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The weather was not breezy in the New York; heat wave hit the entire city like a fury from hell. It was Friday and by far the hottest day of the summer up to this point. Almost every hour on local TV, there was a warning about the intense heat outside. I felt sorry for people who had to work in that unbearable humidity. My home was comparatively cool and comfortable. Naturally, I thought about staying home all day long.

            It was getting close to the sunset and I felt bored. Making up my mind to go out and get some air, I put on my red V-neck T-shirt with tailored Gap khakis and matching white / black – true red Air Jordan X sneakers. I left my apartment and met up with my friend La Vika. She was getting off the elevator.
            La Vika was a dark-skinned Hispanic beauty with big green eyes and a great body. She had on orange bikini top and black shorts. La Vika’s short black hair was disheveled that made her look wilder than ever, and her firm tits enticingly filled the bra cups. I got an instant hard-on.
            “What’s up, Vika?”
            She backed me in a corner, and said, “Where are you going?”
            “I’m about to drive around and get refreshed,” I replied.
            “When you come back, knock on my door so you can play with these.” La Vika took my hands and cupped her tits with them. Her lips curved into a sultry smile.
            “You betcha,” I said, grinning broadly.
            La Vika walked into her apartment, laughing slyly.
            One thing I love about summers in New York Citywas driving around with the top down and listening to some music. Jay-Z’s new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, blared from my drop top Mars-red Porsche Carrera GT as I roared down the roads and streets ofManhattan. The breeze blowing on my head and the bottled water dried all the sweat and cooled the heat. Pretty women clad in crop tops or jogging in sports bra and tights were a sight to relish. I would honk at them just to catch them smiling and laughing. Yeah! I knew how to make a day, even without a partner around with me.
            The bottled Poland Spring water had me ready to pee. When I walked inside Barnes & Noble Bookstore on 82nd Street and Broadway, I rushed to the bathroom, then washed my hands, and splashed cold water on my face. Getting relaxed and feeling elated, I was ready to roam around the well air-conditioned bookstore.
            I sat at an empty table, in the Mezzanine/Performing Arts section of the store, drinking the bottled water, and reading The Rose That Grew from Concrete. As I looked down, my eyes on Sophie Strauss. She was my college friend, a Caucasian beauty, with smooth tanned skin. Her brown hair was long and she had smoky hazel eyes. That eve, she looked hot in her blue crop top and beach plum colored shorts.
            “Hey, Sophie!” I called her out.
            “Hi, handsome! What’s up?” Sophie replied back, flashed a smile and waving a hand. She walked up the stairs and we hugged each other. I kissed her on the cheek and inhaled the mixed wafts of perfume and perspiration. Sophie was a girl who didn’t age at all. She was as youthful and attractive as she used be in college.
            “How are you? You look great and are still one of those women who don’t look a day older than 20.”
            She batted her eyes and said, “Thanks! And you’re still that college stud I used to stay close with, but shh, we can’t tell others our secret.”
            We both laughed.
            “This heat is scorching!”
            “Yeah, too much already.”
            “I have my air conditioner on full blast. My whole apartment is cool and cozy.”
            “You need it! Too hot and cannot walk fast!”
            “Exactly! I usually go out at 7 p.m. when the heat is not too bad.”
            “True. Noon is the worst time of the day!”
            “It is! I feel sorry for the construction workers.”
            “Yes, they have no choices on days like this. I ducked into aBathand Body Works store for some AC relief earlier.” She giggled.
            “I used to cool off in supermarkets and act like I was doing shopping.”
            “Why not? Or buy a cheap item like water and walk around for a while comparing prices.” She said, smilingly. “It’s too hot, so you gotta do it!”
            “Yes, this weather is a killer! I rather go to an indoor pool than relaxing on the beach.”
            “Definitely,” Sophie agreed with me.
            “You know what I heard somebody say the other day that women are like chicken because their best parts are the legs, thighs, and breasts, and they are chased around by cocks.”
            Sophie burst into laughter. “Very funny,” she said.
