Maid in Japan

Tomiko’s world had suddenly fallen apart the day her parents died.

The shy, sixteen-year-old school girl had been expecting to go to college but as the state of her father’s finances became clear, one thing was clear. She was destitute. There would be no college for her, not now and not ever.

Two years later found the young Japanese woman working as a maid for an American family. The man was a businessman of some sort, although Tomiko didn’t know what, and his wife shopped, and then there were the two young children to take care of.

As was her way, the shy and unassuming young woman was very quiet, so quiet in fact that she sometimes almost appeared to not be there at all. But the young girl was efficient, too. There was no doubt that she was a hard worker and there was no doubt that she kept the house in very good order.

Tomiko was looking forward to a night off. The mother had taken the children to visit with friends and wouldn’t be back until the next afternoon and the man of the house really required very little effort at all. In fact, a fire blazed away in the fireplace as he sat there with his newspaper and a glass of whiskey, and that was where Tomiko expected him to stay. All that was needed was one final check with the master of the house and then the night would be her own.

“Is there anything more I can do for you, this evening,” she asked timidly.

The man looked up as he took another drink of whiskey. “Ah, Tomiko,” the man said, “there you are. I was just thinking about you.”

“Me, sir?” the girl asked.

“Yes, indeed. Would you come here, please?”

Tomiko fretted just a little bit as she approached the man. This was out of the ordinary and Tomiko did not like things that were out of the ordinary.

“Would you turn around for me?” the man asked, and again, Tomiko complied with the request. This was very out of the ordinary.

The man seemed to be tugging at the short skirt of her maid’s uniform and then Tomiko realized what he was doing. He was bringing the bottom of the skirt up and folding it in under the waist of the skirt, leaving her panties very much exposed. The panties didn’t stay exposed for long because moments later, the man was sliding them down Tomiko’s legs and then they were lying at her feet.

Tomiko felt the man grab first one and then the other of her bare cheeks with his hand. He would stroke it a bit and then he would give her cheek a hard squeeze before then moving on to the other.

“You have a very nice ass,” the man told her, “so nice and tight and compact. I like that.”

Tomiko really wasn’t sure how to respond to something like that.

Apparently, the man didn’t need a response from her. He just kept squeezing Tomiko’s little, round butt and telling her just how nice her ass was.

“Have you ever had sex, Tomiko?” the man asked.

“No, never,” the girl responded.

“Excellent,” the man replied as he continued to fondle the girl’s bottom, and Tomiko couldn’t for the life of her figure out what was excellent about her not having sex before, but she wasn’t sure she liked the way this was going.

“Tomiko, would you kneel down in front of me?”

“Yes, sir,” she told the man.

“Get in as close as you can,” the man told her and that was when Tomiko realized that he wanted her to move in between his open legs.

“Open my belt,” the man told her and Tomiko looked up at him in surprise. “Open my belt,” the man repeated, and then to Tomiko’s surprise, she realized she was actually doing it.

The man took another sip of whiskey. “Open my slacks and unzip them,” he told the kneeling girl.

Tomiko stared helplessly at the man’s crotch. She’d come this far, she thought so she couldn’t very well stop now, but she was afraid of what would come next. She looked at the man’s slacks and then her hands were moving, and she was opening the button at the top and she was sliding down the zipper.

The man took another sip of whiskey. “Slide your hand inside my underwear and pull out my cock,” the man told her.

Tomiko had never heard the word ‘cock’ before but she had a pretty good idea what that was even as she slid her hand inside the man’s pants. Her searching hand found the flap in the front of the man’s briefs and then she was sliding her hand inside, and there it was, like a big, sleeping monster, just waiting for her to disturb it.

The man groaned as Tomiko wrapped her little hand around his cock and then he moaned again as the young maid gave his cock a tug. “Take it easy there,” he told her.

Tomiko kept pulling on the man’s cock until finally, she pulled it out of the man’s pants and then she was looking up at the man.

The man took another swig of whiskey. “All right then,” he told the young woman, “stick that in your mouth and suck on it.”

He couldn’t be serious, Tomiko thought. That thing was huge and her mouth was so small, but one look at the man was all she needed to see. He was very, very serious. She took one last look at that cock, and then she took a deep breath, even as she shoved her mouth as far down as it would go on that rock hard shaft.

The man gasped as the girl took him and then he gasped again as she started to suck on that cock still buried deep inside her mouth. “Move your mouth up and down on that cock as you suck,” he told her.

The girl didn’t say anything. She just started to move her mouth up and down on the man’s cock.

The man groaned to himself. Damn, he thought, that little girl has one tight, little mouth, and hell, she may be a novice, but she still was one hell of a cock sucker. He took another swig of whiskey as the girl continued to suck his cock. He wondered if her pussy was just as tight as her mouth and he smiled to himself. One way or the other, he was going to find out before the night was through.

Tomiko was surprised at two things as she sucked away on her employer’s cock. The first of these was just how easily she had allowed herself to be made to do this, and the second was just how much she enjoyed what she was doing. She loved to make her employer moan and she wanted to do it even more.

The man was starting to moan even louder. Damn, he thought, that little girl was going to do it. She was going to make him cum and he wanted her to do it. He wanted her to make him cum. He wanted to shoot his cum in her little, sucking mouth.

“I’m going to cum,” Tomiko’s employer told her, “and when I do, I wnat you to swallow it. You got that? I want you to swallow my cum.”

Tomiko really had no idea what the man was talking about. Part of her wanted to ask but part of her wanted to keep sucking on that cock. The point really was moot anyway because even as she was trying to decide what to do, she heard the man groan and then she felt the man’s cock swell in her mouth, and then moments later, something warm and wet was surging into her mouth.

