Mai's Lust Fulfilled PART 2

As Mai turned into the first bedroom they passed, Christie’s, she knew deep down that what her body wanted was something that she had to find a way to turn down, and yes, it will most certainly ‘get there.’

As Tom entered Christie’s room, he kicked off his shoes and looked at Mai, who was in front of him contemplating the idea (and the inevitability) of getting onto the bed with Tom. Her upper back was slightly reddish, both from the heat and from the contact of his hands over the last 15 minutes in the other room. Her tank top hugged her waist fairly snugly, and just the smallest bit of skin was visible between the bottom hem of her top and the waistline of her white shorts. She didn’t have the smallest waist of any girl her size, but seeing the definition of her waist and hips, along with the outline of her dark blue panties under her shorts, made his hardness twitch just a little bit more. Her shorts came down about another another two inches below the bottom of her ass, and from there her legs and her feet were bare. They had never looked sexier to him than they did right then. Her legs weren’t model thin, but those kinds of legs never appealed to Tom. He liked girls to have a little bit of meat on them, especially in the legs, enough give them something to squeeze him with during sex, and something to fill out a pair of jeans or tights. Besides, girls with nothing on their legs never have anything in their ass, and who likes a bony ass? Mai didn’t have one of those either; just the slightest jiggle could be seen as she walked in shorts that were maybe just a little too revealing for anyone that she didn’t want to receive attention from. Any expert will tell you that women wear sexy or skimpy clothing for one reason only, at least on a subconscious level: to attract sex partners. Clearly, it was working on this afternoon.

Tom reached around her waist and pulled Mai back against him, with his erect cock pressing into the small of her back. To steady herself, Mai shifted her feet but ran into his, so she rested her heels on the top of his bare feet. The contrast between the two, small cute olive-skin feet atop larger white male feet, underscored the larger differences between their sizes and builds. Tom was naturally muscular, about 6′ tall, and had the metabolism necessary to keep excess weight off. Mai wasn’t muscular, or really toned, and she was a good 8″ shorter than he was. She had decent metabolism but helped herself by eating lowfat foods to keep her weight in check. Nevertheless, she had a little something extra in the belly that she absolutely hated, but whenever Tom thought of her, it was one of those things he always brought up in his mental list of things he liked about her; the cute was the skin bunched just a little above her pants. A little baby fat never hurt anybody. Luckily for him, she didn’t hate it enough to hide her belly at all times.

He then went back to licking and nibbling on her ears and neck his hands, first steadying her by holding her waist then wandering around to her belly, rubbing the skin just above her pants. Mai tilted her head back, moaning softly as he breathed heavily into her ear, telling her how much he loved her body and how he wanted to kiss her all over. His hands wandered further up her belly, under her shirt, where the skin became slightly more taut. As he got to the bottom of her bra, he reached both hands around and felt for a front clasp, just in case. “Aha”, he thought, and smiled at his good fortune as he unclasped her bra in roughly 3 seconds and it’s two cups fell slowly to the side, partially held in place by her shirt. Tom couldn’t help but emit a low moan as he felt Mai’s bare breast for the first time. He cupped the bottom portion before running his hands over her tits, feeling her hard nipples against his palms. When he came back across, gently clasping both breasts, Mai moaned out loud for the first time, pushing her ass back against the base of his dick and shuddering, “Uuughh….”

Tom was going crazy, caressing Mai’s belly and tits and grinding his cock into her backside. It was wonderful to finally be getting physical and acting on the attraction they’d developed for each other. He had fantasized about what she would feel like, how she would taste, how she would sound in the throes of ecstasy, what her body would look like completely naked. But, there was only so far he could go standing up or sitting in a chair; it was time to get her on the bed as his sex-charged body demanded.

He reached down to the bottom of her shirt, grabbed hold, and started to pull it up her torso. Mai again had the question flash through her mind, “how far is too far?”, before she raised her arms and allowed Tom to remove her tank top. He then pulled her out of the bra that was hanging to each side like an open vest and threw it over to the side of the bed. Naked from the hips up and from shorts down, Mai felt vulnerable and scared, but mainly on fire with lust. The more his hands touched her body, the more her vagina buzzed with arousal and the more moisture she could feel down there. The only things left on her body were her white shorts, blue panties, and silver necklace with a cross on it, a gift from Alec for her last birthday.

