Native Pleasure

Native Pleasure

By nightseeker67

Sorry y’all. This is the full finished version of this story. Enjoy and check out my other stories :)

The young, French man walked through the forest, searching for game to bring home to his brothers and sisters. He stepped over and crawled under branches, scraping himself up in his haste to find food for them. He continued walking for nearly an hour when he got distracted by a beautiful bird call. The call sounded like it came from the angels and it filled his heart with peace and happiness. He turned to find the source of the melodious call and tripped over a log; he landed in a pool of mud. He coughed up the mud and tried to clean the dirt off the back of his hand sewn, tattered jacket, then yelled in frustration; the mud was so thick that it wouldn’t come off. Now what!? I can’t go home without food and covered in filth. I will not waste any of our water on my clothes; there must be a river or stream nearby. He tuned his hearing into nature and heard the faint trickle of water over the rocks coming from the north. He walked north for a few yards and came upon a beautiful pond. He stared at the beautiful scenery around him. The sun shined down on the small valley, making everything shine with an iridescent light; the pond was as clear as a mirror and reflected the majesty surrounding it. He smiled at the scenery and took a few steps closer to the pond when he saw something that made him stop and stare.

A young, Native American girl stepped out from among the trees and daintily walked toward the pond. She was wearing a dark dress made of bearskin that clung to her body, showing off her magnificent curves; the dress was covered in elk teeth that sparkled in the sunlight. She was about 5’5 with beautiful mocha colored skin; her hair was the darkest brown and fell in waves down her back. He swallowed as he acknowledged the feminine parts of her body: her perfect C cup breasts (which he could easily tell with the tightness of her dress and the amount of cleavage that dress was showing), and a fine, round ass. She didn’t seem to notice him—or the fact that he was ogling her—as she delicately stepped into the cool water. She smiled contently and moved her feet in the water, clearly enjoying the pond. The man realized all at once that soon the girl was going to look up and see him; he knew that if she saw him, she would freak out and go get her family to come and shoot him. He took a cautious step backwards and when she didn’t look up, he continued to walk backwards. He suddenly stepped on a branch and he froze in fear; she didn’t react and kept moving her feet in the water. He let out a sigh of relief and the Native American girl looked up at him.

His heart frantically pounded in his chest as the girl stared at him; granted, she wasn’t running away from him and screaming but he was still terrified of what might happen. She continued to look at him, slowly batting her eyelashes as if trying to comprehend what she was looking at. Still apprehensive but feeling less fear, he took a cautious step toward her; she continued to blink at him and he walked toward her and said, “Bonjour?” Her calm, curious expression turned to confusion and he realized that she didn’t understand at all. Well, no surprise there. I’m French and she’s Native American. We don’t speak the same language. He continued to walk toward her slowly as if wondering what her reaction would be; she continued to gaze at him silently, her deep brown eyes as warm as a camp fire. When he was about 20 yards away from her, she whispered something quietly. It took him a few seconds to register that she even said something, but then realized that she was whispering, “Hello, strange one.” For a good minute, he was very confused because he didn’t remember learning her language. He then remembered that when his family first settled here, a loner from the nearby tribe had come and lived with them for years; he must’ve learned from the native. Swallowing, he said quietly, “Hello, beautiful young woman.” Her eyes widened slightly and she gave him a small smile. He swallowed harder, her small smile somehow increasing his arousal. Taking a deep breath, he said, “I am sorry if I disturbed you.” She smiled and ran her hand through her glossy hair and said, “No disturbance. I am feeling quite peaceful at this small pond, but ache for companionship. Would you like to join a humble, native girl at her pond?” Dear God, her smile—it’s shattering every ounce of my concentration and willpower. If I get too close to her, I don’t know what I’ll do. Against his better judgement, he sat down next to her. Neither spoke for a long while, just absorbing the fact that a complete foreigner was in each other’s presence. He studied her not knowing what else to do. He studied the way her hair curled up under her ear and chin and fell in long waves down her back, the way the light bounced off the beautiful lapis lazuli necklace she wore, and the way the necklace nestled perfectly in her cleavage. He admired her long, delicate, but obviously strong legs and the movement of her round breasts as she breathed in and out. In order to prevent himself from doing something he knew he would regret, he buried his hand in the soft dirt to prevent himself from touching her. Finally, she looked at him and said, “My, my, you fell in the mud around here didn’t you,” she laughed heartily causing her entire body to tremble with laughter, “Here let me clean that for you.” She reached out to take his shirt off; before she could touch him, he grabbed her hands on impulse her small hands completely covered by his large ones. She looked up at him and before she could even take another breath, he kissed her. She sighed happily against his mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck as she molded herself to him. He cupped the back of her head and pulled her as close to him as possible. Their kisses were sweet and gentle until the girl opened her mouth to him. He pulled her against him even tighter, his tongue plundering her pouting mouth; their kisses turned ferocious and passionate as she responded to his kiss in kind.

