Mai's Lust Fulfilled PART 1

Mai was 21 years old, born in China , and raised alternately in Hong Kong and San Diego . She had a boyfriend back on campus, Alec, with whom she’d been with for a little over a year. Alec was the only person she’d ever had sex with, and while she cared for him, she wasn’t sure about whether it should or was meant to last. He actively campaigned against her going to Italy to study, and remained somewhat bitter to the day she left, though he tried hard to hide it.

In her shorts and tank top, she looked fabulous, and in July on the Ligurian coast, there’s no other way to go. She didn’t have the classic supermodel look of 5′-10″ in heels and legs for miles, nor was she the classic athletic build with toned muscle everywhere. Befitting of her asian heritage, she was no more than 5′-4″ standing straight up and while her legs weren’t ‘short’ per se, it didn’t take a whole lot of skirt to cover the mid-thigh. She didn’t have the strikingly good looks of the chinese and japanese models which the internet is chock full of; in fact one of her best friends had once described her as looking ‘cute pan-asian’. There was definitely something about her, though, that made her emit every bit as much sexuality as any beautiful woman you were likely to pass on the street once you were around her for a little while.

Part of it was her personality to be sure: she was pleasant to be around, but very playful. She had a sense of innocence, but would often flash a ‘bad schoolgirl who plays good’ vibe when the mood struck right. Another factor was the way she dressed and carried herself: no one would ever accuse her of dressing risque or skimpy, but she wasn’t shy about exposing her legs (especially in summer) and her feet (virtually year round), either in open sandals or sockless in shoes which would inevitably get flipped off whenever she stood idle or sat down.

She also wasn’t too shy about flashing her midsection, which carried about 5 lbs too many to be flat and thus would bunch slightly at the waistline of her pants or shorts, but to Tom that only added to her appeal; it somehow made her more real. Her shirts were often either unbuttoned near the top or cut fairly low to expose the creamy smooth slight-crevice between her breasts and sometimes the slightly lighter-shaded skin as the top of the cleavage separated itself from her upper chest.

Her breasts weren’t large, but definitely big enough to not be considered too small. Visually, the best view of her was probably from the back. Her delicate neck gave way to toned shoulders and upper back, which made up the most muscular part of her body. Her butt wasn’t big or ‘bubbled out’, but she was definitely spared the flat-board ass that many an asian girl is cursed with. On most days her shorts or pants hugged tight enough to either see her panty line, or give away the fact that she was wearing a thong. Sometimes the top strap would even show above her pants, like today, a dark blue line appearing at each hip above her khaki shorts. A rainbow horizontal-stripe tank top gave way to the caramel-colored skin of her chest and shoulders. The top outline of her basic white bra was exposed as well, especially as she sat casually in the chair.

After a long lunch in the shade in Piazza Rotonda, watching the crowds, drinking wine, and telling stories, the group of 8 broke up at about 2pm to continue their Saturday elsewhere. Jake, Erika, Aaron, and Cathy were headed to the beach, and Carl and Craig were going to train over to Genoa to check out the waterfront district and Columbus museum.

Tom said he wasn’t opposed to logging some beach time, but he was more inclined to finding a shaded cafe there and people watching over another drink or two. Every Saturday since he’d arrived had been spent drawing, exploring, and reading, which was how he’d become better acquainted with Mai, though he’d met her a couple of different times back on campus at UCLA. This time, he was ready for a break, but not for a swim in 80 degree salt water, at least not in 90 degree heat. Mai said she agreed on both counts, but needed a change in clothes to reduce the sweaty feeling of life outside on the coast in summer.

Tom mentioned that her place was on the way to the beach and suggested that he’d walk with her, and wait while she changed and freshened up. Mai said that sounded good, so with the bill settled, the two of them took off into the Borgo Alto toward Mai’s third floor flat in an 18th Century former palazzo halfway between the Lido and Piazza Rotondo, which along with Piazza San Lorenzo della Porto, were the two centers of community activity in the small coastal city of Portascala. About two blocks down a narrow alley from the Piazza, Tom said that he wanted to show something to Mai, and let her through an open gate between buildings.

