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Fun At The Movies

Fantasies Literotica

Alexa had been following the same routine for the past three months. Every Friday night, she would go on a dinner-movie night with a friend, then go back home to surf the Web and tuck herself in bed by no later than 1 am of the morning. Is not that Alexa was a boring old lady – she was 35 years old, with the same skinny body she had when she was 18, a face that looked 10 years younger and an energy that would shame a teenager – it was simply that her life had taken that turn when you don’t fit in most places. She felt old to go clubbing, and she felt too young for the hotel lounge scene. She divorced the year before and honestly, dating was not attractive to her. So, she found a comfortable routine and followed it without complaints.

This Friday her “date” was Hector, a neighbor from her building. She met Hector when she moved in a year ago and soon realized that the chubby but attractive Hispanic neighbor was gay. Alexa and Hector quickly became best pals after discovering a mutual fascination with foreign films. With 28 years, Hector was extremely well educated after living in South America, Europe, and even Asia before settling down in the States. He spoke five languages and even weirder for a Hispanic, he did not enjoy the night life. For Alexa, he was the perfect date – educated, fun to be with, and no worries about sexual tensions.

Hector suggested a Brazilian film that was showing in a small theater in midtown, so they ate on the neighborhood and went into the theater right when the movie was starting.

As usual with these foreign films rooms, the room was almost empty. Alexa counted two other people in the small projection room and they were sitting far away from each other. She was a fan of foreign films, so this did not surprise her at all- Americans hated to read the damned subtitles. Hector and she sat down and prepared to enjoy the film.

The film was a historical drama about a female slave in a Brazilian plantation. The movie was interesting, and the most interesting parts were the sex scenes. The actors in the movie were all fit and hot and the scenes were borderline hardcore porn. Alexa was feeling the heat and moisture on her pussy and she was aware of her breathing getting heavier. Hector had not said a word, but when she looked at him, she noticed he was also horny with the scenes. His attention was fixed on the screen, so he did not notice when she got a glimpse of the massive bulge on his pants.

“Too bad he’s gay” Alexa thought looking at her friend’s crotch. The outline of Hector’s erection was noticeable in the dim lights of the movie theater. Alexa guessed his cock to be at least 9 inches long and thick as a can. Just thinking about freeing that massive cock made Alexa smile and her pussy to get even wetter and hotter. Something inside her told Alexa that the big dildo in the closet would have action that night.

They were so absorbed in their own thoughts that neither noticed the guy that was getting closer to them. One of the guys they saw when getting into the room had been moving from chair to chair until sitting just next to Alexa. He noticed lust in Alexa’s face and decided to give her a little show himself. He was a tall and muscular guy that did not understand shit of the movie – but he knew Brazilian movies were hot, so he liked to go to that theater whenever Brazilian movies were projected. The rooms were small and empty, so he could masturbate slowly for hours without being bothered. Tonight he saw the attractive couple and gave his attention to the slim woman with the small perky breasts. She was sexy and he wanted a better look at that body before wanking his cock in her honor.

Alexa did not notice the new occupant of the chair until he heard the familiar sound of a zipper being undone. When she turned to her left, she saw the guy seating next to her, but she also saw his massive cock out and his hand stroking it slowly. Hector’s cock maybe was big but this guy’s tool was monstrous. It was a good twelve inches long, with thick veins and thick enough to avoid closing the hand around it.

The guy looked at Alexa and smiled while stroking his monster as if petting a cat. Without a word, he took Alexa’s left hand and guided it to his pulsating snake. To Alexa, the message was clear – he wanted her to stroke his erection. She was horny and all, but she resisted. She had done plenty of handjobs and blowjobs in dark theaters, but always to her boyfriends and later to her husband, never to a stranger- and never to a cock that huge!

She struggled to avoid the guy’s advances, but his grip was like a vise. With his strength, the stranger forced Alexa’s left hand around the shaft of his erection and resumed the slow stroking motion he was doing earlier with his own hand. Alexa was scared, but the sensations in her pussy were stronger. This was something she had never done. She felt dirty, excited, horny, and needy. The conflict of emotions made her to cry softly while her hand continued the up and down motion over the stranger’s rod.

The sound of Alexa’s soft crying took Hector out of his trance. When he turned to his left, he was shocked with the scene happening live next to his seat. His friend Alexa was slowly masturbating the biggest cock he had seen in his life! She was trying to get her hand away from the huge fuckstick, but the guy next to her had a good grip on her wrist. The guy was tall and muscular, easily 50 pounds heavier than he in pure muscle… there was no way he could win a fight against this guy. Besides… the scene was even better than the movie!

