my friends wife

My friends wife can be described a little like described ..
Body Size : 34-26-36
Weight : 51 Kilos, Ht : 5-5″
Colour : Very fair
would prefer Tight jeans for outside, because it makes her look like a Sexbomb which will be a feast to my eyes to see people’s eyeballs roll up and down)

So we meet unexpectedly alone on a business tour …..

We are just finishing a beautiful romantic dinner with music fitting the mood playing in the background. We go to my room and you lay down on the bed. I sit next to you, staring deep into your eyes. You don’t need words; I can see what you are telling me in your stare. I lean towards you and whisper to you, “I love you too”. Then I kiss your ear softly and place my hand on the side of your head, holding you gently as we share a long, passionate kiss. We find ourselves unusually sensitive tonight. After only a few deep kisses we are both climbing close to a climax.
You are wearing a knee length skirt and a button up shirt; it looks as though you just came from a very important business meeting. I am wearing slacks and a button up dragon shirt.
We kiss more passionately than before, again and again, as you moan in pleasure. You can already feel yourself getting wetter after each kiss. You softly brush your hand against my penis, outside of my clothes, and quickly discover that I am already quite long and hard. You gently rub your fingers along my leg, and soon you find that I am already developing a small wet spot at the tip of my penis, which is pulsing with anticipation of what’s to come.
I place one hand behind your back, holding you up close to me, and I am slowly moving the other up and down your body, tenderly feeling your body from your neck, along your firm breasts, and down to your incredibly sexy smooth legs. Your skin is so soft and tender; I just want to feel it all night.
Now I lay you gently on your back and slowly climb over you, kissing your ear and your neck each time I move. I kiss you long and passionate, as if I will never get another chance to feel your soft lips pressing against mine. I use my fingers to brush your hair aside, so that I can see your stunningly beautiful eyes. I look deeper and deeper into your eyes, until time stops just for us. We share the strongest kiss we’ve ever had, and you start to unbutton my shirt, so slowly that I almost don’t even notice what you are doing. You then reach your hands under my shirt, unbuttoned, but still on me, and hold yourself close to me, pressing your soft fingertips against my hot, sweaty back.
We hold each other close, getting hotter and hotter from even a simple kiss. I hold your body firmly, keeping you near me, and I begin to undo each button of your shirt with my mouth. Once it is open, you start to sit up and your shirt falls to the bed. You casually toss it on the floor and grab me again, pulling me close enough that you can feel the heat from my chest as you pull me tightly against your firm breasts. I can feel your heart pounding and I can hear you gasping for air. Even the slightest touch between us is sending us into such excitement that we both have hot cum flowing onto our bodies before we have even begun touching those areas.
You reach around me and pull me even closer to you, pressing your hot, soft skin against my own, and you wrap your legs around me so that the back of your knees are latched around my hips. You use this to press our bodies closer. When you do that, I know what is going to happen before the night is out. Then I hear you whisper something into my ear… You say “Tonight, I am going to give myself to you” With that we stare deep into each others eyes, as if we are looking into one another’s souls. Then I move forward and you can feel my lips gently brush against your own, and you feel the tip of my tongue as I tenderly start to lick your lips. You open your mouth slightly, and sit up as we kiss again, our tongues wrestling and moving in unison with each other, as if we are sharing but one body. As we continue to press against each others lips, you feel me reach up your back and quickly undo your bra. We pull away from each other and gasp for air. As we try to catch our breath, I run my fingertips softly along your shoulders until your bra straps fall down and slide off of your arms. I sit for a second, merely admiring the great beauty you possess. I softly motion you to lie back down, but I hold your back just slightly off of the bed. I am holding you up with my left hand. I am pressing my right hand firmly against your left breast, massaging you and feeling your hardened nipple. Then I move towards you and soothingly move my tongue back and forth over your nipple, tasting the amazing taste of your incredible body. I grow more excited as I feel your nipples hardening in my hand and in my mouth.
