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Did not know swinging was so much fun part 1

My wife and I have been talking for a couple of years about going out to a swingers bar. So one day we were able to go out so we decided to go for it we have not done anything with anyone but sure was curious about it. The one we picked was in a hotel so we got us a room and when the club opened we went down and found us a seat. We must have been there for a couple of hours watching everyone around us seemed to be a really nice place.
My wife is really a sexy lady she stands about 5’6 130 lbs 36c with shoulder brown hair (we’ll call her Misty)
I am 6’4 225 black hair. Well anyway as we sat there and drink a few drinks feeling really good but no one talking to us. Well Misty was wearing a short miniskirt dress one piece looking really good so we went to the dance floor and started dancing she a whole lot better dancer then I am. After we got done dancing we went back to our table. It wasn’t 5 minutes later when a couple asked to join us as they sat down and introduced them selves to us as Steve and Brenda. Steve was a not bad looking guy he stood about 6’0 maybe 230 and Brenda was a pure knock out. She was about the same height as Misty and she had a good 36c also and really perky blonde hair past her shoulders. wearing a half shirt and miniskirt. As we sat there for a while and chatted I felt Brenda hand on my leg moving up toward my crouch looking a bit surprised I quickly turned toward her and with a big smile on her face asked if every thing was ok. I nodded yes as I heard Steve if Misty would join him on the dance floor. As he stood up and took her hand leading her out leaving Brenda and me at the table. It didn’t take Brenda long after they left to find my crouch and started massaging it making me hard as a rock in my slacks as I glanced down at her long legs her skirt was pulled up so that I could see she sweet box bold as a babies butt and looking good. She moved the chair over closer to me so we were touching legs. I moved my hand down to her leg sliding it up to her pussy as she opened her legs as I was able to rub her pussy I glanced up to the dance floor to see Misty and Steve dancing a fast dance rubbing on each other as Steve’s hands was pulling Mist’s skirt up for all to see and rubbing his hand over her sweet mound. Brenda had unzipped my pants and had her hand deep into my slacks as my finger was working into her mound before I knew it my cock was out of my pants and Brenda was stroking it in public as I was working her mound in public also. No one seemed to care I really couldn’t take my eyes off Steve and Misty on the dance floor as I could see Steve with his hand between my wife’s legs right there when I noticed another man move up to them moving her shoulders strap off her exposing her breast and then sucking on them. I noticed that Misty had one hand behind her back on Steve’s cock and then moved one to the guy in front of her. I glanced over at Brenda as she didn’t miss a beat on my cock stroking it slow and soft as I rubbed her pussy. I could tell that Brenda was about to cum her breathing got really heave and fast when I glanced back to the dance floor to my surprise my lovely wife hand two cocks in her hand and stroking them as the men was feeling her up one on her great tits and one feeling her pussy.
Brenda got up off her chair and moved over to me lifting her skirt and sitting on my lap sliding my hard cock into her wet hot pussy as grinding her hips into my cock as she sat there. When all of a sudden Misty and Steve showed back up to the table Misty leading Steve to the table by his cock as Steve sat down Misty sat on his lap asBrenda sat on mine I noticed that Misty had also slide her hot pussy on Steve’s cock as she started fucking him right there. I reached up to feel Misty’s still exposed tits to find that Brenda had one in her mouth sucking on it as I moved to see what was going on I also noticed that Brenda was playing with Steve’s balls and Misty’s pussy at the same time. Both women just fucking the shit out of us right there in the club and no one caring was such a turn on as I heard Steve give out a moan and arching his back knowing he was shooting a big load deep inside my wife as Brenda started humping me faster and harder I noticed that Misty was off his lap and between my legs licking Brenda’s pussy and my balls at the same time as I couldn’t hold back anymore and let it explode deep inside Brenda’s pussy. The ladies said now lets go to the room for round two

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