With Mai near the far end of the bed, Tom turned her around to admire her body. Her breasts were solid b-cups, with hard, medium-size brownish nipples that pointed nearly straight out, and her breasts were slightly lighter colored than her chest just above and her stomach below. At her sides, there was a slight fold at roughly the narrow point of her waist. Her lower belly protruded subtly forward before returning to the skin that was still covered by her shorts and panties underneath. He could see that her breathing was heavy and ragged, with her breasts heaving slightly and her heart beating nearly out of her chest. He held her close, wrapping one arm around her waist and leaving the other to caress her breasts and stomach, now venturing farther down over her shorts. As he lightly brushed his hand over the outside of her crotch, she gasped sharply, reaching her hands to the waistband of his shorts, pulling him forward. He continued his momentum, pushing her backward onto the bed. He dove for her stomach, kissing her belly button first then pushing her further up the bed so that he could support himself above her on his belly and knees.

Climbing further on top of her, he kissed her breasts, which had flattened in the beautiful way that natural ones did. They remained soft, but fell gently down to each side. He took her nipple, plus a lot of breast, into his mouth, massaging her nipple with his tongue. Mai drew in a deep breath, arching her back and bringing her legs up toward her body before resting her calves atop his buttocks. Her feet and toes flexed and curled in concert with his tongue’s work on her nipples. Raising up from her tits, he kissed her upper chest, her neck, then her lips again. Just then he crawled further up her body, positioning his cock mid-shaft to her vagina, separated by a layer each of underwear and shorts. As he rubbed his shaft up and down the front of her crotch, Mai’s clitoris got it’s first direct stimulation, pushing a wave of arousal through her body and causing her to break the kiss briefly to moan, “mmmhh”, stretching her legs and toes out before bending them again over his butt. He lowered himself a few inches to position the head of his penis, again exposed out the top of his shorts, even with where the opening of her vagina is and pushed forward. He could feel the soft flesh of her vaginal folds, even from outside her clothing. To give him a more direct angle, he reached down, unbuttoned, and shoved the front of his shorts down, exposing all but about 2″ of his dick. The feeling of his shaft, erect now for the better part of a half-hour, now out in the open was a rush. It’s sensitivity was at an all-time high from all the indirect contact and intense anticipat
ion. Now his cock was free an
d could sense that it was a little closer to release.

Tom again thrust forward, this time hitting her squarely where the clitoris was, causing a sudden “aah!” from Mai. He was kissing her on her mouth, face, and neck, and she was holding on for deal life more than anything- completely overcome by lust, arousal, and contact (even through her clothing) with her sex organs by this strong man who was taking complete control of her. As he dry-humped her at a moderate rhythm, she wrapped her legs behind his, nearly locking her feet together. Even though her juices were well on their way to lubricating her pussy, her labia would start to chap from all the dry contact before long, as would his cock, pushing against the crotch of her shorts insistently and repeatedly.

Tom wrapped his arm under Mai and guided her further yet up the bed, until her head was resting on the pillows. He then kissed his way back down her body, running his tongue down her neck, across the necklace her boyfriend had given her, and down over her left breast and nipple, giving her goosebumps despite the room being about 80 degrees and much higher between their bodies. As he got to her belly button he brought his hands up to the buttons at the top of her shorts, and gently pulled them apart. Grabbing the shorts at each hip, he then pulled down, letting Mai know that he was trying to remove them. She obliged, lifting her ass so that he could pull the shorts through her legs, leaving them dangling on her right foot, which she used to fling them to the opposite side of the bed from her bra.

Once again, he marveled at her body, now a pair of cotton-poly blend panties away from total nudity, and it was totally his for the taking. Her stomach glistened with a thin layer of sweat in addition to his saliva left behind from his urgent kissing. Her legs were opened with her knees bent at about a 45 degree angle, and about 18 inches apart. Her cute feet were flat on the bed. As he crawled between her legs, he smoothly removed both his underwear and shorts, letting his hard dong swing freely. His face met hers once again, whispering, “you couldn’t be sexier right now.” and again rubbing his penis against her crotch, only now there was nothing but a thin pair of skimpy panties between her nearly sopping vagina and his fat, hungry penis. Mai responded by pumping her pelvis to meet his dry-thrusts, causing the bedsprings to squeak and her breathing to once again go heavy and ragged. He grabbed her arms, busy from her hands rubbing is back from underneath him, joined her hands to his, and pinned them down above her head on the bed. This drove her wild, bucking her hips harder and faster against his prick, which was now beginning to discharge sticky pre-come on her panties. She could feel his impressive size just from the head of his penis and the angle with which it was coming at her. Let’s just say that the top of Alec’s legs were noticeably closer to the head of his erect penis than was the case with the body currently grinding her into the mattress. He looked down his right side at their bodies and almost came right then at the sight:

