Luvjonesin' Part 2 Not Just Talk

His masculinity is a powerful aphrodisiac. I can feel his strength before we even touch. Tall and broadly built, I can see this eventhough he’s sitting, quite relaxed, in the driver’s seat. His muscles show through a knit shirt and tight dockers. Yeah, dockers. So? “What makes you attracted to black men?” “I had a crush on my best friend, a fine black man, in college, but we never consummated the mutual attraction. I’ve been frustrated ever since.” I laugh and give him a broad smile which actually surprises me because it comes naturally like I’m a silly schoolgirl again. “I find that a lot with white women from Utah. They are frustrated. All-you-all have all this pent up sexual energy. These white boys must not know much about good fucking. I assure you, I do.” “You’ve had a lot of Utah women?” I ask interested. “Enough,” he smiles, “But I don’t kiss and tell. I’m disease free and always safe. I wrap it up before it goes in. Whadda bout you?” “I’m clean,” I say simply and honestly, glad for the pleasures of safe sex. He softly takes my chin in his hand and kisses me. Another surprise. Since I was a wanton wench in my personal ad, I thought he’d just let loose his cock and demand I fuck it. The kiss is warm, soft but firm. Those beautiful chocolate lips pushing against mine. Yikes! The electricity goes right to my cunt. He puts more pressure on my lips and snakes his tongue in. He has the god damn longest tongue I have ever had in my mouth. I suck on it like a hungry little pig and move my large breasts against his chest. A soft moan escapes my throat. He pulls away. “Before we do this, I have to tell you something about black men.” OK? I say, intrigued. I think he is going to warn me about the myth that black men are superhumanly endowed which excites me but doesn’t impress me. I like dick, period. Does not have to be huge to make me shoot to the moon. Just hard and willing. “It’s not about my cock,” he says, as if reading my mind. (Maybe he saw me staring at the bulge growing in his very proper pants.) I meet his panther eyes. “Most brothers like sex. And we like women who like sex. It’s a good thing. We don’t see it as something to be ashamed of. It’s like breathing. We don’t say, Oh my God you take in oxygen everyday, your an air addict, I’m going to go tell your mother! Sex is a good, healthy, natural thing. And when it’s done right, it only gets better with time. When I make you come, you will beg for more.” Okay, I just fell in love. I actually giggled at his humor. 36 years old and giggling in a stranger’s car like he’s going to pop my cheery all over again. No, actually, it was a great thing to know he felt this way and all, but after that steamy kiss, now I AM interested in what’s pushing against his fly, actually lifting the waist of his pants off his flat stomach. I think I see the head. I say a little whispered nasty prayer “Thank you, God.” I think God must be a woman because she made this guy and that definitely takes a woman’s touch. How are we going to do this? I ask. “I’ve got a blanket in the back seat, give me a look at that sweet little ass and hop back there and get it.” I’m wondering what good a blanket will do when we are parked smack dab in the middle of a busy city park. But I do as I’m told. As I’m backing my way up to get back into the front of the truck, blanket in hand, his large hand stops me as he runs it over my ass, between my legs and squeezes my pussy through my pants. “Damn girl, you are soaked through. I only thought that happened to 16 year olds.” His laugh is deep and throaty. Something about it sounds gutteral almost animal. My heart jumps and I realize mixing with my excitement is a bit of fear. Maybe I’ve biten off more than I can chew. But his hand feels so good. I push against it as a throw myself into the front seat next to him. He starts the engine. “I want you to suck me off in the mountains.” Oh, so that’s how it’s gonna be. I love sucking cock. But I adore the in and out, intercourse, humping, animal fucking even more. I’m thinking selfishly, this man has got to be in his mid-40s, he’s in good shape but older men cannot always get it up again and I feel like this is going to be too much of a quicky for me to get off in the way I’ve needed to for at least a year. He’s right about Utah women. Frustrated, horny, about to explode all over his hand. Before I can even let these thoughts penetrate my mind, he adds, “Then I’ll ride you like a fucking roller coaster.” We’ll see. I put my hand on his crotch, fuck it’s a rock, as we drive out of the park. Once in the canyon, he says, “Unzip.” I start to undo the snap of his pants. “Not me. You.” Aight then. He slips his hand over my belly and into my jeans. “You’ve got a beautiful pussy, I can tell. I’d love to taste it. Will you come for me baby?” “You can do this and drive through the canyon at