Mai's Lust Fulfilled PART 3

Mai reached down between them and grabbed the head of his dick, positioning it the opening to her pussy.

“You want this?”, Tom panted as his dick jumped from the extra stimulation and the expectation of burying itself balls deep inside this beautiful asian body.

“Oh shit,” Mai said breathlessly, nodding slowly, lost in a sea of sex, and partially understanding what she was about to do, but not enough to make her stop. “Do it, Tom. Just do it,” she breathed into his ear. He was already guiding her had away from his penis and up again over her head as she finished her whisper. Her legs were relaxed and bent away from his body, leaving her completely open to his conquest.

Tom positioned his member at her warm, wet entrance, took a breath, and pressed forward, sending his mushroom head past the petals of her opening and into her tight chamber. “Oh jesus,” she said, straining to keep herself under control. “You’re so big, I’m…aaahhhh…uunnggh!!”

Tom pulled back until the head was back at the entrance, then pushed again, this time getting his first 4 inches or so into her, causing Mai to gasp and draw her legs up to the back of his legs. Before she could say anything, he pulled out and pushed back in again, this time getting about 6 inches into her. He could tell that it was really stretching her cunt to take his size, but given that they foreplayed for well over an hour, she had had maximum time to lubricate and engorge, meaning that even though it was taking her breath away and making her wince as it past certain nerve endings, she would not bleed because her pussy was practically dripping wet, her sexual chemistry having seen to it that she was well lubed for this action.

Mai adjusted the angle of her hips below him as he slowly pushed is penis inside her then drew it back out, making sure her vagina was at the right angle to handle his girth and length with as little discomfort as possible. She felt like he was stretching her entire insides everytime he entered her, but with every stroke a little bit of pain was replaced with pleasure. She kept her hands on his chest, seemingly pushing him away with each out-stroke but she really just wanted to feel his muscles as he mounted her and took her as his own.

Tom took several more deliberate slow strokes to get his length completely inside here. He couldn’t believe how hot, wet, and tight she was. She was writhing and bucking under him now, beginning to answer his thrusts with her own, grunting and moaning as he slipped his entire girth into her canal. From behind, it would’ve been a beautiful sight to see:

His strong body having it’s way with her feminine asian body, his buttocks tensing and relaxing as he pistoned in and out of her. Her hips bucked and rocked, meeting his every stroke. Her legs moved up and down and her feet curled and relaxed to the rhythm as well, the soft soles of her feet at great contrast to his muscular thighs pumping her body full of meat.

He could hear her juices squishing at her vaginal opening as they fucked. She alternately opened her eyes and lifted her head to look at Tom and down their bodies to the point where they were joined, then laid it flat on the bed with a deep sigh and her eyes closed. Mai’s upper body was engulfed in a sex flush; red as a lobster across her upper chest, setting out in sharp relief against the cross around her neck that her boyfriend had given her. If only he knew that she was wearing it as another man gave her twice as much penis in her sopping, stretched vagina as he ever had, or ever would.

Her breaths were getting faster still, and her feet were staying tense, her legs locking around Tom’s buttocks. Overcome by ecstasy and incredibly satisfying sex, Tom was beginning to show signs of losing control. He began to pump directly down into her, driving her little body into the mattress. Her hands clawed at his back, and she continuously moaned in his ear. As he raised his head, his eyes met hers, and they conveyed her emotions: arousal, ecstasy, excitement, anxiety, and…did he see love”.

SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP was the sound their skins made as his pelvis made contact with hers at every thrust.Their sweaty bodies smacked up against each other as he continued to fuck her from on top.

Mai’s breathing suddenly became short, and she found herself gasping for breath. She pounded on his back with her left hand, and tensed her kegels, holding him within her.

Right then, the biggest orgasmic wave was crashing over her, causing her to yell, “ooohhh!!!!! uunnnnghhh!!!!”, draw her legs and feet up and shake uncontrollably.

Her little feet curled in, then flexed out, even with his lower back as her knees were drawn up to his shoulders. Her hands pulled away, rigid and outstretched, shaking a few inches away from the muscular sides of his ribcage. His penis, buried deep inside her vagina, was suddenly flooded by a warm liquid.

As the orgasm subsided, she regained control, stretched her legs back out, began rubbing the back of his legs with her feet, grabbed his hands and had him once again pin her to the bid.