His passion overwhelming him, he pushed her back onto the grass as he continued to kiss her with as much passion in his soul. She moaned against his lips and wrapped her legs round his waist in an effort to pull him even closer to her. He pulled back in order to catch his breath and felt his arousal increase even more when he saw the look in her eyes: the gentle campfire had transformed into a raging inferno aching to be satisfied with its needs. “My Lord,” he groaned before kissing her again. This time she forced him back and pushed him against a nearby rock. Holding his gaze in her own devilish one, she stripped out of her exquisite gown to reveal her gorgeous body. Her breasts bounced once released, her nipples tightened under the cool air and he could easily see the slick trail her own arousal had left between her thighs. Clenching his teeth in an effort to keep control, he hurriedly stripped of his jacket and shirt; as he was reaching for the waistband of his pants, his hands brushed two small, delicate ones. Looking down, he realized that she was on her knees before him trying to free his raging hard-on. He sat on the rock as she finally managed to release his cock from the clothes. He took two deep breaths, the sight of her on her knees with a look of rapture on her face enough to almost make him explode that very second. She studied his cock, admiring and noting every groove and fold in his cock. Taking a deep breath, she gently reached out her hand and trailed her fingers along his shaft. He released the breath that he had been holding in and groaned, the feel of her gentle fingers making his cock burn. She glanced up at him and then moved forward and brushed her soft, pouty lips against the head of his cock, licking up the precum that was seeping out the slit in his head. He groaned in pleasurable agony, his nails digging into the rock to prevent himself from touching her. She kissed along his length (a good 11 inches) and nipped at his skin. The young native glanced at him with a spark in her eye and, holding his dick tight in her hand, she swallowed his cock. He growled, his pleasure level rising to the point where it was becoming nearly unbearable. She stroked his cock with her lips, moaning and using her teeth and tongue to pleasure him. She sucked him with fervor and in no time at all, she had his entire shaft buried inside her throat. Her tongue snaked out and licked his balls, causing him to jerk.

She opened her eyes and realized that his eyes were tightly shut, sweating running down his face. She took her mouth off his cock and he sighed with a mixture of relief and disappointment. “Why…why did you stop?” She whispered, “Why aren’t you looking at me?” He groaned helpless and said, “Si je te regarde, je vais perdre le contrôle immédiatement et exploser dans la gorge.” She stroked his cock gently and said, “What does that mean?” He whispered, “If I look at you, I going to lose control immediately and explode down your throat.” She pouts and continues to graze his cock with her fingers, “Please, look at me.” “God please don’t beg,” though his eyes were closed, he knew that she was pouting her full lips and was giving him the big puppy dog eyes. She continued to beg and he moaned; dear God, her begging is only making me harder and harder. She whispered one more time, “Please.” He swore but growled out, “Fine, fine.” He slowly opened his eyes and when he did, he saw her gazing at him innocently her mouth wrapped around his cock. “Oh fuck…” he groaned, his body trembling as the cum boiled out of control inside his balls. “I can’t….I can’t!!!” He lost control and shot his huge load deep inside her throat, growling and grunting the entire time; her eyes were wide as she willingly accepted his cum. She swallowed as fast as she could though some of his cum did spill out the sides of her mouth. When he finally stopped cumming, he pulled her mouth off his semi-hard cock, gasping. She smiled at the young French man and he picked her up and laid her on the ground. He crawled to her on all fours, his body covering hers; she looked up at him, her eyes filled with a mixture of nervousness and excitement. The young man kissed her hard, his tongue exploring every inch of her mouth; she moaned happily at the unexpected invasion. He let his hand move down the side of her body, moving along her beautiful curves. He nibbled along her collarbone, sucking on her neck; she continued to moan her young body trembling from the feeling of this foreigner’s lips on her. He gently bit her neck marking her as his own and trailed his fingers over her shoulders. He continued his journey down her young, firm body, kissing every inch of her skin. When he reached her breasts, she whispered, “Please be gentle.”