“Where in the world are we going? We aren’t going to get shot at, are we?” she asked with a chuckle. “No, it’s cool, no one in Italy owns guns…except for the polizia, so hopefully they don’t discover that we’re trespassing on their property. No one would miss a couple of foreign students like us, you know?” “Yeah, right,” she said with a smirk. After a walk down a short alley and through a garden, they entered a door, and found themselves in a beautiful, completely empty gothic chapel. The lights weren’t on, and even at the height of the summer afternoon light, it was dark at the top reaches of the high vaulted ceiling. Various statues, adorned in Roman Catholic ministry regalia, ringed the perimeter of the room, gazing down at them solemnly.

“How did you find this place? This is awesome…”, Mai asked. “There’s restaurant that Dan, Carl, Ed, and I frequent over by our place. One night, Carl and I were the last ones there, and we had a conversation with the owner about what we were doing here. That’s when he told us about this place. It’s part of a Jesuit monastery that’s only occupied about half of the year…the other is spent at a monastery in Sardinia , where they do community work for a village. It’s occupied during the summer, but they don’t use the chapel during the middle of the day. I’ve come here about every other day since I found out about it. Carl hasn’t made it by here yet, so you’re the second person in our group to see it. Other than the Jesuit monks, I’ve never seen another soul in here. It’s like my secret, even though the whole town probably knows about it…anyway, I thought you might want to know about it.”

Mai looked at him and whispered, even though Tom wasn’t exactly whispering at her, “Thanks, this was definitely worth being on my feet for a few extra minutes….I’ve got to get out of these shoes though. Mind if we sit down for a few minutes?”

They sat together in the front row of the pews and gazed up into vertical space. Once the eyes adjusted to the dim light from the bright afternoon outside, mosaics and frescoes revealed themselves on virtually every surface. Biblical stories, painted and scripted in Latin, ringed the plaster above the high windows, and the central dome contained a magnificent faux-sky containing angels flying hand-in-hand. As Tom leaned over to speak, Mai leaned into him, and their cheeks almost touched. “There’s not a guidebook or an internet website that I’ve found that makes any mention of this place, and I can’t even find the name, though the chef at the pizzeria rattled it off that day. I’m guessing it was finished in the 1600’s, but I really don’t know.” Mai added, “Yeah, the frescoes are drawn with perspective, so we know it’s not pre-Renaissance. You can even see that they’ve depicted popes here between the windows.”

“Actually, those are saints, adorned as popes would’ve been at the time. There’s Sebastian, and there’s Lorenzo.”

After about 10 minutes of quiet admiration, Tom nodded his head in the ‘let’s go’ motion and they walked back out into the afternoon heat. As they made their way down Via
Garibaldi, the main thoroughfare of the Alto Borgo, th
eir gait straddled the line between a stroll and a purposeful stride. Part of it was her increasing foot discomfort, caused by the black heels she was wearing, which resulted in a slightly gingerly gait atop the cobblestone street. After another 10 minutes, they made it to her building, where she pulled ahead anxiously to the door, turned the key, and pushed herself through it, with Tom following close behind. They would next emerge from this same door far later in the day than they would ever have guessed at that moment.

Mai lived on the third floor with Maria and Christina, each with their own bedroom. When they got in, Tom immediately sat down at the small breakfast table that sat to the left of the front door, and Mai walked back toward her bedroom, where she passed Maria and Christina on their way to catch a train to La Spezia for the regional farmer’s bazaar. They’d wanted to pick up some local wine for weeks, and had learned that this was the cheapest way to find the good ones. They asked Mai if she wanted to come along, and she explained that she was just planning on changing clothes and going to the lido for the afternoon. After they wished her a good time, they said hello to Tom on their way out the door. As Christie followed Maria out the door, her eyes met Tom’s and she smirked knowingly at him. “Did she know something I didn’t?” he wondered. “Nah,” he answered himself, “just a hunch on her part that I may be up to mischief soon; I suppose she knows me well enough to think that,” he thought.