I lay you down flat against the bed and press my hands both tightly against your chest, one over each breast, pressing you passionately against the bed. I feel your hands gripping my back tighter that ever, your fingers pressing against my skin with unbelievable force. Then you pull me close to you and kiss me hard, and I suddenly feel your hands on my waist, reaching for my pants. I can feel you grabbing them vigorously, as if you can’t move fast enough. You pull my pants open as fast as you can, but then you stop abruptly. You slowly rub a single finger over my skin, just above my hard, throbbing dick. Rubbing it back and forth, you tease me. I look at you in such a way that you know what I am thinking; I am begging you to touch me. Then you very slowly start to move your hand down, tenderly caressing your soft fingers over my large dick. You can feel me begging for more through the pounding of my dick as it throbs, desiring everything it can get. You slowly move you hand over my dick again and again, not moving fast by any means, but keeping slow passion behind every movement you make.
You eventually pull your hand up and sensually lick your fingers in front of me, teasing me and getting me even hotter than I already am. Then you motion me to move my ear close to you, and you tell me you have a surprise for me. I gaze unto you questioningly and you start to whisper in a very erotic and sexual voice…”I have no panties on under this skirt.” I look at you in shock and ask “Really?” Then you just nod and grab my hand. You place my hand on your soft, tender, sexy thigh, moving it inward, between your legs. Then with your hand over mine, guiding it’s every move, you slide my hand up your leg, inch by inch. We both start to breath heavy and our hearts are racing as we get closer and closer to your sweet, wet pussy. Then I suddenly feel your soft hair touching my finger, and you let go of my hand. You look me in the eyes and tell me to do what it takes to make you happy. I move a single finger around, softly touching the outside parts of your hot virgin pussy. You feel my finger massaging you gently as I move it across your wet clitoris. You tell me to push it in you, but you want me to be gentle. So I ever so slowly slide a single finger into your body, stopping after only about an inch is in you. I ask if that is to your liking, and you take a deep breath, then struggle to moan out the words “Yes Prashy, just like that!” I move my finger around in circles as I slowly push it deeper and pull it back out again. I’m moving it in every direction, giving you an immense feeling of joy and satisfaction. You moan, and gasp for air, and pull tightly against my skin, and struggle to say things to me like “Oh Prashy, I love how you make me feel” and “Oh God Prashy, give it to me!!” You beg me over and over to give it to you harder, faster, and deeper, you want it all.
You finally collapse on the bed, unable to move, paralyzed from the intense pleasure you just experienced. You lay there until you regain the strength to move, then you start to kiss my ches
t. You rub your clitoris and feed me y
our cum. I have your sweet, hot, wet cum covering my hand, so I start to massage into your breasts and you gasp at the wonderful feeling it gives you. Then you pull off my pants and lay me on my back. You get over my chest, one leg on each side of me, and start rubbing your body against my chest. I can feel your soft clitoris rubbing back and forth over my nipples and my chest, and I can feel it spreading a light trail of dripping cum over my body. Then you move up, over my mouth, and grab yourself tightly. You pull your tight virgin pussy open and press it hard against my mouth. Then you gasp and scream as I plunge my tongue into you again and again. You jump and twitch as I suck your clitoris harder and faster that you could ever imagine. We clench against one another’s bodies as we feel all the power and raw passion of the universe, from all eternity, compressed into a single night in which we express how we truly feel for each other
You decide that you want to give me something else, something I’ve felt intense urges to have for a very long time. You want to do what you’ve felt a burning passion to do for what feels like an eternity. You start to massage my dick as you lay down next to me. You look and see that I have your cum running down the side of my face, and you decide to turn me on even more by licking it off of me. Then, you kiss my neck and tell me what you want me to do. I smile and gladly obey. I start to get over you, my hot dick only inches away from your wet pussy, still pulsing and cumming slowly. Then I kiss you, softly. We hold this slow, gentle kiss for a very long time and you lay naked beside me. We can feel a sensation that is all new to us. It feels somewhat like love, somewhat like fear, but we can both feel an extreme amount of force behind it, and we like it. We start to crave this new emotion, feeling that we no longer know how to live without it. It has overtaken us and it now rules our bodies and our lives. We feel a total sensation of joy and ecstasy, and our concept of pain has disappeared. We no longer know what it is to feel pain, hurt, sadness, or any other emotion that isn’t prefect happiness. We are suddenly filled with more passion and intense desires for love than we can handle. It’s totally overwhelming.