His tanned white body dominating her flawlessly smooth asian olive-skinned body. Her breast spilled out slightly to the side and jiggled with each thrust. Her belly was compressed under his, and the sweat from their contact was visible at the tight joining of their bodies. At her hip, he could see the thin strap of her panties against the faint stretch marks that led to her thighs, which were swaying in and out with his thrusts. Her legs were presently not wrapped around him but splayed out to each side. Her foot was flexed and her toes pointed straight out, bracing from the arousal. Their bodies grinded in concert, as if they were a single machine. They each breathed heavily into each others necks and ears, occasionally joined by a “unnhhh” from Mai.

As their pumping picked up more and more speed, Tom knew he had to make a move here, or else he was going to lose it and shoot his load all over her panties, legs, and the bed due to the intense dry-fucking that they were engaging in.

Before he got to a point of no return, he rose up into a kneeling position and started to remove Mai’s panties. It was then that she looked between his legs and got the first clear look at his dick. “Oh Jesus!” she said, surveying his almost 9″ hard monster from her position, lying on her back. She propped herself up on her elbows and studied it further. Bouncing slightly with the throbs of his heartbeat, the mushroom head of this thing was stretched visibly tight, as if his dick might possibly grow bigger if his skin allowed room for it. Somehow the shaft, which included a smaller vertical bulge facing her, looked tanned, although she new better than to think Tom would tan nude on his back. “Touch it,” is all the voice in her head could muster, so she crawled forward until her face was even with and roughly 8″ from his cock. “It’s even bigger up close,” she said out loud, apparently to herself. “It gets a little bigger than this even,” Tom answered with a smile. With that, she reached out and touched the second penis in her whole life. As she gently wrapped her hands around it, she gasped, as her middle finger and thumb barely made contact around his girth.

Once again, the fear rushed through her that this thing was too big, and she shouldn’t even be in this position. The bad girl in her told her not to worry; rub this thing like you know you want to and see what happens.

Bad girl won out.

She ran her hand up to the purple, bulging glans, causing Tom to gasp audibly at the contact, all the way down to the base of the shaft, and back again. Looking down at her manicured hands, with clear gloss on the nails, clutching his primal organ sent another stream of blood into his already engorged pud, making it pulse and grow slightly in her hands, as promised. “Oh, god,” she said, as she took her other fist and affixed it to his cock also, so that she was now holding him like a baseball bat. His entire head and the top end of the shaft were still visible above her top thumb. In this position, she once again stroked him up and down slowly. From behind, you could see Tom’s buttocks tightening and loosening in rhythm with her hands fucking his prick. Every few strokes, another bulb of clear liquid appeared atop his penis from the hole, and as the next one appeared, the last would roll down the glans, landing between his shaft and her fingers. Mai released her grip and opened her palms, loosely caressing the top 5 inches of him with both hands. This released yet another set of synapses, and his dick again pulsed and throbbed.

Could she do the unthinkable? Could she actually put her mouth on this thing? Alec had told her that she wasn’t that great at blowjobs (see how often YOU get oral sex, then, jerk!, she thought whenever he brought it up), and even on his considerably smaller penis, she’d had to fight the gag reflex when she got it deep into her mouth. Getting this long dong all the way in was completely out of the question. Still, she was drawn to it like a siren. Maybe she could lick the outside…

As she considered these options, Tom leaned in for another kiss and laid her back down on her back. His hard-on laid against her right leg, and she moved her leg up against it almost instinctively. “Now, back to where I was five minutes ago”, Tom thought, as he grabbed the top elastic of her panties and began to pull them down over her hips. A red light went off in her head as she felt his hands on her skivvies.

“Hey,” said Mai, trying to catch her breath to speak clearly. “we shouldn’t…hmmm (with Tom running his strong hands up her belly and back down her sides)…have sex….” She couldn’t believe she was in a position to say those words to someone she’d just met overseas.

“Say no more,” said Tom as he leaned in and gently put a finger against her delicate l

“You’re an absolute goddess, and noth
ing will happen here that you don’t want.”

Mai mimmicked the actions of his hands a moment ago, rubbing her hands against his abdominal muscles, and down toward his legs. Still breathing hard, she said “I don’t know what I want to happen…”

“You’ll let me know, whenever you find out, trust me,” said Tom. “I’ll tell you what I want; I want to make you feel like you’ve never felt before.”

