The Cheating Husband: Part One

Mike’s incdredibly hot wife has been in a coma for over six months, hes never gone two weeks without sex, but she is also the only one hes ever been with until now.

His secretary Ming Li is a very atractive young Korean girl who is only seventeen, shes been working for him since she was twelve she started in the mail room and worked her way up, she didn’t believe in screwing the boss to get ahead, however she did have a crush on Mike since she found out how big his cock was, but thats another story.

She had been drinking water all day as her mouth felt unusually dry.

“Ming go to the board room I’ll be there in about 5 minutes.”Mike buzzed in. She knew he had a meeting later he must be wanting an audience to here him rehearse she thought. She went in there to see that everything was already set up, but not the way she expected there were about eight cameras pointd at a bare spot on the floor when she walked over she saw herself in realtime on the projection wall, she started geting wet but then mike stormed in the room and he looked right in her eyes then they both heard what sounded like someone pouring water on carpet, all that water she drank, she was peeing it out, he grabbed a garbage can and put it under her she stood there peeing out of control she couldn’t believe it until he started pulling her blouse off. He knew she didn’t where a bra or underwear, she didn’t belive in them, she couldn’ believe he was sucking on her nipples as well as he couldn’t believe how large her firm natural tits had to be, she wispered double D’s. she was still peeing as if a natural defense to keep him from fucking her, he slid a chair over to her and wispered I need you to lean. He shoved two fingers inside her asshole to see how tight it was he had trouble pulling them out he hoisted he skirt up enough to see she had a sexy beautiful ass. He then walked around from and seen she wasn’t peeing anymore but was finger fucking herself he sat down and she walked over after dropping her skirt she started to wrap her mouth around this huge massive cock. “damn Mr. Graham your fucking huge, but i think i can manage.” She said before continuing to suck all she could fit at first was the head then after a little work she could fit six inches than a little further till she had all eleven and a half inches she had to deepthroat a lot of it but she was managing she didn’t want to look to inexperienced, she then went to sit on it but he guided it up her ass and they both were hurting as she was tearing and he was feeling his cock being squeezed to death but after a few ups and downs it felt a little better than they started going hard he wrapped his arm around front to hold her as he stood up, bent her over the chair and went in and out fast he started cumming and she was moaning he then pulled it out and layed his mammoth cock on her lower back leting the cum run down into her pussy for lubrication, then he just jammed it in there and fucked the shit out of her pussy til they both climaxed, then he asked her. “Did you plan this, with all the cameras and the projection wall?”, she shook her head in disbelief she couldn’t belive her forty year old boss he just fucked her had nothing to do with the cameras.

-Later in mikes ofice-

“Yeah you were right those asians sure can fuck like champs, she has great stanima I think I’m gonna keep this thing going.”

“Well when your done with her let me try her would ya.”

Ming Li hung up after both parties and started crying she wanted it for so long but not like this…

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