Tom’s whole weight was now pressing down on her little body. As he met her gaze again, he asked, “do you have protection?”, which was honestly the first time it had come to mind for either of them, they were so sex-crazed and lost in each other’s desires.

Through her moans and pants, she managed, “unh, unh, unh, I…..unh, unh, have,….unh, unnngh!,…..a pill…..unh, unh.”

This was music to Tom’s ears as he picked up the pace and grinded his raging cock into her with new intensity. He never went too fast because he so loved the feeling of their bodies together; the sweat that made her tits and belly slip underneath him.

“Unh, Unh, Unh” she moaned as her pussy slurped underneath her. Occasionally a fart sound would escape, which only happens in deep vaginal sex. He ventured a look down their bodies again. There was his sweaty muscular body thrusting her little, sweaty body downward by the pelvis. Her legs were wrapped around his legs, and he could make out one foot, which had it’s toes curled in ecstasy. He could see his right buttock pumping in and out to push his penis deep into her vagina, and as he looked back up, he saw her little body, her breasts, her belly and her hips even, consumed in the reddest sex flush he’d ever seen.

“Oh yeah, here it comes,” Tom thought, though he wished he could keep on doing this for another hour or so. This was the most intense satisfying sex he could ever remember having.

“Oh my god, it’s getting bigger! Oh!” Mai exclaimed as his cock became further engorged in preparation for orgasm. He pushed deeper and deeper into her, and she bucked her hips harder in return.

Slap slap slap slap

Tom lost control of his breathing and started to grunt. Mai dug her fingers into his back and drew her legs up and over his back. Combined with one more look over his shoulder to see her legs tense up and her feet flex atop his ass, this shift in position sent him over he edge.

Ungggh!!! Unnnngh!!!!!!! Unnngggh!!!!!!!! He grunted loudly as he pumped Mai’s vagina, feeling his orgasm wash over him and through his fat, hard cock buried deep inside this asian hottie.

She felt his rod tense up, and the head seemed to inflate. Then she felt the hot liquid hit the back of her vagina.

“uunngh, aaagghhhhhh!!!”

Tom sunk his long penis deep inside Mai’s vagina as it began to pulsate. Huge globs of thick semen spurted into her womb as she moaned lustily and continued to pump her hips. Her pussy convulsed and contracted, draining his balls of every once of sperm he had. As he finished ejaculating deep inside her, she released a deep guttural moan with eyes closed as her body signaled its satisfaction. Her body
continued to move in rhythm even as Tom stopped and held her tight below her.

Completely spent
from the vigorous sex, Tom collapsed just to the side of Mai, so that she wouldn’t be completely under his weight anymore. Her vagina squeezed his half-erect penis out with an audible slurp and another farting sound a second later. Still stunned and extremely exhausted from about 80 minutes of non-stop sexual activity, Mai’s legs shook and she had trouble catching her breath for several minutes afterward.

Down at her crotch, what seemed like several ounces of semen were slowly streaming out of her sore vagina. She’d managed to handle his size, but not without considerable soreness for the next couple of days, she thought to herself.

As Tom caressed her naked body and held her close, the larger ramifications of her actions were just now coming into focus. As a matter of precaution, she’d never allowed Alec to let off insider her, ever! It had happened once due to a faulty condom that he’d had in his wallet for way too long, but this was something they agreed on, even though she was on the pill. She’d stayed on the pill for her trip to Europe in order to regulate her sometimes-harsh menstrual cycles. Yet, here was a man who gets her to have sex with him, and she lets him come inside her right away.

Yes, here’s a man. A real man in bed with her. She’d never felt this way before, during, or after sex with Alec, and it made her sick with guilt.

As they lay in the bed in her apartment on a hot july afternoon in Portascala, he cradled her naked body in his. Her legs and feet just as perfectly cradled inside his, her breasts slightly swollen from the excitement, and her skin tone back to normal.

What would happen now? Would she remorsefully return to Alec, realizing the trouble that she’d caused herself, or was Tom too much of a man, too good in bed, too good for her in general- to turn down?

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  1. babyface

    what happens next?
    a very good story by the way!

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    very good

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  3. Jerichodarkness

    Now that was good!!!!
    When is the next one?

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