“You want a water? I’ve got sparkling in the fridge,” she asked. “Yeah, I’ll grab two,” he said as he got up from his seat and entered the kitchen. When he returned she was seated where he had been and had her bare feet propped on another chair. “Not going to change after all?” “Nah, I’m not going to swim, so I’m not going to mess with my swimsuit. Mainly I just wanted to get out of the heels; I’ll wear crocs down there if the Italians don’t gasp at my fashion faux-pas too loudly.” Not wanting to make her move her feet, he started to move the books off of the third chair, when she said, “don’t worry about that; just sit here, as long as I can keep my feet up for a few minutes.” “Do what you gotta do,” he said as he took his seat. She lifted her feet to give him room, then laid them back down, landing her lower calves on his seated legs. Glancing down as they came to rest, he looked up to her knees and further up to her thighs, the right of which had a sizeable bruise. “What the hell happened there?” he asked. “I don’t know, I think Christie threw the remote control at me and it bruised up. It didn’t even hurt; we were a few glasses of wine in when the tomfoolery started.”

From his angle, he could see a few inches into the dark crevice of her legs inside her shorts. Eyes further wandering, he saw the slight folds of skin on her stomach telegraphed through her shirt. Her exposed upper chest and neck still had traces of sweat, her face was ever so slightly flushed, and her hair was tousled in the way that it can only be on a humid summer afternoon.

“Uh, I may have to give up heels on this damn cobblestone,” she said in a half-whisper. “My feet are killing me.”

At that moment, Tom considered whether or not to offer to massage her foot. He’d never been the type to not offer when a women, especially an attractive one, was clearly in need of a rub-down of some sort. On the other hand, as painstakingly covered in “Pulp Fiction”, massaging the feet is a more intimate (and thus possibly dicey) proposition. However, here they were all alone and she had propped her feet up on his legs, so…before he considered any further, he grabbed her left foot around the arch and relocated it to his right leg. As he wrapped a hand around each side of the foot and gently pressed his thumbs into the sole, he looked her in the eye and asked where it hurt. She looked back at him with a rueful smile and said meekly, “right on the ball and in the big toe. That’s where all the pressure is when I walk.”

“In 3-inch heels,” he said, as if finishing her sentence.

“I like’em, you shit!”, she chuckled and she raised her foot and lightly kicked her heel into his stomach. If he wasn’t mistaken, her chuckle was a little more like a purr than usual. “Hmm,” she hummed as he applied more pressure with his thumbs, causing her to flex her toes back up toward her body. At the same time, she raised her right leg and bent her knee, resting her foot flat on his left leg. He noted how soft and delicate it felt, resting atop his leg. As he continued to work her foot, he clutched her big toe with one hand and massaged the other toes with the other. Humming again, she curled the toes on her right foot and lifted it briefly off his leg before bringing it to rest again in the same place.

“This feels so good,” she said in the same purr-chuckle intonation. The next time he looked up her head was cocked back and her eyes were closed. There was definitely something sensual about massaging a sexy woman’s feet, and there was a sense of electricity in the air between them. Tom found the whole experience erotic, and was becoming more turned on by the moment. As he switched to her right foot, she moved the left foot onto the chair between his legs, where her toes came to rest about 1 inch from his semi-erect penis, getting bigger every second. He worked his way up to a deep massage on the right foot much faster. Working the upper pad of the foot just below the toes, she curled her toes down over his thumbs.

