susie from good girl to cumslut

Susie had decided to go out with her girlfriends to a bachelor
party. Her husband was a real workaholic and never wanted
any of the social bar life. So she wanted a good time, and spent quite some time with
one of her best girlfriends and this girl’s brother
Tom. They all danced, had quite some drinks, did the tequila
shot contest, and danced some more. By 3 am they all seemed
pretty wasted: nobody was able to drive home.Tom had flirted
all night with Susie, so he took her to his car in the parking
lot; not to drive her home, but to get a blow job! He started
by giving her a passionate kiss, went to pinch a nipple:
Susie had no control whatsoever, so when Tom put her face
down to his crotch, ordering to suck him , she meekly obeyed
and got his dick out of his pants. Tom didn’t last long, and quickly filled Susie’s
mouth with his slicky cum. OK bitch, good job, he said; now my good friend Jamal will
take you home, cause I can’t drive right now. You just
pay Jamal for the ride, ok? OK, Susie replied. So Susie left with Jamal who was to take her home. Jamal was
a guy in his late twenties, well built, and black. Well,
Susie, had a fun night out, I guess? Jamal asked while starting
the car. Yes, it was fun to go dancing, Susie replied. You
live alone? Jamal inquired. No, no, I am married, my husband
is at home, must be asleep by now. Oh, in that case he`ll wake
up, I suppose, when we have our little private party at your
place, Jamal said. What do you mean ? Susie asked; you just drop me off in front
of my home. Oh well you don`t seem to understand; I`ll have
my piece of meat before I go back home, you know, at your place
or mine! At the same time Jamal slid his hand under Susie`s
mini skirt and pinched her inner thigh. And I don`t take
no for an answer, you white bitch, he added in a strong voice.
Susie kept quiet, didn`t know what to do or say; she sure
wasn’t used to such harsh language; but she didn`t
want to take Jamal home! Maybe we can just stop at your place,
she said in a little voice. OK bitch, that`s better, you`ll see we`ll have a good time.
Jamal pinched her thigh once more, then slid his fingers
to Susie`s pussy. She was wet ! Well, ain`t that a real slut,
pussy all wet; looks like you`re ready for more action!
Jamal said. 10 minutes later they arrived at Jamal`s place; they got
out of the car and went inside. It was a neat little bungalow
in the suburbs of Atlanta, on a quiet street. Jamal didn`t
waste any time with foreplay OK bitch, get undressed, put
on a nice little striptease for me ! Susie willingly obeyed, figuring the sooner it
was over the sooner he would drive her home and after a good
hot shower, it would all just be part of a wild night in town.
She wiggled her boobs while she slipped out of her nice blouse, turned
around and let her miniskirt drop to the floor; she then
covered one tit and her pubic area with her hands and turned
back to face Jamal. Fine work, now you just get on your knees
and suck my big black cock!Susie obeyed, and expected some
dick like Tom who she sucked in the parking lot; but, wow,
was she stunned when she took Jamal`s cock from his pants
!! This was absolutely unseen or unheard of!! A solid 10
inches and wide like a beer can… Susie`s eyes almost popped
out. Not used to a real man`s big black cock, are you ? Jamal
laughed. Come on, you white slut, grab it and open your mouth; stick
your tongue out, bitch ! Susie tried her very best to take
this cock into her mouth, but only managed to enter a few
inches, then she gagged. Jamal roughly put his hands behind
her head and pushed his cock deeper Susie choked; Jamal withdrew a bit, letting
her breathe a moment. Please, please I can`t take it all, you`re so huge, Susie
said. The only reply she got was 2 slaps in the face with the
back of his hands; I am the boss here, fucking bitch, you
obey me, you hear !? Yes, sir, Susie stuttered. On all fours, you slut ! Jamal
ordered. Susie couldn`t but obey Jamal placed himself
just behind her, Susie still tried to talk him into stopping
but to no avail. Please you gonna hurt me too much, you`re
really too big, please, she pleaded. You white slut are
here to give me pleasure, and that`s it, Jamal replied.
He put his cock at the entrance of Diane`s pussy, rubbed
the tip of his cock against her pussy lips, pinched her clit
real hard between thumb and finger, and then pushed his
way into her, stretching Susie`s pussy to the max. OH NO
PLEASE OH NO please don’t ! Shut up bitch, Jamal kept
pushing harder and deeper and slapped her ass cheeks OH NO ! OH NO NO ! I`ll keep fucking
you till you like it, white whore I know you white bitches
like big black cocks ; soon you`ll ask me for more OH NO PLEASE
OH OH PLEASE Susie had never ever felt something so special;
here she was being pounded by this rough guy with a real big
cock, it hurt and at the same time she started to feel pleasure
building up in her. OH OH OH with each push of Jamal into her
she could only manage OH OH. Jamal now knew he had won. Well
you want me to stop ? he asked while pounding her even harder?
Or you want me to fuck you hard? OH YES YES FUCK ME HARD Please
You are a good little bitch, I `ll drop my load in you now;
and with a few strong thrusts Jamal emptied his balls into
Susie`s willing pussy. She climaxed at the same time, howling
like a bitch in heat. Now lick me clean, white slut, Jamal ordered. Susie turned
around and licked this big black tool, she was still panting.
So, bitch, enjoyed the ride? Jamal laughed. Can you take
me home now? Susie asked while getting dressed: she put
on bra, wanted to put on her panties STOP bitch, these are
mine, Jamal said in a loud voice! Who`s going to pay for the
taxi ride? Jamal inquired. Oh I will, Susie replied. Here`s
60 dollars; that`s what I have on me. It will be 150 dollars,
bitch. With the special night rate, you know! Well, I don`t
have enough now; can I pay you tomorrow then? Don`t you play games with me, Jamal said while pointing
a finger! Oh, no, you`ll get your money tomorrow, I promise
! Susie replied. Ok then , let`s go. 15 minutes later Jamal stopped
his car in front of Susie`s beautiful home. He was a bit surprised to see such a beautiful
place. My husband is an architect, Susie said matter-of-factly.
Good for you; so let’s go see your hubby now for the balance
! No, you can’t come in, but I’ll pay ! Better make sure you don`t forget I`ll come by and pick up
the balance this afternoon! OK then, Susie answered.

Jamal left and Susie entered her big beautiful house, ;
she took a long hot shower before joining her husband in
bed. It was almost 6 o`clock in the morning. Susie slipped
in bed and gave her husband a soft kiss on his cheek. He automatically
put an arm around her, fondled her tits, slid a finger in
her pussy, found his darling wife completely wet and decided
on a quickie before going to work.

To be continued; part 2 will be: Slut Susie and rich old cuckold hubby

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