I climb over you, lying against your body. You can feel my hard dick pressing hard against your tender pussy as you start to cum more intensely than before, letting it flow off of your body and drip on the bed. You gasp as you feel a single drop of my cum slowly roll onto your hot clitoris.
We can feel our hearts pounding in unison, harder and harder, until it feels as if they are going to come out of our bodies completely. We are holding each other tightly, and we are breathing hard and fast, together as one. It is now that we realize what that new emotion was… we were feeling our bodies and our souls become one with each other; The two of us, joining spiritually to form one new being, a connection beyond physical pleasure. Our passionate thoughts, feelings, and desires have become one with each other. We shall never be alone again.
We now feel a need to do what has been the “forbidden fruit” of our relationship new yet so deep. I am kissing you slowly, softly, as I move my hand over your body; never actually touching you, just simply letting my hand hover as closely to you as I can. You can feel a force between my hand and your body, a strong feeling that is so real that it actually feels as if I am massaging every part of your body so sensually that you can’t help but go into full orgasm. You begin to moan, scream, gasp, and even cry at the intensity of excitement that you feel right now. I haven’t even touched you yet, and you can’t bear the pleasure of what you are feeling. Tears roll down your face as you scream to me again and again. You beg me to take you now, in the great amount of passion you are experiencing.
I tenderly start to spread your legs and position myself between them. You look at me and smile, that’s enough to tell me to do it now and do it hard. You feel me softly caressing your clitoris with the very tip of my hard dick cumming on you, moving slowly across you in this state of extreme sensitivity, deliberately teasing you until you are about to force my dick into yourself. Then, with a sudden burst of speed, I ram my dick into you as far as I can and hold it deep in your wet pussy. I can feel your cum flowing down every side of my dick as you cry in sheer bliss. You pull me closer and closer to you each time I drive myself into you. I pound your hot pussy with my wet dick harder and harder. So hard that it leaves burses around your pussy and along the length of my dick, but that doesn’t stop us.
You wrap your arms around my chest, holding on as tightly as you can. Then, you move your legs behind mine and we latch our knees together, pulling our hips tightly against each other. I have one arm wrapped loosely around your shoulders, and the other pressing firmly against the middle of your back. We move as one being, holding each other tightly. We roll over so that I am under you now.
You try to sit up and straddle my huge dick, but it’s difficult; we constantly slide along each others bodies because we’ve become covered in each other’s sweat. We move against each other smoothly and it causes a new feeling deep within our skin when we feel our bodies slipping past one another.
You get up and start to ride my dick as hard as you can. You surprise me when you clench the muscles in your hips because it pulls your pussy so tight against me that I can’t help but spray cum everywhere. I scream out OOOOH my Lissa mol…U r a wondergal baby…..Lissa molu ….aaah ….mmmmmm ….over and over as every muscle in my body tightens. I rocket my entire body up off the bed, holding myself up with only my shoulders and my feel. This in turn presses my dick harder against you. I suddenly am able to go deeper into you. I then realize that I have put you through the ultimate sign of womanhood…I have “popped your cherry”; Pressing so hard against your pussy that I forced it to open more than usual, and officially claming your virginity and innocence to be mine.
You have given yourself to me, and we continue lying together, not even taking the time to get our clothes back on. We simply lie naked beside each other, slowly touching one another’s bodies and kissing passionately on through the night, until we watch the breath taking beauty of the sun rise

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