Tom moved both hands down over her feet and began massaging her ankles. As she pointed her feet in response to his massage, the toes on her left foot came into contact with his crotch, where she felt his erection stretching the fabric of his pants, as if struggling to escape for more room. With this, she drew in a short breath, and opened her eyes, meeting his. Her eyebrows were raised plaintively and her mouth was curled into a subtle prim smile. He moved his chair closer to hers and rubbed further up her legs, kneading the lower portion of her calves. “Hmm”, she hummed, more insistently than before, raising both feet up and bringing them back down on the chair between his legs. She then reached the toes on her right foot forward and pressed into his crotch with the ball of her foot, and brought her left foot forward to do the same.

It occurred to Mai that if she was going to stay committed to making it work with Alec, she probably should’ve interrupted this vibe several minutes back. But, the truth was that she wasn’t sure that’s what she wanted anyway, and that’s why she allowed the foot massage to happen to begin with. There are a couple of areas of the body that are considered more private in eastern cultures, not necessarily from a visual standpoint, but when it came to the touch. They are the hair and the feet, and thus his actions were very forward, though clearly this was exactly what turned her on, besides the fact that she was already attracted to him. And in turn, her use of her own feet in this way was very provocative as well.

As she rubbed her feet on his crotch from outside his clothing, she found herself slightly short of breath, her heart beating harder, and her crotch beginning to tingle. Mai turned her feet slightly toward each other, wrapped her toes around the erection bulging his clothing outward, and slowly moved her feet up and down along the very visible thick vertical shaft. He moved his hands to the back of her ankles, just above her heels and gently put more pressure on his penis with her feet. As he looked down at her feet, he now noticed up close how well kept they had been, though 8 weeks away from a pedicure had left them a little ragged. He also noticed the differences between the toes on the two feet. Her nails were unpainted, and her feet were slightly tanned beyond her natural dark olive skin tone due to a lot of time in the sun with sandals, flip flo
ps, and barefoot when swimming and sunbathin

She curled and flexed her toes on his shaft as she rubbed. He was now reaching the point where not only was his libido in overdrive, but his large erection had made it uncomfortable to remain seated; his erection was pressurized against his underwear and pants. His hands gently squeezed her ankles and lowered her feet to the floor. Then he reached forward, pulled her chair to his, and leaned in just as she did the same, their lips meeting in the middle. With this kiss, several weeks of sexual attraction and tension were beginning to be released. As his tongue found it’s way into her mouth, she reacted with a moan into his mouth and by wrapping her tongue around his. His hands reached to each side of her waist, then reached down to her ass to lift her up onto his lap.

With his legs angled downward some, the pressure on his erection was relieved and with his erection given all the room it needed, it was now poking through the top of his pants. As she sat down on the top of his legs as close as he could pull her to him, he brought his right hand up to the back of her head and helped support her from the bottom with his left. Her pubis pressed against his dick, making them both moan softly through their kiss. He caressed her left leg, reaching down along her thigh to her knee with a gentle squeeze. Mai lifted her head up and to the side as he broke the kiss and flicked his tongue along her neck just below her jawbone.

“What the hell are we doing?!” she screamed in her head. Part of her couldn’t believe that she was allowing this to happen, but a bigger part of her was overcome with excitement and arousal. No one, not even Alec, had ever had this effect on her, and she was seemingly powerless to stop herself.

Tom couldn’t be more aroused that she was apparently as attracted to him as he was to her. He’d known for a while that she’d taken a liking to him, and he’d noticed all the right clues that point to sexual chemistry, but it was still exciting to have this realized in the heat of bodily contact.

His mouth on her skin had caused her to further lose her breath, and her self-control. Everywhere he touched her caused a tingle on her skin that lingered well after his strong hands had moved on. He pressed on her back in order get her body as close to his as possible. He could feel her breasts, with nipples hard as a rock, pressing against his chest and she had begun to form a grinding rhythm against his throbbing penis. Further down her body, she had hooked her ankles around the back legs of the chair to maintain stability and pressure against Tom. With each pass of his hands across an erogenous zone, she curled her toes in. Occasionally her heel would lose their leverage against the chair leg, and she would wrap her toes against it to maintain position until she could stretch her legs out again to get her heel into position again. Given his height advantage over Mai (not to mention her short legs) her feet had no chance of reaching the floor as long as she was on his lap.

