Love's Fond Embrace

At first, I thought this relationship was not going to last. She was about 7,000 miles away, working for a humanitarian organization. I was back in the States, working hard to keep all my bills paid and able to talk to her (especially with a 7 hour time difference).

Finally, she sent me an e-mail telling me to meet her at the airport, she was finally coming home from her assignment. First thing that ran through my mind was seeing her depart the front doors of the terminal. That first look in her eyes when she sees what she only saw on a computer monitor or printed from a digital photo she saved onto a disc. And her looking into my eyes, seeing the pain of the separation and lonliness.

We met through a mutual friend at a party for an activist group. I was passionate about protecting pets from speeding motorists and enacting tougher laws when a pets death was caused by reckless driving. I had a friend that connected me with lawmakers, law enforcers, and lobbyists. During the party, I met a great looking woman, about 24 years young (I don’t dare say old, or I might get my face slapped), slender, equally passionate about preventing starvation in Africa. We talked and started a great friendship. I gave her my e-mail and IM name, and she gave me hers. I agreed to be online to chat and fellowship with her.

During the 7 months she spent in Western Africa, she relayed back to me what the scenery was like there. I had just started with a new job, otherwise I could have gone with her, too. She sent me pictures of her, and I sent her my pictures from work, home, and out with lobbyist friends that were celebrating some bill being passed. I keenly kept her aware of what was going on back home and she lavished lovely phrases on my window. I wanted so much to touch her, to wrap my arms around her, and to make her my very own forever.

Our eyes locked at the airport terminal, her rolling luggage contained her meager possessions she carried with her, and contained a special gift for me when we got to my place. I had taken the liberty of getting a hotel room for the night when she returned. I told her, “We need to do some serious catching up.” She told me what she couldn’t put on a computer, of the suffering she encountered and witnessed; of the mother giving up her portion of lunch so her kid could eat. Sacrifices were made the whole time, so I gave my time for a little while she gave me a lesson in compassion I already thought I had learned, yet knew that I needed refreshing in that course.

When she finally finished what she was saying, she looked at me with longing eyes, placed my hand on her thigh and said, “I want you, Jeremy. I want you to do to me what you have been fantacizing about since I left.” I leaned over to kiss her, she leaned over and passionately kissed me until we both were breathing hard. My normally limp cock was standing at full erection and bigger than what I had measured.

I asked her if she wanted me to take her shirt off. She told me to take that and her bra off as well. I complied with her request. While I marveled at her newly exposed breasts, she placed my mouth over her right nipple. I instinctively started suckling on the nipple. She let out a moan of satisfaction and asked me if I would like to take my clothes off and finish disrobing her. I became fully willing and unzipped her skirt from her hips, letting them fall off her body and limply to the floor. Her satin thong left very little to the imagination. I quickly got on my knees, pulled her thong gently from around her hips and kissed her stomach, trailing kisses down to her already moist clit. She had me get my pants off before getting back to her delicious kitty. My cock was at throbbing attention, all 7 inches of it, and craving her wet pussy to envelop around my shaft.

She laid on the bed, just as naked as I was, and I joined her at the hips. Her wet clit wrapping around the head of my cock, making the nerves stand nearly at the surface of the skin. I quickly plunged the rest of my throbbing dick into her tight, wet pussy. She let out a moan that was positively charged and ready for the ecstacy that was to follow.

I started building a rhythm with her movements. She arched her back as I pulled out momentarily to lay beside her on the bed. She pulled a leg to take my throbbing penis, already soaked with her juices and my precum. I re-entered her and was breathing as deeply as she was. I could not control all the passion I wanted to let loose on her. I wanted her to experience what I was longing for all that time she was gone. She looked at me and said, “What are you waiting for, fuck my pussy and let all that cum out!”

I started to kiss her neck as I built a rhythm again, faster and harder. I was reaching deeper into her body, probing her with my dick until I fit in her like a glove. She rubbed her outer lips of her labia, then brazenly grabbed my balls and started to rock on my stiff dick for all it was worth. She moaned every other breath and I was supporting her while she was riding me for all it was worth.

I could feel my penis suctioning inside the vagina and making a vacuum sound she moaned every thrust and was playing with her breasts in between my kissing her nipples and fondling them. I was beginning to lose control, but it felt great every thrust of my hip into her.

I was moaning as well, she was saying, “Fuck me! Take Me for all it’s worth you bastard! Fill me with your nut’s worth and more!” I matched her cries as she was reaching her climax. I was moaning and I could feel all the juice from my shaft start to blast into her. I did not pull out as she let out a loud moan and collapsed onto my chest. She was still locked into love with me, as I did not pull out. We were still throbbing as the orgasm passed both our bodies. Her breasts touched my chest, her hands touched my ass, my hands brought her tight pussy closer to my hips. We kissed for hours after the orgasm left us. We were still connected at the loins, not wanting the moment to pass us by. She finally said, “I want you to be mine forever, to hold me and for me to hold you like this as long as we both shall love together.”

We got up and she pulled her luggage from beside the bed. She pulled a robe out for me to put on and a box she purchased from London. It had a latex brief with the moulding of the cock and balls attached. She wanted me to try it on and see if it fit me like a glove. So I put the robe on; it was made of silk, and made me horny just wrapping the robe around my chest. I put the latex bikini on and all my parts sealed like a second skin to me. I got hard again just thinking about what she was going to do to me when I got out of the bathroom.

She said, “Go ahead, let me see your crotch.” I opened the robe, the latex covered shaft and balls were standing at attention. Her crotch was still opened and ready to take more of me for a second time. She wrapped her arms around me and said, “I said I wanted you forever.” I knew she meant it, as we kissed again. Our tounges forging into each other’s mouths. Her hands traced her way down to my pecker, which she promptly stroked until I couldn’t stand it any longer. I made my way to her crotch, kissing and sucking all the way to her lower labia, I hit her clit with my tounge and she let out a moan, convulsing her hips against my face as I sucked her clit. I immediately heard her say, “Damnit! FUCK ME!!”

I threaded my rubberized shaft into her pussy, she moaned louder and harder. She pulled me to her face and passionately kissed me until her tounge reached the back of my mouth. I was thrusting just as hard as I did the last time. She started to tell me she was about to cum. I came in her and pulled out to take the latex brief off, she squirted her cum all in my face. I licked every bit of it off her thighs, crotch, and legs. She wanted to keep her face on my face to kiss me more. I sa
id I needed to clean up, but I can do it later. She held
me beside her under the covers, naked, glowing from passionate love. She said, “I Love You!” I nodded to her and replied, ” I love you, too.” We both fell off to sleep and stayed under the covers holding our naked bodies and caressing them all night.

The next morning, I put the robe she gave me on, and she pulled the pants to put on with them. I said, “What are these pants for?” She replied, “To make you beautiful. These are the sleep pants that come with the robe. I bought a matching thong for you with this as well. I figured you liked silk and to wear it on you is sensual.” I couldn’t agree more. I kissed her and cupped her breast as I planted my other hand on her tight ass. She wrapped her arms around me and we kissed until checkout time.

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