she was a little doll.

-And here is the cream being pumped in by uncle Sam ! he said, flooding Amy’s pussy with several waves of his cum.
- Now, grandpa, come eat creampie and taste the best cum in this area !
I got up and walked over to the other side of the bench where Amy was on all fours; Sam took his cock out of Amy’s drenched pussy, and walked towards her head:
You’re a good little white bitch; now clean my tool.
And, turning to me: go ahead, eat her out now! And he added:
Amy will stay here with us, old man !
We’ll continue her training till she’s ready.
And so, our weekend to Atlanta did not bring what we expected. I returned up north alone.
Sam décided to keep Amy as she had passed the test with honors ! After a week she was advertised in his escort agency a

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