the divorce, chapter 5

Just when I thought my sex life could not get anymore graphic after my threesome with two college girls in a cheap backwater town I was wrong. I had noticed a new woman in our building in the last few weeks. She was an Asian cutie. Her name was Emily. She was petite about 5 foot 2 or so below average. Her tits were small but perky a cups she dressed casual sexy I guessed she was a student the way she always had books and a nap sack. She wore usually jeans or jean skirts and t-shirts and has long straight black hair that goes to her ass and wears red wire rimmed glasses. I figured withe the rent on the places in the building she must have rich parents. I was about to find out different.
I was in the laundry room waiting out my drying and reading a book when she wandered in wearing tight track pants and a old blue t-shirt that hid her body with an empty basket and began moving cloths to the drier. She dropped her red cotton hipster panties on the floor. I grabbed them and handed them to her as she loaded.
” you dropped these”I said as she looked at me I held them up with one finger. She pulled them off my finger and threw them in the machine.
“Thanks, can’t loose my favorite pair of panties”
“what colour are you wearing now? ” I asked coyly trying to make a play.
“Not wearing any its laundry day”She winked at me.
“I see, so I am not the only one who goes commando”
“oh no I love the feel of going oh naturel”
“I am …_”
“I know you , you are the guy who has been fucking the Super”
“fucked her once”
“so its true? Right on I knew from looking at you that you were a nasty fuck machine”
“Yes….. yes I am …what about you all I know is your name is Emily”
“I am Emily I am a student here at the University. I live with Lana the tall black woman you keep seeing in the lobby. I am on the last year of my Masters in Psychology.”
“So how does a student even with a room mate afford to live here? Rich parents?”
“No I have to make my own money”
Just then the buzzer went for my cloths and I pulled them out and put them on a table and she helped me fold my laundry. As she told me of how to make money she started modeling for internet sites, then to adult sites and then to hosting her own private show room were men could tell her to do anything they want. She even had her room mate (who is a lesbian) join her a few times.
She s making more than some c e o’s and proud of it. She hosts “parties” four times a week today being one of them. We finished folding as her drier beeped, so I helped her fold her cloths. I noticed the hipster and lacy boy shorts, which assume were for use on the web site. Along with some chemise and baby dolls. Mixed in with her normal street cloths.
“So what’s a guy gotta do to get a private show?”
“Well lets see” she put the last of her shirts in the basket and came over to me and undid my jeans and stuck her hand down and began rubbing my cock ” think to get in me you have to be accepting of my fund raising ideas an accept that I masturbate for money” she kissed me and did my pants back up “can you live with that?”
“Hey baby we are just going to be fucking what do I care what you do?”
“Good cause I think we are going to get it on in an amazing way”
“yeah like what”
“well I am on line tonight, how would you like to join in?”
“What fuck you on line?”
“yeah, just watch the screen, and do what they ask”
“Yes anything that’s what they pay for, I will start and give them a show for about an hour then you can come in as my jealous boyfriend and give it to me, can you get t up on command?”
“No problem, when and where”
“be at my place at ten to four, I go live at four for two hours”
She turned and walked out and followed her to the elevator watching her move. We made out as we waited for the lift. She got off on the third floor and I continued to my floor. I showered, and put on what she asked an outfit that made me look tough and dangerous. Jeans, a t-shirt and leather jacket. I took the elevator down to the third floor.
As I knocked on the door she answered quickly rushing me inside quickly as she was already dressed for work in a black silk camisole and black lace boy shorts. It was the first time I saw her tattoo. It was a Chinese dragon that ran from her knee to her ankle on her left side it was so nice and gave her this new bad girl danger element. That plus the Chinese symbols on her lower back, which she told me meant the four elements.
She was not in her glasses and her hair was in pig tails. She lead me to the bedroom and showed me her set up, on one side table there was butt plugs, anal beads, three different sized dildos and on the other side was two different size vibrators. As well as KY, astro glide and handcuffs, and body oil. She was prepared for anything the “visitors” as she called them wanted. She put on a head set that she used to speak into and broadcast her voice for her, she had to press the button on the side to use it like a mouse.
She sat me in a chair in the corner to watch the build up to my introduction.
She kept telling the “visitors” (in a fake broken accent that sounded Japanese) she was afraid her new boyfriend would come in and find her being bad.
I could see the monitor she read from and the web cam was on her dresser beside it was a monitor to show what we were sending out. The first twenty minutes or so taking strip tease instructions as she stripped off her panties slowly they told her to play with her shaved pussy, and every now and then she would look at the door and ask if that was a door opening. Then going at the masturbation even harder.
Finally she looked at me and winked, which was my cue to open the door shining light on her from the hall. She acted all surprised as I went through the motions of what she told me to do. I walked over to her and she went into her act
“Oh baby I am sorry I know you told me stop but I can’t” after which I slap her face. The “visitors” loved it and they all agreed she should not so much suck my cock as I should fuck her face. So I grabbed one side of her head and pumped my cock into her mouth as she slurped away giving me a fantastic hummer. I began slipping out of my jacket and shirt as I got my shirt off I pushed her forward and came all over her face coating it with come.
I glanced at the screen and it was telling me to put her on her hands and knees ass to the camera. I did as asked and followed the instructions.
“Take some anal beads and insert them in her ass” I did as told and pushed a long string of beads in and pulled them almost out and then rammed them back in.
“Yeah treat that whore like a fuck toy!! Use your finger tips and stroke her cunt! As I stroked her pussy she moaned and groaned n delight as I stroke her and worked the beads until the command came to push my whole hand in her. Slowly I pushed my fingers then my thumb into her as she gripped the sheets and grit her teeth in pain as I rotated my hand in her pussy.
“Horry shit my puffie hut from you hand my puffie hut you not nice!!” She screamed as I rotated my hand while still working the beads with the other. I knew she was adjusting to it as I felt her pussy constrict around my hand as she came hard all over my digits screaming and crying in pain and ecstasy.
“Pull out your hand but leave the beads in, lay down and let her ride you reverse cowgirl facing the camera.”
I pulled my hand out as she gasped from the discomfort I laid down on the bed and she knelt over top of me looking spent and satisfied but knowing she still had half an hour left. She sat on my rock hard cock and bounced up and down playing with her tits and sucking on fingers, I reached up and pulled the ties out of her hair and she began to fling it wildly. Until I pulled on her hair arching her back as we fucked .
She turned around to face me as instruction came to pull out and push in the beads again.

“How much longer ?” I asked
“ten minutes till they sever the feed” she said as she
got off me and got on her hands and knees facing the camera this time as I was instructed to enter her from behind and fuck her senseless so I did as we watched the time tick down I grabbed her hair and slammed her hard her hair flailing wildly as time ran out I pulled the beads out completely as she growled in approval I pulled out and came all over her back and even hit her hair.
Time ran out and we went off line, she got up and walked over to the window and lit a cigarette and as I passed out I watched her looking out the window.
What an afternoon, she was doing home work in her favorite panties and no top when I woke up.

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    wow this was a reli good fantasy i cummed about 3 times reeding it

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