He looked up at her and smiled, “Don’t worry you beautiful nymph. I’ll be nothing but good and loving to your body.” She looked away, the intensity in his eyes shaking her to her core. Taking her silence as her approval to move forward, he kissed her cleavage and every inch of her gorgeous breasts. “God,” he groaned in the back of his throat just before licking and sucking at her tight nipples. She whimpered at the feeling of his mouth sucking her breasts having never done anything like this before. He continued to suck on them almost like he wanted to drink milk from her breasts; he bit her lightly and she gasped. He lifted his head, “Do you not like it?” She whimpered, not looking into his eyes: “I like it too much…” He kissed her hard stealing her breath away; when he finally stopped kissing her, he growled in the young native’s ear, “Good.” He went back to her breasts, sucking on her left nipple while gently tugging and pulling on the other one. He switched to her right breast, teasing her other nipple still wet from his mouth. When he saw that her nipples were hard and firm and her entire body was trembling with arousal, he moved further down her body kissing her stomach and even licking her belly button; she gasped, ending it with a small giggle, when he did that. He smiled against her stomach and moved down to the center of her arousal. When she felt him getting closer to that area, she began to close her legs in fear that he wouldn’t like the smell or taste of her arousal. He forced her legs open, silencing her protests with one look; he whispered, “I need to taste you, don’t be scared, ma chérie.” She was still nervous but opened her leg in quiet submission. He was slow and gentle to her, taking care to make her only feel the greatest pleasure in the world. His fingers stroked her moist pussy lips before forcing their way inside her; his head swooped down and she cried out in pleasure as his tongue touched her clit. He tortured her with his tongue, flicking it over and over again as he thrust two of his fingers slowly inside her. How can she taste this good? Lord have mercy, I’m already aching hard just from tasting her juices. She moaned in ecstasy and he looked up at her flushed face, the utter pleasure on her face making his cock throb. He licked her faster and harder, forcing two more of her fingers inside her tight pussy. She cried out when he hit her g-spot and encouraged by that, he thrust into her as hard as possible, making her gasp and scream. “I’m so close….” Hearing this, he moved his fingers from her pussy and buried his tongue as deep inside her cunt as possible. She screamed out her pleasure as she came hard, her juices flooding his mouth.

He pulled his mouth off her cunt and kissed her passionately. “Do you enjoy that, my nymph?” She nodded her head and then looked up at him shyly, “Did…did you…” He silenced her with another kiss, answering her interrupted question with his lips against hers. They stared into each others’ eyes and he recognized the unspoken request in his nymph’s beautiful brown eyes. He lifted himself onto his knees and lifted her onto the rock behind them. Getting close to her, he took a deep breath before entering her fully with one thrust. She gasped biting her lip so hard that her lips bled while he growled in ecstasy, his cock aching beyond belief. They held tight to each other, neither of them moving at all as their bodies throbbed and pulsed together. He was throbbing uncontrollably inside her vice-like pussy and it was driving him closer and closer to the edge. He whispered in her ear in a rasping voice, “I’m afraid to move or else I’ll explode inside you.” She whimpered and dug her nails into his back, emitting a helpless groan from him. “Please….please” she begged him. He nodded his head once, completely overcome by desire at that moment. He lifted his head, gripped her hips and slowly pulled his cock out of her. Unable to wait a single moment, he thrust back into her. They both cried out their ecstasy as they came together, their juices mixing together and spilling out over their legs there was so much of cum. They collapsed together on the grass, sweat covering their entwined limbs, their hearts still pounding like two erratic drums in unison. After a few minutes, the young French man raised his head and cleared his throat: “So…would this be an appropriate time to ask your name?”


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