With that he once again reached to each hip and grabbed the top of her panties. She looked to his eyes to meet her gaze, and when he did, they smiled at each other and she lifted her butt to let him pull her legs through the blue panties that were now soaking wet in the crotch.

“Oh my god, thank you for this,” Tom thought as he witnessed what he’d fantasized about for weeks: Mai, naked, in the bed with him. Immediately, he caught a waft of her musk as he freed her flower from confinement. An obvious patron to a professional waxer, Mai had a finely manicured thin bush of pubic hair above her clitoris, which was bright pink and standing proud of her skin. The sheen of lubrication made her whole pubic area glisten slightly. Her labia were smallish and of slightly darker skin than the rest of her, and the bright pink of her pussy was visible as she separated her legs to allow him access to her body once again. Her legs tapered perfectly from her groin to her perfect knees, which led to her sleek calves all the way down to her feminine feet. This was perfection if he’d ever seen it- HIS perfection. He couldn’t wait to have his way with it all, and in order to do that, he would have to take her to a different level than he had before.

As he crawled past her belly toward her breasts, Mai held a hand out and caught his shoulder. She was shaking with equal parts fear and ecstasy. Her legs drawn up closer to her, her heels were resting on the bed and her toes were pointed up. She was supporting herself with one arm in a half-sitting position which caused her cute tummy to fold ever sol slightly.

Now completely nude underneath a strong, naked, horny male with a giant engorged penis, she was acutely aware of her vulnerability, no matter how attracted to him she was. Her eyes betrayed her apprehension, and he reached up, careful not to make contact between his penis and her lower torso, and whispered in her ear, “Nothing happens that isn’t your choice, Mai. In the meantime, I’m about go down and blow your mind.” With her mind set at ease, she was now tingling with excitement as his words hit her ear with warm breath.

He kissed and sucked on her nipples, left a trail of saliva down past her belly button, and soon his chin felt the top of her coarse pubic hair. The musk was now heavy as his tongue raked across the small forest of hair before it found the clearing just a half-inch shy of her clit. He then reached his whole tongue below it, and lapped across the clit in a single swipe. “Ooohh,” she moaned out loud in response. He then moved in and held the clitoris between his lips while his tongue darted back and forth over it, causing her body to heave in a wave of arousal and temporarily knock him off his target. She smiled through her heavy breaths and grabbed his head to redirect him back down. As he continued to work her clit, he noticed that she was beginning to rock her hips and moan in a rhythm that got slowly more urgent as he went. She was also covering his chin with the juices that were now flowing freely from her vagina. He knew that now was the time to move in for the kill.

Bringing his left hand up her body to her right breast, and bringing his right hand up to where he was buried in her genitals, he began the technique that had only failed to result in a full-blown female orgasm one time, and that girl turned out to be incapable of experiencing an orgasm at all, according to what her friends would later tell him. He couldn’t wait for Mai’s body to coil up, racked by a breathtaking orgasm like she’d never experienced before.

While one hand was massaging and tweaking her nipples, the other gently rubbed across her vaginal opening, getting a solid sample of natural lubrication and a “Huuh!” from Mai’s mouth as he did it. He then took that hand and rubbed her clitoris between his thumb and finger. Now, he lowered his mouth over her labia and lightly hummed into her pussy, making her purr and open her legs up wider for him. “So far, so good,” thought Tom. After about thirty seconds of running his tongue across her outer labia, he re-centered it, and wiggled it between the folds directly into the hot, wet space of her vagina. Darting it slowly in and out, he paid close attention to the feeling of her walls against his tongue, and how it felt like despite what her official temperature might read right now, she was definitely running a fever in her beautiful pussy.

Mai was responding by forcefully grinding her crotch into his face. From the side, you could see that hers was a two-part movement: first she arched her back to press her butt into the bed, then lifted it up and pushed it forward toward Tom. Her rhythm was about once a second, but picking up more speed, and soon it was all Tom could do to keep his tongue pronged straight out and inside her. Her hands were palming his skull as she forced his face into her, and her toes curled inward. Her face was scrunched up in seeming anguish though that was clearly not he emotion she was experiencing at the moment.

