Mya's Meets Vixen

For a while now Mya had been chatting on the internet to a few of her friends from school. It was summer and her sister Miranda along with her parents could drive but Mya was somewhat spoiled and quick-tempered, she refused to drive and always demanded people to drive her. Well now that Miranda, her twin sister, was down in Mexico with some friends and her parents were at work Mya was left alone in her two-story home with nothing to do but chat online and masturbate.

Mya was a hermaphrodite like her sister, she’d been born with a rather large cock and a tight pussy. Unfortunately she’d also been born with a nice plump butt and small breasts, it made her irresistible to the men but what man would want to sleep with a woman who had both male and female parts?

While chatting on AIM and surfing the net for porn Mya ended up on a chatroom for adults looking to meet other adults for sex. Mya created a brief profile and put under the gender section that she was both, she didn’t expect any responses. An hour later she was greeted by someone claiming they were a transexual, a man who underwent surgery and came out a woman except for the fact that they still had a cock. Mya chatted with this person who called herself Horny-Vixen8998 for a while and she soon found out that Horny-Vixen was only two hours from her home.

Now Mya knew about creeps on the internet prowling to meet young girls but she was a hermaphrodite and she was seventeen, and knew how to defend herself so if this person was a creep she’d be kicking some ass before they could have their way with her. She and Vixen arranged a meeting the next day at the local park, Vixen said she’d be sitting by the batting cages with a red sweater and Mya simply replied “I’ll find you.”

The next day Mya took a long shower, it was long because she couldn’t help but grab her thick cock and thrust it against the wet shower tile while shoving two fingers inside of her tight cunt. Her and her sister had masturbated many times in the shower and sometimes they’d take showers together so this was basically a ritual for Mya.

After the shower Mya put on a black lace thong and short blue jean shorts that showed off lots of thigh but kept her cock from popping out at the sides and a tight white shirt with a jean jacket. She got her keys from the fireplace at the bottom of the stairs, on her key ring was a small can of mace but she also kept a swiss army knife hidden in the back pocket of her shorts, just in case. The walk to the park was long but with the sun barely bearing down on Myas’ skin it was a breeze. She got to the park five minutes after she and Vixen had scheduled to meet and when she got to the batting cages she saw a woman who could’ve been a model sitting on a bench in a loose red sweater with what looked to be a long yellow sun dress underneath.

The woman had long curly red hair that looked went to the base of her neck. Mya couldn’t see her eye color but she saw the woman must’ve been caucasian for parts of her skin were a light pinkish hue, probably from the sun. The sweater didn’t help in trying to see her body but she did get a nice glimpse of her legs, they were long, shaved and a tattoo of a butterfly was on the right ankle.

Mya went up to the woman and the two looked at each other for a quick second.

“Hi, I’m Mya.”

“Hello, I’m Julie or Vixen if you’d feel better calling me that.”

To Be Continued…

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    just leave us hangin why dont you lol more please

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