the divorce, chapter 8

The time was drawing near. My divorce negotiations were getting hot, just when I thought we settled most stuff I get a letter from her lawyer, some fresh from college guy convinced her I was out to screw her in the deal we made. So I was forced to hire my own attorney.
I was recommended to this woman by a friend who used her, and she was good. But on this day I had to come by and go over the latest offer made by my soon to be ex. But when I arrived her assistant Nell told me she was summoned to another client who had an emergency, so she rescheduled me for next week.
Nell was one of the few good things about visiting the office she was a petite woman about five three or four, long wavy chestnut brown hair she wore down and it stretched to her lower back, with firm b sized tits, kind of light light brown skin, beautiful big brown eyes, I would later find out she was half Portugese and half Italian. It made for a sexy combination, all that Mediterranean blood.
It was late in the afternoon and I had no plans so I asked if she would like to get a drink. She gave me a big smile and asked me to wait while she changed her shoes.
We went to a bar close to the office and settled into a both and ordered drinks. She has a great laugh and was very outgoing we talked about life and philosophy she had this radiant sexual energy coming off her that was making me hot. I asked if she was seeing anybody and she confided she wasn’t. Her relationships never last long because she is so demanding in the bedroom. She likes to be n control and give orders so she can get off. Most men weren’t comfortable the way she gives orders and takes control in bed she said.
“What do you like” I asked
“I love all things sexual, but I am told I am more like a drill Sargent whent I wanna get off, DO YOU take orders well”
“I can if it helps my lover get off I take orders”
She smiled and licked her lips “good because I think I would like to go back to your place and take a warm soapy shower”
“I see” I said “and then what”
“First I need you to join me and wash my back…..and then…. well lets keep it a surprise”
When we arrived at my place I pointed her to the bathroom as I grabbed some extra towels. By the time I got in the bathroom she was already in the shower, and soaping herself. My shower has a glass door with the center two feet frosted to shield the naughty bits. I stripped out of my clothes and got in with her seeing her naked for the first time. I had assumed she had a lift bra on, but no she was big and firm, with a full untrimmed bush. “Mm mm hmmph” I said “you are one sexy creature”
She just smiled and turned her back as I grabbed the sponge and soaped it up. I slowly washed her back and ass and down her legs. I worked my way back up through her legs and over her wet npples and was washing her shoulders as she turned her head and kicked things up a notch, “you like my ass?” She asked.
“Yes I do it’s tight and hot”
“good I want you to get on your knees,….. I will lean forward.. to let you get in there and rim me”
“yeah, you like that do you”
“I love it when lovers lick my anus, makes me hot” she stuck her tongue down my throat.
So as the warm water rushed over our naked bodies I dropped and spread her legs and began by using the tip of my tongue and doing figure eights over her brown eye. Slowly quickening my pace. “More pressure!” she barked “I wanna feel it inside me” I used my thumbs to spread her more and pressed in so hard I did get my tongue inside her ass. “Fuck yeah baby that’s the stuff”
I slowly moved one hand forward and used my palm and fingers to rub her hairy pussy. She began moving in unison with my rubbing as I continued deep tonguing her star fish. She reached down and placed my thumb on her opening and pushed the thumb inside her pussy. “Yeah that’s it thumb my cunt, as you lick me and rub me. Your soo goooooood at this” she moved her hand back as she leaned against the wall letting the water roll down her back and over me. I moved my last hand from her ass and slid it up her tummy and began kneading her tits sending her even closer to orgasm, her nipples were big and already hard. She told me to stop and get to my feet as she turned off the shower. We stood there dripping and kissing for so long we were almost dry when we got out of the stall. We toweled each other off and headed for the bedroom.
“I am going to tie you up and fuck you, do you have handcuffs?”
“No but lots of ties” I pointed to the dresser “in the top drawer”
“good lay on your back on the bed” she went over to the dresser and pulled out four ties. She sauntered back to the bed and straddled me first tying my hands to the head board then turning her back to me and bound my feet to the foot board. She didn’t turn around and backed up and planted herself so my head was between her knees. “Lick my pussy” she commanded. She leaned back against the headboard and stretched out her arms as I did as told and began licking her wet slit. Tracing from top to bottom a few times before flicking her clit causing her to purr.
“That feels good my pussy likes to be this happy” as she leaned forward on her hands and knees gripping the sheets and burying her face in my pubes and rotating her hips. “I want you to flick faster” she commanded as I began flicking her clit really fast, she started jerking my cock to rock hard status. As she sat up and came all over me face her jerking was fast and furious, I was expecting a screaming orgasm but she gave a little moan and giggle and then came as I shot hot come all over the sheets, my stomach and her hand.
I thought that would be it but she left me tied up. Turned around and kissed me, before licking her own juices off my face. “I still need you in me” she gasped still a bit breathless. She finished licking then turned back around and licked up my come off my body her, hand and then started sucking my softening cock. “Oh god baby you are nasty” I groaned as my cocked stiffened again. “One nasty fucking tramp”
“yeah bitch I am nasty and I need you to come inside me” she said as she stopped sucking and turned back to kissing me “you like the taste of our come mixed together” I nodded as she rubbed her pussy on my sticky cock. “Tastes like hot love eh” I nodded.
She sunk her small tight pussy onto my shaft and settled in. She did not move she just continued to kiss me and lick me. She put her nipple to my lips and told me not to open my mouth as she traced it over my lips causing it to harden again. “Now open your mouth and lick my nipple”
I did as told and she moaned softly as she just let me lick away switching nipples every couple seconds. “Now suck it! Suck my nipple hard” as I did she began humping slow and intense, throwing her hands up on the head board for traction. “Oh god I am going to come again” she sat bolt upright and quickened her pace holding her tits as she rode me fast and furious.
“Holy god here I iit cummmmmmmmmms ” again her orgasm was a whimper and a gasp but it was intense, she did not slow her pace as she squeezed my cock. The feeling of her small tight pussy convulsing hard made me come, harder than the first time. The both of us were feeling good as she stayed on me while she undid my wrists and then my ankles. She hovered over me as we kissed some more.
“Not bad for a divorced man” she said.

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  1. dennis the menace

    A very nice story but one little detail wrong. The only sea that portugal has is the Atlantic.

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  2. dennis the menace

    A very nice story but one little detail wrong. The only sea that portugal has is the Atlantic. Sorry to be a nitpicker.

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