“Oh God!” she said loudly followed by “OOOHHH!!!”. Her rhythm became jerky and she drew her legs up toward her body. Her big toe remained in a half-curl as her others relaxed. She was shaking from mid-torso to knees, and her breasts and belly jiggled. Just as she made two sob-like moans, he felt a tiny stream of liquid hit his tongue and run out into and onto his mouth. Her hands released his head, but continued to shake with flat palms and fingers just inches from his face. As she laid her feet back down on the bed, she tried to catch her breath, making noises like, “mmmp! ummhhh! uunnnhhh!” As he looked up at her face, she was flushed red, as was her chest down to her upper belly, and a tear was running down the side of her cheek.”

“Oh Jesus!” she said as he released his mouth’s lock on her pussy and crawled up to be face to face with her. “I’ve never orgasmed before, and I think I just did. I feel like my heart could explode.”

“That’s the big one, baby.” Tom said as he caressed her face and laid next to her on her back. Looking down his body, she could see his tool, hanging just above his body and throbbing slightly.

“I’d love to return the favor, but I’m not nearly as good at what I do as you are at what you do”, she said as she lifted a leg over his body and once again began massaging his manhood with her leg.

“If I could, I’d give you four before I had one,” he said. There’s nothing better than making a woman come,” he said as he looked her in the face.

She leaned in and kissed him, rolling on top of him, and kissing him on the neck and shoulders. Her vagina, flowing with it’s natural lubricant, was facing back toward his erection, the tip of which was about 2 inches away. She was straddling him, resting her knees on the bed to each side of his torso, breasts and belly compressed atop him, his face awash in her hair.

He pushed on her torso, signaling her to sit up on top of him. As she did, she felt the tip of his cock resting in the crack of her butt, just below her anus. She began to rock back and forth on it, pushing her hands on his chest. His hands were each busy on her breasts and one reached underneath massaging her clit. She slowly inched her way back, eventually feeling the tip of his hard penis against the lips at her vaginal opening. This sent a rush of blood through her body, making her tingle and sweat all over.

This is the closest she’d ever been to sex with another man, and for th
e first time it excited her more than anything, bringing out the animal
inside. She continued scooting forward on top of him until she was sawing her vaginal opening across the length of his penis, now a fully engorged 9″ and pinned by her weight to his stomach. The continuous bulge that sticks up along the length of the shaft was separating her labia and giving her clit and vagina an amazing sensation.

Tom now had both hands caressing her body as she gyrated her hips along the length of him. Her breathing was getting rougher and her hands were clawing into his chest. He was also thrusting his hips to meet her rhythm, and soon she was rocked by her second orgasm, shuddering and moaning (UUNNGGH!!! OOHHUUUNNGGGHH!!!) in almost a yell, finally collapsing on him, shaking hard.

Thank goodness she came when she did, he thought, or he would shot off across his stomach from underneath her. Her rhythm, the hot wetness of her pussy juices, the pressure on his penis from her body weight, and (of course) the view of her body gyrating above him would’ve been too erotic for him to hold on much longer.

Laying flat on his stomach, with her legs stretched out to each side, she was still bucking her hips, and by accident, found herself bucking her sopping vaginal orifice against the eager head of his penis, which was throbbing so hard it was rhythmically bouncing in mid-air.

Not wanting to force the issue, he fought the unbelievably strong urge to thrust forward enough to bury the head of his dick inside her, gambling that she would be driven to the point of wanting it herself.

As she made this contact, she drew her breath in sharply, and then exhaled slowly. Her head was to his side, so she was breathing into his ear. He rubbed her sides down to her bare hips as she pulled her body up and clear of his dick, then once again lowered herself to the point of contact, took a short breath, and pulled forward once more.

Tom turned her over onto her back and crawled between her legs. Mai immediately wrapped her legs around his, hooking her feet around his calves. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily through her mouth. Her necklace was rising and falling with her breath and a slight but consistent shaking in her body was perceptible.

For the first time, he felt that if he were to slip inside of her, she would not only fail to stop him but that she was hoping he would. He mounted his penis above where her slit was and began to saw across the opening in the same was that she had done cowgirl-style just minutes before.

“Unnnhh”, she moaned, and began to buck her hips again to meet his strokes. He was running 8″ of dick across her vagina and clitoris at an increasingly high speed. He held back the remaining inch because if he crossed that last inch across her on the way back, he was afraid he’d plow right into her on the way forward.

Mai’s fingers were clawing at his back, and he once gain grabbed her arms and joined their hands together and pinning hers down. She was breathing so heavily that she was sighing with every exhale. Her hips were jerking faster and faster against his penis, and as she said, in a mewling voice, “Oh my god..” she unhooked her feet form his legs and spread them out wide, forcing his whole engorged penis to pass below the opening…which meant it had to come back up.

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