            “Well, it is comical but a true saying. Anyways, I’m about to leave and I don’t wanna get too comfortable in this store.”
            “Yeah, I’m ready to go too. Hey, if you’re not in the rush, you can hang out with me, at my house. I live around the corner.” Sophie suggested.
            “Sure, I parked my car around the corner too. If you saw a hot red Porsche in the middle of the block, that’s me!”
            Sophie lived in a very elegant, redbrick, Georgian-style apartment house on 100 Riverside Drive that had a very attractive lobby. When we entered her apartment on the 20th floor, I was speechless! It presented a spectacular view of the Hudson River and Riverside Park. She had high beamed ceilings, the floors were hardwood, and her dining room was big enough to seat 10 people. I liked her collection of 1960s paintings that hung on her beige walls. Sophie always had an interest in images, films, and music from that decade.
            “You have a really nice place, Sophie!” I told her. “I always wanted to live around this area.”
            “Well, I’ll let you know when they have a vacancy in the building.” She smiled.
            “Thanks, I appreciate it!”
            We got comfortable in her cool sunken oversized living room that included a decorative fireplace. She had True Blood, her favorite TV show, playing on the flat screen TV. Sophie poured two small glasses of what she called her love potion. I liked the smooth flavor of the drink.
            “So how is your life, Mar’e?” Sophie asked. “You were such a lover boy in college.”
            “Not bad; I cannot complain.” I continued. “Actually, I thought of seeing this girl in Tribeca tonight, but she is too wild and crazy.”
            “People, who are crazy, can be fun as long as no laws get broken.” Sophie winked.
            “You’re right; they can be so much fun.” I winked back. “How’s yours? Life and routine, I mean. You were of the type that doesn’t have any problems getting a date.”
            “Umm, things go lousy for me.” Sophie spoke, smacking her lips. “I want sex and I’m not getting any. It’s so frustrating!”
            “Really? Wow! I’m sure you have straight, single male friends who won’t hesitate, not with you.”
            “If I stripped down, would you do me?”
            Her question aroused me. The sexual energy in the room magnified and I knew I couldn’t let an opportunity to possibly sleep with Sophie past me by.
            “Hell yeah!” I answered. “Shit!”
            Sophie took one last sip of her drink and gave me a nod. Wild thoughts brimmed my head as I slowly unzipped the khakis. Soon Sophie stood before me nude. I liked what I saw! She had one of the most desirable bodies I ever saw. Her tits were neither big nor very small, but perfect in shape and firm.
            “Yes, I am!” I nodded. “You are a stunner!”
            I pulled my pants down, letting my erect dick pop out to get some air. Then I tossed my shirt away, stood up, and we kissed. She was good kisser. I loved how our tongues twirled, as we tasted the flavor left on our tongues from the drink. My hands roamed freely on her smooth flesh, making my erection even more intense.
            “I cannot wait to devour you!” Sophie whispered. “I want it so bad!”
            “I’m ready to take you.”
            Sophie playfully pushed me on the couch. I gazed at her erect nipples, possibly the cool air around us excited her. She kneeled in front of me with a sultry look on her face, and began sucking and licking my dick showing her passion and energy. It was great! I felt like my dick was in “Cock Heaven.”
            Then she sat on top of my dick. Her tight pussy engulfed my dick as I moaned blissfully. Sophie began working her pussy, giving my shaft the massage it desperately needed. She went crazy bouncing up and down on me. At this point, I was laying back and enjoying the ride. Sophie rode me like a woman possessed. I stared at Sophie’s body and began pinching her nipples. This drove her wild as she bounced harder on me. I felt myself getting close to cumming.
            “I’m going to cum, baby!” I sighed. “You’re making me do that in your pussy!”
            “Come on, cum for me, Mar’e!”
            Sophie lifted herself off me as my dick popped, and I ejaculated. My golden cum splashed onto our bellies. I ejaculated so hard that my body shook for a moment.  I looked up at Sophie and we exchanged smiles. She began giggling and her laughter sounded sexy. Sophie licked the cum off my abs and made it look delicious. Her kinkiness took me by surprise. She took her finger to wipe it off, and put it in her mouth to savor the last of my love juices.