Tomiko was so surprised that in spite of what her employer had told her, she almost spit it out, but she remembered what he had said at the very last minute and then she was trying desperately to gulp it down even as more of the cum filled her mouth.

The man moaned. Damn, he couldn’t believe the girl was actually doing it, but one thing was certain. If that girl’s mouth was tight before, it was even tighter as it closed around his cock when she swallowed.

Once she knew what to expect, it wasn’t so bad, Tomiko thought. She thought it exciting that she had been able to give her employer this new kind of service. It would make her an even more valuable employee, and his cumming in her mouth was just the reward for a job well done. Yes, Tomiko thought, this wasn’t all that bad after all. She really was just a very good employee.

He wasn’t cumming as much as he had been before, Tomiko realized and then she realized h
er employer was getting softer in her mouth. Could it be, Tomiko wondered, that her employer was actually disappointed in what she had done and that that was why it h
adn’t lasted longer. Maybe if she had done a better job at sucking on that cock, maybe it would have lasted longer.

Tomiko’s employer wasn’t complaining. His wife didn’t want to suck cock, but this little girl did, and not only did she want to, she actually seemed to enjoy it. Yeah, the man thought, his little Japanese maid was a real cock sucker and that excited him.

Tomiko could feel the man getting harder in her mouth again. This time, she thought, I’m going to do it better. This time, I’ll suck his cock even harder.

The man groaned. Damn, get this girl’s mouth down on a cock and the girl was like a wild woman. She was voracious and if he didn’t watch out, she was going to make him cum again, and as much as he wanted her to make him cum again, he didn’t want it that way.

“Tomiko,” the man told her, “I want you to stop doing that.”

Reluctantly, Tomiko pulled her mouth up off the man’s cock. She was disappointed. She hadn’t even been good enough to get a second chance, but if she ever did get a second chance, she would do better next time.

“Tomiko,” the man said, “I want you to undress yourself.”

Tomiko stood and looked at the man. He was going to ask her to do something else, she realized. Maybe, she thought, if she did a good enough job at this, maybe, she could redeem herself.

The man watched the young woman as she unzipped the short, little skirt and let it fall to the floor. Next came the tight upper part and then it was falling to the floor, too. The girl really did have small tits, her employer realized as Tomiko removed her bra. Heck, the man thought, the bra was hardly needed at all, and then Tomiko was stepping out of her clothes and she kicked them aside, and then there she was, in all her naked glory for her employer to see.

“Come here,” the man told her and Tomiko again stepped between his legs.

His hands were on the girl’s tiny tits and the girl moaned. She liked the way her employer pawed her breasts.

“You like that?” the man asked and the girl just nodded shyly.

The man continued to work over Tomiko’s tits and the girl continued to maon, and it was clear that she was really liking what he was doing to her.

“Turn around,” the man told her, “and let me see your ass.”

The girl turned around and this time, she wasn’t surprised when her employer seized one of her firm, young cheeks and gave it a squeeze.

“I really like your butt,” the man told her as he kneaded her cheek again and then moved his hand to the squeeze the other one, too.

The girl just stood there and moaned. She actually liked the feel of her employer’s hands on her naked body and the more he touched her, the more she liked it and she was finding she especially liked it when he touched her little, round bottom.

“All right,” the man said, “it’s time for you to get fucked.”

Tomiko was pretty sure she knew what that meant and she was pretty sure she should resist but with her employer’s hands all over her little, naked body, all she did was moan as the man pulled her back towards him and then she moaned again as she felt the man’s cock press up against her little, bare bottom.

The man was sliding his cock under the girl even as he pulled the girl up on top of him. The head of his cock was already wedged into Tomiko’s tight pussy but he still hadn’t broken through her virgin barrier, and if Tomiko stood on her very tiptoes, she could keep that cock from going any further into her little, hairy pussy.

“All right then, here we go,” the man told Tomiko, and the girl gasped as he pulled her pussy down onto his cock.

It hurt, Tomiko thought, and she was scrambling to get her pussy up off that cock but even as she was pushing herself up, the man was pulling her back down again.

Tomiko sobbed as her tight, little pussy took the full length of that cock. She was still trying to get herself up off that cock, but this time, when the man pulled her back down on that cock, she moaned happily. Oh geez, that felt good. That felt really good.

Her employer showed Tomiko what she should do.

“Aaaaah, aaaaah, aaaaah,” the girl half-moaned and half-whined as her pussy repeatedly took that cock, as she herself rode that cock and drove herself down on that cock. It felt good. It felt really good.

“Yeah, you like that,” the man said as the girl continued to ride his cock.

Tomiko could only moan breathlessly as she rode her cock, and with a start, she realized she was fondling her breasts even as she rode that cock. She liked it. She liked it a lot.

Tomiko could feel the pleasure building up inside her, almost as if it were centered around that cock in her pussy. She needed that cock and the more she got, the more she needed. She knew she had a nice, tight pussy because her employer had told her so, and she was proud of that, but the pleasure, the pleasure, it was building and getting stronger, stronger, and bigger, and more … more …

Tomiko screamed as her pussy clenched down on the cock inside her and even as her pussy squeezed that cock, she could feel that cock swell inside her.

My employer is cumming in my pussy, Tomiko thought, just like he came in my mouth before, and that thought excited her. She wanted him to cum. She wanted him to fill her up with his juice and the more he did it, the more she liked it.

Tomiko sat on her employer’s lap with his cock still buried deep in her cunt and she knew they’d be doing this again, and suddenly, her future didn’t seem quite as bleak as it had before.

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