Keri Makin’ Music

It was a Friday night. The temperature was hot and humid, perfect for partygoers! I saw many of them as I drove my silver 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder up the animated streets of Manhattan. My destination was a midtown Manhattan wine bar called the Lea Lounge to see my friend, Keri. She was a new R&B singer from Atlanta. Keri was doing a free live performance to promote her music.

As I entered the bar, I heard Keri’s nice soulful voice. She looked sexy with her golden skin tone and shiny asymmetric bob hairstyle. Her short top exposed her perfectly defined six-pack abs. Keri surprised me that she got her ass in those tight jeans. I had my eyes glued on Keri!

Keri was very happy to see me standing by the bar. We made a lot of eye contact as she sang. I took a few alluring glimpses of her toned tummy when she swayed in time with the music. I kept on imagining us having wild sex at a romantic setting with her music playing softly.

Keri sang her last song and rushed to me smiling. I knew every man in the place wondered what my relationship with her was.

“Hey, how are you doing, mister?” Keri asked.

“I’m fine, sweetheart.” I kissed her. “You were amazing up there.”

“Thank you; I love the energy of a New York crowd,” Keri admitted.

“Yeah, the New York crowd is the toughest. If they love you, you are going to make it! Come on, let’s have a few drinks.”

The lounge darkened and the deejay was playing some of Keri’s music and the latest rap tunes. Keri and I had a few shots of Patrón and Cîroc, and we were feeling great. We were celebrating the joy of life! I took a few peeks of Keri’s erect nipples. She caught me and chuckled.

“I’ll bet you want to squeeze my tits, don’t you, Mar’e?” Keri leaned over and kissed me.

“That’s right.” I said, as I palmed and massaged her tits. “You’re so fucking hot, baby girl! You know I want to fuck you, right?”

Keri grinned like a naughty girl. “What makes you think you deserve this pussy?”

“Because you know I have the best sex,” I murmured.

“You’re crazy,” Keri laughed. “You’re funny, I’ll give you that. Come on and give me the best sex, Mar’e!”

Keri took me by the hand and we exited the lounge.

After taking a few pictures with fans, Keri asked me, “Where is your ride?”

“The Lamborghini right there on the corner,” I told her.

“Let’s go, playboy!” Keri hollered. “I see you BALLIN’!”

We hopped inside the Lamborghini and headed uptown. I had Keri’s music blaring from the car. Her music was R&B with a nice blend of hip-hop and soul. I enjoyed listening to her voice! I felt Keri would not only succeed on looks, but also on her God-giving talents.

We ended up going to her luxury hotel room at the Trump International Hotel & Tower. In the bedroom, we gave each other massages. All the soft and aggressive touching made us horny. My dick was so erect that I could poke a hole in these sheets. We kissed passionately and then our clothes relaxed nicely on the floor.

I loved how Keri’s body glowed in the dark like a summer firefly. With her legs spread wide open, I showed Keri how much of an expert I was at cunnilingus. As I performed my tongue action, Keri moaned softly and squeezed her nipples. She got so excited that she had one orgasm after another. My efforts excited her so much that she literally crawled off the bed trying to avoid contact from my tongue. Keri giggled as she moved halfway off the bed. I tongued away as I held her firmly. Her cries stereophonically bounced off the walls.

I pulled Keri back on the bed and entered her pussy. Warm pleasure filled my groin as I started thrusting. With each stroke, I was going faster—it felt great. Keri’s eyes were full of lust.

“Take it, baby,” She screamed out, “Handle this pussy! You’re going to make me cum with your big dick!” Her body shook, and she climaxed again. “Yes!”

“Lord…mercy,” I stuttered, as I caught my breath.

Keri jumped up and pushed me down on my back.

“I’m going to work you,” She murmured. She got on top of me, and rode me like a crazed woman in Amazon heat—bouncing up and down. “I got that kinda pussy that’ll keep you off the streets!”

I was in awe how deep my dick was inside her and how great it felt. Any second, I knew I was about to ejaculate. I passed the point of no return and pulsed out a load that felt like a fire hydrant on full blast. Keri fell on top of me—she chuckled and kissed me on the lips. The rest of the night, we enjoyed each other in every imaginable way.

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