Tom ran his hands through her shoulder-length hair and met his lips to hers once again. She eagerly kissed him back, sending her tongue deep into his mouth. His fingers ran through her dark hair, up the back of her head, and forward to her flushed cheeks. Mai was trying very hard not to think too much about what she was getting herself into, and the 3 glasses of wine she’d had over lunch were contributing to her efforts. However, she couldn’t help but think about the fact that she was french kissing, heavy grinding, and deep in lust over a man who wasn’t named Alec. The last time that had happened was the summer after her last year of high school, and even though they’d had their problems since she made the decision to study abroad, there was still a big part of her that wanted things to turn out right between them. All the same, he’d been far less than supportive ever since she left, cloaking his professions of love in heavy doses of guilt. On the other hand, all Tom had done since they met was make her laugh, think, feel good about herself, and feel sexy.

As for right now, she’d never felt sexier, or hornier, in the secure hands of a man who wanted nothing more than to give her pleasure. She’d never been kissed like Tom was kissing her, and she’d never been touched or held this way before either. As he caressed her bare thigh, vibrations rang out through her whole body, and she pushed her pelvis further into him, causing her to breath harder and harder.

The specific thing she was trying so hard not the think about was the fact that she was clearly not acting faithfully to her man back home, and she never thought of herself as someone capable of infidelity. If she didn’t do something to stop herself, there was zero chance it would stop with a fully-clothed dry-hump. No matter how good this felt, or how lost she was in her lust, or how heavily her body was buzzing with arousal, she had to put a stop to this before it went too far. The question was, how far was that? The hotter it got between them, the further ‘too far’ was sure to be. Still, she wasn’t thinking about the possibility of it ending in sex, all she knew is her body wanted more than this.

Tom stood up and offered his hands to help a shuddering Mai out of her chair. She didn’t bother to stand up though; she was mesmerized by the huge bulge in the front of his pants. Fumbling with the bottom of his shirt, seemingly trying to get to his belly, he pulled his shirt off, revealing a defined, but not overly-muscular six-pack. Her hands ran over this and to his sides, but what made her gasp was the visible tip of his dick, at full attention, standing at least an inch clear of the top waistband of his pants. In her weakened state, she wasn’t well equipped to venture a guess as to its length, but she knew for certain that it was bigger than Alec’s by a clear margin. She was both aroused and anxious about the size of this thing. It was a lot bigger around than anything she had seen, apart from an adult video that Alec had rented for them this past summer in his attempt to ‘broaden his sexual horizons.’ She knew that some normal guys had to be walking around with one as big as those, but to see one left her breathless.

As she groped his abdomen, she brought her hands down his legs then back up the front, coming close enough to the giant member she couldn’t stop staring at to make her heart jump, but stopping short of finding the courage to touch it, for this would be yet another step toward ‘too far’. Instead, Tom lifted her up by her arms, and embraced her in yet another deep kiss. Again she pressed against him, this time feeling the top of a bare rock-hard cock against her stomach with only the thin cotton of her tank top between them. Their lips smacking and their heavy breathing were the only noises in the apartment. Mai’s bare feet stood atop Tom’s shoes to get her face closer to his. Her calves were flexed as she stood on her toes and reached her arms under his shoulders. Her hands rested on the back of his shoulders, as his hands rose up her side and came inward to feel her left breast. His fingers pressed gently into the soft tissue and his thumb passed over her nipple, causing her to shudder and moan, pulling her mouth away from his with her eyes still closed.

He leaned into her ear, nibbled on the lobe, and said, “Let’s go to another room.”


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