“Stop struggling and jerk him off. These perverts let go after they cum…” Hector whispered on Alexa’s ear. “Trust me… I had dealt with guys like that in my life.” And it was true. At 28, Hector had gone through his good share of handjobs to strangers in dark corners of clubs when things got hot and heavy but he was afraid about the STDs. Strangers got no more than a good handjob and his fear of STDs had made Hector stop going to clubs. But he had never seen a cock that big so he imagined that neither had Alexa.

Alexa followed Hector’s advise and relaxed. The stranger felt the change in her wrist and slowly released his grip on her. Having his hand free, he decided to feel the skin of the body he had been desiring since he noticed her. He went straight to the leg showing below the the hem of Alexa’s summer dress. The hand soon began crawling to the hot spot between Alexa’s legs and began testing her labia. Feeling those fingers on her pussy sent an electric current to her brain, even when he was brushing his fingers on the wet fabric of her thong. She tensed a little, allowing a low moan. She tightened the grip on the monster cock, feeling the flow of precum that was pouring now.

The stranger took that as an invitation and with his right hand simply ripped the thong away from Alexa’s skin. Without a chance for reaction, Alexa felt one of his thick finger invading her dripping cunt. She felt the finger fucking her wet interior while another finger rubbed her swollen clitoris with a constant rhythm. It had been months since she had been properly fucked and her pussy was screaming for the cock pulsing on her left hand. She was so horny!

Without warning, the stranger removed the hand from her pussy. He put his right arm around Alexa’s thin waist and carried her up from her seat as easy as you move a rag doll. Without losing a second, the stranger placed Alexa on his lap, positioning his monster right at the pussy entrance. Before Alexa could protest, he pushed her down the monster cock she had been stroking for a while. As soon she felt the big bulb of his cock head, a strong orgasm hit Alexa. It did not build, it simply exploded, making her to scream in pleasure and almost pass out. She shuddered while the stranger used her body to please himself, opening her top and sucking at her erect nipples. Alexa felt wave after wave of pleasure while grabbing the stranger’s shoulders to avoid falling over.

Hector had been watching all this in shock. He was surprised when the big guy raised Alexa from her chair as nothing, but he was even more surprised when he saw Alexa impaled on the stranger’s cock. His own penis reacted to the stimuli and it was harder than ever. He could even feel the precum shooting out of his cock. He needed relief – and he needed it soon!

Without thinking, he took his cock out and began masturbating at the same pace the stranger was fucking Alexa. He looked at her face and Alexa was in ecstasy. Her small breasts were dancing with the tempo of the fuck, which was in crescendo. The stranger was close to cum and after a few more humps, he removed Alexa from his pole, placing her on her knees right in front of the beast. He grabbed Alexa’s hair and aimed at her face. Two quick strokes and the stranger’s cock began to shoot cum all over the place.

The first jet flew over Alexa’s head, landing on the row of seat in front of them. The following ropes of man juice landed right on Alexa’s face. One hit her forehead, streaming all the way down to her chest. Another landed on her cheek and it was so strong that it even rebounded. The others were aimed at her eyes, nose, chest, and neck. The last few shots were aimed to her mouth, which was ajar. The stranger forced it open with the head of his member and shot the last few drops inside her mouth, removing his cock from her used mouth when he was spent.

While Alexa received a sperm shower, Hector was masturbating furiously to the scene. His 9 inch cock was hard as steel, and he was close to cum. The stranger looked at him and pushed Alexa’s head on his lap. Her mouth was still open and Hector’s cock went inside his friend’s mouth. Still grabbing her by the hair, the stranger began moving Alexa’s head on Hector’s cock. The warm mouth around his needy member was too much for Hector and he shot his load deep inside Alexa’s mouth. To his surprise, he felt Alexa sucking until he was spent and when she swallow everything.

When he recovered from his orgasm, the stranger was gone and Alexa was standing from the floor and sitting down. She was looking for disposable wipes she had on her bag to clean most of the mess on her face. She found them just when the movie credits began rolling on the screen.

“I thought you were gay…” she said while making herself more presentable after closing her top.

“I am…” Hector said while replacing his cock inside his pants. “But I have to admit you fuck and suck like a pro! That cock was gorgeous!”

“Tell me about it! I will dream about that one for years… and yours too!” Alexa said with a wink.

Hector began to laugh. “Dear, those were my 5 straight minutes, it won’t happen again. Now slut, lets find a bathroom to clean you!”

With that, they left the room as lights turned on.

When the lights turned on, I looked around me. While skinny Alexa was used as a fuck toy by a stranger, I recorded the whole thing with one hand on the camera and masturbated furiously with the other. I came three times and my three ejaculations were visible on the floor and the row of seats in front of me. I checked my videocam and smiled at what I got by accident. I went there to pirate the movie, but the best scene had been the one I just observed.

Definitively, all of us had some fun at the movies!

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