            She took my hand and I followed her to the bedroom. She laid on her back and splayed her legs. I moved up to her breasts and began teasing and toying with them. She enjoyed every minute as her head rolled back and she closed her eyes in pleasure. She let out soft moans while I played with her very sensitive tits. It wasn’t too long before I went down on her.
            I could smell the sweet scent wafting from her eager pussy. The odor was stimulating. As I moved my face closer, I could feel the heat pouring out of her pussy. That was a big stimulus for me and I penetrated her, closing my lips on her clit. Her sweet nectar was steadily flowing for each flick of my tongue. She tasted like cherries covered in honey. Her moans sounded enticing; she drove me wild.
            “You love eating my pussy,” Sophie moaned, “love to taste of it.”
            “Yes.” I mumbled.
            I chuckled, lapping her sweet nectar. She grabbed my baldhead, pushing my face hard into her dripping pussy. I loved the taste and feeling of her soft skin on my tongue and mouth. Sophie ground her pussy back and forth against my face, and wrapped her thighs about my head. I sucked her delicious juice, every drop of it! She covered my face with her creamy cum, completely intoxicating me in lust.
            “I’m cumming!” Sophie moaned loudly.
            She uttered funny sounds, clutched my head tighter, and let go of her grip. Her trembling, writhing body was a remarkable sight. Her chest heaved and she sloughed while her sexual tension released.
             “You look so sexy right now!” I grinned at her.
            “Stick it in my pussy,” Sophie said. “I need that big dick in there! Make me cum hard, will you?”
            I eased my dick into her slick pussy, jamming it to the hilt. Together, we settled in a nice rhythm and the only thing that haunted my mind was to give her the greatest fuck ever. I began picking up the tempo and pounding her pussy harder, put my hands on her tits, and braced myself on elbows. Sophie moaned and howled in delirium. I gazed down, perceiving her dreamy look on her flushed face,
            “Your pussy is so smooth, baby girl.” I murmured. “I want to leave this dick in there all night!”
            “Yes, yes do that please! Touch me, taste me, and overpower me! Do anything to me you crave.”
            I made her get on all fours and started fucking her in the ass. Pulling her hair hard, I smacked her moist ass repeatedly. I kept up a nice rhythm that was not too hard or soft, but one that hits the right spot.
            “You make my dick feel so good, Soph!” I said, panting. “Your little hole is dripping wet for me, yay!”
            I pushed Sophie’s face down on the pillows, grabbed her waist, and pounded her hard. My wildness turned her on. She screamed out my name. I continued jamming my dick in her ass and pulling it out. Cum dribbled down her legs as I fucked her hard. She squealed and moaned in pleasure that shook her all over.
            Sophie arched her back up like a pussycat and pulled away from my grip. She had an intense orgasm that triggered me to ejaculate on her fanny. Sophie’s whole body convulsed uncontrollably. I shot my jizz on her back, feeling both dazed and sexually satisfied. That orgasm was one of the most amazing I ever had in my life.
            “Wow, that was amazing, girl!” I said. “Sophie, you are full of surprises. The girl next door types are really the freakiest!”
            Sophie turned around and smiled at me. She lounged in the afterglow of her orgasms, leaking cum on the bed sheets.
            Sophie giggled. “Yes, we are freaky and wild.” she said. “I would love to let your cock be lodged in my pussy, all night long!”
            “Oh, yeah! We’re going to fuck like wild rabbits before the summer ends.” I said, grinning.
            We lay, embracing each other for some time before I declared my intention to leave. We walked back to the living room and I got dressed. As I was putting on my clothes, Sophie typed her number in my smartphone. She was sitting there topless with a big smile on her face.
            “Thanks for a great evening, Sophie. I’ll appreciate that!”
            “Yes, and we have to do this more often.” She replied.
            We approached the exit and shared a French kiss. As the door shut, all I could think about was sex.
            Yes, I cannot wait to explore her wonderful body again!

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