the same time?” His fingers find my clit. “I’m versatile,” he smiles, his straight white teeth flashing like a devil with a secret. “And you are very wet. Undo your blouse sweetheart and let me see your tits.” He lets go of my mound and adjusts the rearview mirror to give him a look at my breasts. He’s eyeing them like lunch and he skipped breakfast. He’s also negotiating the turns like Andretti. He is versatile, I think as I slowly undo my blouse, button by button. “They look delicious, baby. Let them loose.” I undo by black lace bra from the front. I’m a front clasp kinda girl. He seems to like this. He makes my pussy burn just by looking at my boobs. I lay my head back on the seat, take my half-dollar size rosy buds in my fingers and roll my nipples until they stand at attention. Then I look him in the eye in the mirror, pull one of my breasts up to my mouth (they are that big) and lick the red eraser with my tongue. He pushes his hand back into by panties. Now, how a man can finger fuck me while driving a big truck through a twisting canyon, I don’t know. But this one did. I let my boobs drop, my blouse wide open for any passing motorist to see, I push both my hands against his hand, helping him pump me to an impending orgasm. I stutter out, “You-have-very-long-fingers.” I want this O to blow my head off so I try to hold back. But I hear that warm, deep voice again. “Cmon baby, let go. You know you want it, need it.” Deep moans rush out of me like water from a tub faucet. I can’t hold back. Just then his thumb deftly brushes my throbbing clit. That sends me over the edge. I gush and shake and, gahd, snort like a bull. He holds my cunt in his hand until it stops its spasms. I take a deep breath and smile, “Ok, I’m done. Pull over and let me out.” We both laugh. My fingers are on his snap. I look at him, “May I?” Please do, Miss. I pull down the zipper. He pops out like a steel bar. Shit this man has a bull dick. It should have it’s own surname and street address. I should be delighted but suddenly I’m scared. Miss fuck me across your desk, on a picnic table, in your truck is frightened of little old horse cock. Isn’t this every girl’s dream? I’m not sure I can get this thing in my mouth let alone my tight hole. I let out a little squeak. “You can do it baby, just give it a try.” I circle the tip of his red-chocolate cock with my tongue. My mind is devising a plan. I will suck him off slowly and thoroughly and he will be gloriously happy and satisfied. Won’t be able to pull it back up again. I’ll be off the hook. Jeez, I’m getting cold feet. All I’ve wanted for months is a good fuck. But this man is an anomily. He’ll tear me apart. I mean I’m very appreciative of the orgasm and I like the feel of his piston in my mouth. I’m sucking now and running my fingernails across his balls. But I don’t want to get hurt. It’s a natural survival instinct preserve the pussy kind of thing. His hand is gentle on my head. I hear his breathing quicken and deepen. His prick gets even harder. “Do you swallow?” I keep working him and nod yes with his member still in my mouth. I love the taste of a man’s cum. I love feeling him shoot down my throat. The surrender. The shudders. He is not going to be quiet about this. I think to ask if he wants to p
l over but he seems to be negotiating the road just fine. In control and out of control all at the same time. I’m impressed. My fear has subsided. I’m going to give him the orgasm of his life and we’ll part friends. “Baby, that is so good. God, I’m gonna give you a belly full of salty juice. You better be ready. Damn. Oh, yeah, girl just like that. Steady and hard. Take it all. Suck it all the way down. I’m fucking your pussy. I bet it’s sweet. Can’t wait to get in there.” To my horror I then realize this man is part German Shepherd. Right before he comes, his 10″ cock, thick as a stair banister, just grew 2 inches. I swear. No fucky for me with this sweet man. Too big and beautiful. I guess you really can be too rich, too thin and too BIG. I’m disappointed but resigned to have him spurt his hot liquid down my throat. And he does just that with a huge growl. Holding my head there until he’s empty. “You are a keeper,” he laughs. We are quiet for minute, with my head in his lap, my hot cheek against his fading hardon. I’m quite content, really. Then he breaks the sweet silence, “These moutains are beautiful. Let’s find a place.” A place? I ask. “Yeah, to fuck. I really want to get inside you. Ride you. Hear you scream in my ear.” I look from his spent cock to his face. I hold him gently in my hand. “Your mind is willing but I think this big piece of flesh is weak.” “Oh, girl, you really haven’t been with a black man. At least not this one. You let me worry about Mr. Shorty.” I am now very worried about Mr. Shorty, who is no where near short.

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